10 Reasons Why You Need To Workout

We all got our own reasons and living our own excuses. And that’s alright. My vision is to help mothers who willing to make some change in their life. To train to get stronger and better in their everyday life. To meet some challenge that will build up their confidence and self-esteem.

I have met people with so many excuses and running for no solutions. I can’t do anything about it, likewise, we can’t change those who refuse to change.

But here’s a reasons why we all need to workout. Even in a very short time.

  1. Building your aerobic capacity. Aerobic capacity is your body’s ability to work at maximum capacity by getting oxygen from the air to your body’s tissues. Ordinarily, people lose about 1 per cent a year of their aerobic power or, if you’d like to do the math, 10 per cent per decade. If you start calculating at the age of 40, this means that people can lose 30 per cent of their maximum aerobic capacity by the time they reach age 70. That’s a lot of unnecessary huffing and puffing. Both long-term and short-term exercise training studies show that you can cut this loss in half so that you’re losing 15 per cent rather than 30 per cent in that 30-year period. Many of the other benefits of exercise stem from this basic fact, so if you remember nothing else from this list, building aerobic power is your most important reason to exercise. Apply the benefits to your daily life, for example: Chasing your children, finishing the house tasks, lifting groceries and plus, driving the kids or walking the kids to playgrounds. These are the activities that require enough oxygen intake. And while you’re working out, your lungs – include your diaphragm will train to pump more oxygen intake. And the blood will carry it UNHIBITED to your systems, including the brain. Walla!
  2. Train Your Muscle to get stronger. Don’t just think it will go bigger. These benefits apply to carry groceries, carrying the kids, climbing up the stairs, I can give you 10 more benefit. Train your muscle will help you prevent injury. The muscles you train will memorize the form of your movement. and you must do it in a very effective safety way. It will protect your joint and bones. Minimize the risk of arthritis. But I would not mind having a muscular look like Giuliana Rancic thou. Or Jessica Biel. I mean, come on!

    Jessica Biel
    Source: Pinterest

3. Stress Release, Fatigue and Helps Reduce Depression! 

When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain.

Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. For example, the feeling that follows a run or workout is often described as “euphoric.” That feeling, known as a “runner’s high,” can be accompanied by a positive and energizing outlook on life.

Endorphins act as analgesics, which means they diminish the perception of pain. They also act as sedatives. They are manufactured in your brain, spinal cord, and many other parts of your body and are released in response to brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. The neuron receptors endorphins bind to are the same ones that bind some pain medicines. However, unlike with morphine, the activation of these receptors by the body’s endorphins does not lead to addiction or dependence.

via WEBMD.com

I will choose my own music, my own program, wear the best comfortable workout gear, and have fun for my self. I really don’t think about other thing or people when my headphones are on. The music drives me to my challenge. The sweat that comes after, will be the best stress release point for me.

4. Role Model for the whole family. 

We told our kids, get off from the couch and go play. Now can we tell yourself that?

5. To Give ourself respect and love that it’s NEED.

6. Help Ourself to stay in shape for the next 20 years. 

Everything is a process we go through. We can’t expect our self to look hot and glow like J/Lo by the age of 40ish if we don’t start early. We’ve seen on the Instagram, how hard she trains to get a body like that. And no, fake six pack is so easy to notice.

7. To be sexy in front of our spouse.

But my husband loves me the way I am. And yup, there’s still nothing wrong by taking care of your health by being strong from the inside out. I Bet They’ll be more proud of their wife.

8. To Boost Brain Power

Bills, Kid’s schedules, HangOuts, Grocery List, Husband’s Work Itinerary. They all need some good memories space.

All that extra blood bathes your brain cells in oxygen and glucose, which they need to function. The more they get, the better they perform.

Every muscle you move also sends hormones rushing to your brain. There, they mix with a chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF, which plays a role in brain cell growth, mood regulation, and learning. “BDNF is like fertilizer for the brain,” says John J. Ratey, Ph.D., a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. “Without it, our brains can’t take in new information or make new cells.”

Exercise has another vital role: It signals the release of several key hormones, including serotonin, the famed mood booster; dopamine, which affects learning and attention; and norepinephrine, which influences attention, perception, motivation, and arousal. This exercise-induced chemical cocktail has a powerful impact. “By elevating neurotransmitters in the brain, it helps us focus, feel better, and release tension,” Ratey says.

Experienced regularly, all that rushing of blood and hormones primes your brain to grow. In one study, researchers scanned the brains of people who exercised for one hour per day, three days a week, for a duration of six months. They discovered an increase in the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain that controls memory and learning. Working out literally bulked up the study participants’ brains, allowing them to perform better at tasks that require concentration and recall — two talents that come in handy if, say, you do your own taxes or tend to forget passwords.

