Sunday Meal #1

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a well spent Weekend with your loved ones. Cause a well spent Sunday, is one of positive energy booster for the upcoming week.

Today id like to share you, our family Meal, that I normally buy. But for the past few months, my husband wanting a home cook, not only to save some cost, but also its home made.

On weekdays, I cook all the time. And for the meal plan, we just go along. Using what is available in fridge. But it has to have Veggies and Protein – meat or meatless.

So this Sunday, we used some leftovers, cause we dont want to waste it. And thankfully,( because  the last time I did the grocery was Friday) the veggies are still in good condition as in fresh.

And since, its the end of the week. Its wisely to clear the fridge in a good way rite? Before renewing and re-stock it.
Soooo….what are these meals?

The bottom is

Stir Fry Long bean – balado style

This one is for Husband


Tomato pasta soup with Beef 

– boss baby meal

Now, the Sarasa is one spices given by a friend of mine. If you love spicy food, this one is worth to sprinkled! But seriously, its dang spicy!!

So guys,

Im not an expert on writing recipe, so I’ll try to joy down and write it my best.

But most of everything what I was trying to share is that, eating healthy should not cost us that much. And our family are basically easy to manage these days and we take clean eating to our own way. Althou we fry…we bake ..we stew, I try as much as I could, to avoid MSG, processed meats, table salts and white sugar.

And we include many…many…many natural herbs and spices, as well veggies.

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