Functional Mama in Reality

Years after I started this Blog, my purpose has not changed yet. And that is to remind my self, and hopefully all the woman especially mothers, that we are capable of anything. The Pandemic lead me to another journey in motherhood. Functional, Hybrid, Adaptive. Both as a mother and as a wife. Did i everContinue reading “Functional Mama in Reality”

The Mental Health – the world needs

Seketika berlalu lalang postingan atau kampanye bertajuk ” Mental Health” … pernah ga kita tengok Kesehatan Mental kita sendiri, atau orang terdekat kita? 10 Oktober lalu, adalah Hari Kesehatan Mental Sedunia, dan aku sejujurnya pun terkesima akan luar biasa-nya atensi Dunia terhadap issue ini. Kala dulu, kita depresi, sebutan “drama queen”…”alay”…. “cengeng” meski mungkin ter-ucapContinue reading “The Mental Health – the world needs”

Balanced Life – More Strength or Leisure?

How often we hear from other people, Hey! You need to balance your life! And whenever we hear it.. a vacation, shopping spree or date nights pops up! Well, to me, a balanced Life means i can work, and i can also do things that are actually considered productive, and just simply rest or havingContinue reading “Balanced Life – More Strength or Leisure?”

The Secret to Have A Good Day, Good Life – AM Routine

How we start our day is really important and can impact our overall performance, be it at work or maybe while staying at home. I’ve been manifesting since months ago that I am 100% sure it works and still works for me during this hard times. Apparently pandemic really strikes many mental health. Changes inContinue reading “The Secret to Have A Good Day, Good Life – AM Routine”

Bailing out from COVID19 – Officially

It is day 12 since I did the 1st PCR that was Positive. Still at home, still with mask, but declared Negative from Real time Feb 7th 2021. Disclaimer: I am no Medic expert, however all of this statements are based on my own experience. I have been monitored by my family who are REALContinue reading “Bailing out from COVID19 – Officially”

COVID 19 in 2021 – Day 8 Isolation

I wasn’t sure on how to write this thing down in details. But I really want you to know that, getting exposed by this so popular Virus is something frightening, mentally challenging, but a blessing in disguise? Hang on, What? Maybe I am Crazy Thursday 28th of January 2021 I felt nothing, nothing but –Continue reading “COVID 19 in 2021 – Day 8 Isolation”

Recommended Mask during the Pandemic

Halo!! It’s good to be back after 11 months? And Long Story short, I was busy surviving the year with …..Works, Small business, basically doing anything I could, to make ends meet. We all here. On earth, the same time, same Oxygen. In 2020. Where the Covid – 19 basically took a huge toll ofContinue reading “Recommended Mask during the Pandemic”

Kisah Sirkumsisi Fimosis Anak Bujang

Helloow, It’s been too long banget terakhir aku nulis soal KURUMI di tahun 2019 lalu! Kok bisa begitu? Seperti tidak ada niat sekali aku membuat blog yah. Tapi sesungguhnya, banyak hal yang sudah terlewati di 2019 yang memang kurang memotivasi aku untuk berbagi info, review dan sebagainya. Lack of confidence, lack of motivations and manyContinue reading “Kisah Sirkumsisi Fimosis Anak Bujang”

Kurumi Handy Vacuum Review

Mama mama…ibu ibu… mau sharing sejenak kegembiraan aku tuh sejak Lebaran. So jadi, ketika Lebaran 2019 kemarin , mbak Kesayangan kan akhirnya mengundurkan diri tuh karena mau urus keluarganya yang jauh di Bali (halamakkk enak bener)… dan seperti biasanya, aku yang ga super super banget staminanya ni..tumbang karena FLU. Singkat cerita, sudah minum obat, istirahat,Continue reading “Kurumi Handy Vacuum Review”