“Exercise improves attention, memory, accuracy, and how quickly you process information, all of which helps you make smarter decisions,” says Charles H. Hillman, Ph.D., an associate professor of kinesiology and community health at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

via. Active.com

9. Helps You To Get a Quality Sleeps 


We lead by giving examples, we feel the benefit. Then it’s a ripple effect to the community. What else is better than this? A community of strong and positive moms.

A Quick 20 minutes easy Workout Example You can do

Warm Up 5 minutes

  • with A Dance Video in YouTube, or Just dance to your own Tune. I’ll go with “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” or “Can’t Stop This Feeling”
  • JOG outside for 5minutes or until you’re feeling warm enough

lower body Exercise 5 minutes

  • Squats in full range for 3 rounds
  • Lunges in full range – Alt R&L for 3 Rounds
  • Each Round try to do a full range, 12x

Upper Body Exercise 5 minutes

  • Wall Push Ups for Beginner 12times for 3 rounds
  • Bicep Curl with Water Bottle or a 5lbs dumbells. 12times repeat for 3 rounds

Core Exercise 3 minutes

  • Hold plank for 1 minutes, repeat 3 times

Finisher: Stretch for 2 minutes


Try THIS! I Know you can do it. Find your own reason to be fit, find time for only 20minutes. Remember, you are in charge of yourself and your family health.


Change Your Behaviour, To Change Your Body

Behavioural Change.

That would be my answer to everyone who came to me, asked me how to lose weight, how to be in shape.

First, I won’t respond much if there are people ask me, how to have six pack. Because that should not be a guarantee of someone’s fitness level.

Being fit, with an ideal BMI and ideal shape is actually start with a self-discipline.  What do you want? For how long do you want to be in shape, in good health. How bad do you want to influence the other people around you?

Because being healthy and fit has a ripple effect. If someones succeed in losing their weight and shape their body, people will want their method. But in another case, if it doesn’t work, people will just not buying ANYTHING about diet or fitness. And that is sad.

My work is open to the public. Noticed by the public, by people. Those who came to my class would want results, those who trained with me, demand result. But my focus is one.

To change their mindset about FIT and change their behaviour in life.

You can’t always be fit, be in shape, why? We will face some obstacles such as, sickness, injured, family problems, work problems that lead us to stress. Why didi say that? Because that is just simply the truth about life that I won’t hide nor promise those who follow me, won’t face that.

So what exactly that behavioural changes?

Do you remember your New Years resolutions? Do you keep track on that? Have you experienced obstacles up until today, the 6th month of the year? Will you keep up? If something did not work, would you change your technique and method?

So you see, making a lasting change in behaviour is rarely a simple process and usually involves a substantial commitment of time, effort, and emotion.

Stage 1: Are you ready to change? 

Where you are right now? Measuring your body weights, your measurements, knowing your body fat percentage and take note on your goal is a one step to change already. Before you set goals like I’ve posted before in Understand Our Body before Our Diet, you need to study yourself, consult your current condition to the expert. Once you get your numbers, percentages, start setting your goal.  But it must be a realistic one.

Example, if currently, your BodyFat percentage is 20-23%, don’t target or set it to 5% as it will make you an underweight – unhealthy person. A 15% for the next 3-6 months is a realistic one.

The next thing is, before you take the change, start focus ON YOURSELF. No other people. I Mean, don’t compare yourself to those Athletes, Fitness Models or Celebs you follow on Instagram. Not even a friend who might be doing the change for them self. It a reminder that you need to always remember. Yourself. Because seriously, when the obstacles come, the least you want to to is giving up after comparing your result to someone else’s.

Stage 2: Start Planning and Take Action

Either you book online personal training sessions, or you sign up a gym membership, buying a fitness app, you need to be set a plan for at least a month. Short term plan is better than long-term plan – sometimes. Why? In the middle of your fitness journey, you will adapt, and change, and you will want to keep changing. You don’t want to be flat and stagnant. Be open for any type of exercises, workout. Review your method and diets. But before all of that, planning for a short term is good. Now, it doesn’t mean you have to change your PT every month, no, stay committed. But open to ideas and some adjustments.

Take action.

Example, early this year, I set my self, to run 3 times a week. I Set my Google Calendar, and it constantly reminds me every day. When I did not feel like running, like it or not I will still have to run 3 times a week. So that means, I might have to change my schedule. I want to run, so the first thing I did was, SET MY SCHEDULE. And follow it. Its the integrity that I’m willing to commit to.

Recommended Fitness Apps for FRee

  1. Nike Training Club
  2. My Fitness Pal
  3. Headspace
  4. Freelectics Bodyweights

I still use NTC for most of my workout. You can track and record your workout in it. I actually a bit shame if I found my self-absent from it .IMG_6542

Step 3: Commit!

Commitment is way more important than extra supplements or dozens of superfoods you take to create a healthy change.

With Commitment, you will manage your self to explore new things, dare to train hard, dare to try more than just one specific workout. You will hungry for knowledge, more training and easy meal prep without breaking your bank. The key is to have the habit change to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

You will change your TV time late night with an early bedtime. Your window shopping time to jog around the neighbourhood. Your sugar with molasses or stevia. Your hamburger to a pure lean meat or veggie burger with natural salt. Your morning coffee to a quick 20 minute HIIT workout. 

The bottom line, being FIT and in shape is more than just the eye. It’s about your mind and self-discipline. Its way more about long-term adaptations. You need to change the behaviour and set your mind for a change. It will take you 1 month to begin these 3 steps. To commit for a month is an awesome job already. Imagine months and year living a healthy life.


Does Detox Diet Work?

People are often question the detox diet promotes by certain juice company.

They offer variety of juices , and they targeted people who wants to lose fast. But does it work? Since our body is naturally gifted with liver and sweats. Yes, we all know the function of our liver and why we sweat during workout. It’s all a detox process.

It takes a lot longer for the liver to remould itself and recover from chronic injury,  and studies repeatedly fail to show a benefit oh a short term detox diets. Detox diet reboot your taste buds and cleanse your intestines, so you can actually return to food free of allergies and with a heightened appreciation of simple and beautiful real foods (not drugs or teas). Processed foods wreak havoc on the liver, which has no way to understand how to metabolise them  – except to treat them like toxins themselves.

It is good for short term, to confess it is help your system to reset it self from processed unhealthy foods. But for long term, you probably will experience mall-nutritions or even suffer from liver damage. 7 days is the average people would detox. Fasting is part of detox as well, and that on apply if….you consume whole foods during your fasting – break. Water intake is important during detox. It helps your to diminish those toxins out through your….poo time:)

It is normal to wanting to cleanse and reset your system. But you gotta do it right and balance. My suggestion is to consult with a doctor or nutritionist. And don’t focus on losing your weight in which you probably will. But focus on how it will affect and change your body better.





Source: Dr.Oz You: The Owner’s Manual

Supplementing BCAA For Woman ,like me!

First of everything, hello! I’ve been busy with some personal goals and family so it really took me so long to drop some lines in my blog.

Today i want to share you why i recommend BCAA for my female clients and why i personally love it.

First of all, if you have read my previous posts on how hard it was for me to gain weights, BCAA helped me so much back in the days i took personal training session. My PT recommended it, and she told me how it helps to nourish my muscles and to help sustaining my muscles during and after workout. I personally not a big fan of Fitness Supplement, because remembering my health history, i was not sure on how it will impact my body systems.

What is BCAA?

Branch Chained Amino Acids…

That’s what it stands for. But that’s a mouthful so we’ll stick to BCAAs or amino acids for short.

Usually consumed in the form of a powder which is added to water to create a translucent liquid, gym-goers can be seen downing BCAAs pre-, during and post-workouts, and also sipping throughout the day. Even during your OFF Training day, you can still consume it to helps your muscle recover and sustain it.

But what are they for? And do you really need them?

Three of the nine essential amino acids are called branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). These are leucine, isoleucine and valine. They account for approximately 35% of essential amino acids in muscle proteins.


Amino Acids

Proteins are made from long strings of molecules called amino acids.

Amino acids do various things:

  • Build cells and repair tissue
  • Create energy
  • Form antibodies
  • Take part in the enzyme and hormonal system
  • Build RNA and DNA
  • Carry oxygen throughout the body

Amino acids are needed to build muscle, red blood cells, and hundreds of other molecules. The human body can produce all but nine of these, which you have to get through your diet or supplementation. You can get them from eating protein or taking amino acid supplements.

The group of nine aminos the body can’t produce are called essential amino acids. These include isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, histidine, and valine.

BCAAs can be oxidised in skeletal muscle, whereas other essential amino acids are catabolised (broken down) mainly in the liver.

Exercise greatly increases energy expenditure and promotes oxidation of BCAAs in the muscles, therefore supplementation can be helpful for those who wish to maintain or increase muscle mass.

The branched-chain amino acid, leucine, is particularly special as it has been shown that when taken orally, it promotes muscle protein-synthesis (creation of muscle protein).

Source : https://www.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/leucine-peptides/10921923.html

What are BCAAs supposed to do?

The idea behind BCAAs is that they will help build muscle, prolong exercise capacity and spike muscle protein synthesis (due to the leucine in particular).

Branched-chain amino acids are rapidly depleted from the muscles when training. Taking them pre-workout and/or during your session can delay fatigue. Taking them post-workout, or with a post-workout meal, will lower muscle damage and feed the muscles faster to keep you in an anabolic state.

Source : BodyBuilding.Com

Many fitness fanatics swear (this include myself) by BCAAs, sipping them throughout the day, during workouts and after a heavy gym session.

BCAA over Protein?

BCAAs are made up of three of the nine essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine – they account for approximately 35 per cent of essential amino acids in muscle protein. How much can six weeks of weight training change your body?

“Protein itself is made up of around 20-22 amino acids, nine of which are classed as ‘essential’ because we can’t make them in the body,” MyProtein registered nutritionist Jenny Blow explained to The Independent.

“We therefore need to get these nine amino acids from protein sources in the diet. We can make the non-essential amino acids in the body. BCAAs can be broken down in muscle, whereas the other essential amino acids are broken down mainly in the liver.”

Whilst protein shakes are made to be consumed post workout to help repair muscle fibres, BCAAs can be consumed throughout the day to give your muscles a constant supply of amino acids.

BCAAs are useful because they contain no carbohydrates or fats, unlike protein shakes: “So if you’re on a calorie deficit or fat loss plan and you want to increase lean muscle mass, you can boost your essential amino acid intake with no extra added calories.”

source: Independent.CO.UK

What Brand should i choose?

I currently drink bpi BCAA,  before that i use FITMISS by Muscle Pharm BCAA


but as for my read, EXTEND BCAA by SCIVIATION is by far a very popular brand and sold out really fast. It is mainly because it contains more in 1 serving than other brand. Extend has 7g BCAA and BPI Has only 5 g per serving. With a Plus Scivation Xtend has a higher BCAA content and immunity-boosting glutamine. It’s not just more effective for workouts—it will also protect your body!

But, again, it is completely up to you and your BUDGET of course. I’m happy with Bpi for now:)


to me Yes, i’ve been training harder than i’ve ever done before for the past 2 weeks.  my body recovers really well, i do still experience soreness, but my sleeping quality is never been better. On A Plus side, my size is dropping while maintaining my weight. In the name of weight lift, we transformed the extra fats to muscles. I have experienced less soreness, more energy, more strength by the next training.


Why Warm Up Before Exercise is Important?

Preparing your body for exercising is necessary. And we have to do it both inside and out. Fuel in the body with good nutrition, as for me what works best before workout is Protein Intake. Thats for the inside, for the energy.
Let’s talk about the outside, which is warm up.

Several times, i would mention how important it is to come to my class earlier so they could do a proper warm up. Now it’s not only about discipline or mandatory by rules, its for the sake of the client’s safety.

Warm up is essential. It is work to prepare your body for dynamic, energetic activity. It reduces the risks of injury, and it also improves the potential performance and maximising the health benefits for you selected workout.

The purpose of Warm Up itself is to ease both body and mind from the state of rest into a state of strenuous activity

Warm Up routine should consist of

  • A gentle loosening exercises
  • Dynamic Strecth
  • Work-Out Specific Movement/Exercise that will increase core and muscle temperature. This will helps muscle loose, supple and pliable.

A warm up should increase heart and respiratory rate to boost blood flow and supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscles. In which, helps to prepare your muscles, tendons and joints for actions.

Few Examples of Warm Up you can do

Cardio Work : Brisk Walk for few rounds till it leave your breath and heart rate slightly increase. Jogging, Skipping. Or any light 10 mins Cardio workout.

Gentle Loosening Exercise : Light Core Rotation, Light Neck rotation. Up and down movement like rolling down to fold and rolling up to stand.

Dynamic Stretch  : In warm up, its better to minimise the static stretch in which will let your muscles warm enough.

Workout Specific Exercise : For example, if you are doing a one hour dance workout, then your warm up should consist a light routine to get your muscles, joints ready. Practice your workout plan for few reps in a lighter way/or with lighter weight if you plan on weight lifting.

Even if you are not working out, you can still add warm up routine to prepare your body for the day. Try to do light jog, dynamic stretches as you woke up every morning.



Workout with Make Up – Tips

Everyone wants to look good during workout. Well, i’m obviously one of them.

Pernah suatu kali, sewaktu sedang bersiap diri mau mengajar BodyJam™ , ada seorang member bertanya.

“Kok mau olahraga make up -an mba?” saya pikir sudah selesai.

Aku sih santai aja ya menanggapinya, saking sudah sering banget nih ditanya. Jawabannya hanya, iya karena saya mengajar bu:)

Buat aku yang memang bidangnya tampil di hadapan lebih dari satu orang, penampilan itu penting sekali dijaga. Sebenarnya juga, sudah terbiasa aja sekarang – sekarang ini untuk pakai casual make up anywhere apalagi kalau mau ngajar ya.

Pentingnya apa?

Disaat aku mengajar, aku yang memberi arahan, aku member contoh dan instruksi. DI saat ini pun, sudah jelas, bahwa role ku kurang lebih sama seperti Pembicara, Dosen, Guru atau apalah yang berdiri di atas stage dilihat banyak orang. Nah, sudah sepatutnya dong, kita memoles dikit wajah dan rambut. Tidak perlu menor juga seperti pengantin tapi ya. Hanya sekedar terlihat segar.

Contoh lain, ada nih temen suka lari. Dia suka marathon. Dan biasanya, kalau ajang ajang lari itu, banyak photographer yang rajin ambil photo kita di garis finish. Yang pasti nantinya di posting di akun penyelenggara toh. Dia maunya mukanya kece, okelah lepek tapi kan ga kucel ya. Nah untuk penilaian kece, cantik, kumel apa tidak, itu kembali ke pribadi masing masing sih. Tapi kalau untuk saya, ga mau. I just want to look decent.

Lantas, apakah olahraga menggunakan make up itu bikin jerawatan?

Tidak selalu sih, tergantung juga produk apa yang kita pakai, dan apakah kita jeli membersihkan wajah selepas latihan.

Hal hal yang perlu diperhatikan adalah, penggunaan bahan make up tersebut sebaiknya water base, ringan dan kalau sedang outdoor sebaiknya mengandung SPF untuk melindungi wajah dari paparan sinar matahari yang bisa berbahaya bagi kulit.

Dan juga, make up ini diharapkan tidak menyumbat pori pori sewaktu kita berkeringat.

Sebenarnya jujur, menurutku mudah dan tidak harus membeli produk harga mahal ya untuk mendukung aktifitas olahraga cantik kita. Berikut aku share tipsnya

  1. Face Wash : Sebelum Latihan, biasakan membersihkan wajah dengan sangat seksama. Aku suka sekali cuci muka pakai produk Yves Rocher yang Sebo Vegetal atau Novage True Perfection. Bahan dasar keduanya adalah GEL. After effect nya, wajah jadi lembab dan tidak kering.
  2. Moist : Next step selepas membersihkan muka, biasanya saya semprotkan face mist. Untuk melembapkan muka, dan yang pasti face moist sejauh ini tidak menyumbat pori pori. Karena memang bahan dasarnya adalah AIR. Face moist ini juga tidak menyebabkan muka berminyak, malah sebaliknya, aku berasa kenyal lembab aja. Produk yang aku pernah pakai antara lain Kangen Water Beauty, Evian Face Mist, Feliz Spring Water. Tips lain, pakai air mineral biasa juga sudah cukup kok:)
  3. Draw the face using all matte finish products : Mulai dari pencil alis, lipstick dan blush on. Aku hanya pakai ketiga macam itu saja untuk “hias” wajah. Kenapa? Karena make up untuk olahraga memang hanya untuk mempertegas bentuk wajah, dan supaya terlihat fresh. Kecuali harus tampil untuk nari misalkan, silahkan deh pakai eyeshadow.
    • Untuk pencil alis, aku pakai Viva atau Oriflame Eyebrow Marker. FYI, Aku sempat dikasih trial satu eyebrow crayon yang ok banget, tapi sayang belum bisa aku posting di blog karena belum di launch produknya. Viva sendiri kadang berminyak hasilnya, tapi selepas aku lukis alis, aku tap sedikit dengan compact powder. Jadi hasilnya matte. Kalau Oriflame Eyebrow Marker hasilnya semi sweat proof ya, hanya kurang tebal kalau tidak dilukis dengan pensil alis dulu.
    • Eyeliner pake nggak? Terserah ya, boleh pakai kok. Tipsnya pakai yang gel dan waterproof. Karena kalau tidak, pas lagi cardio dan berkeringat , bisa jadi mata panda kan nggak seru ya. Tips juga untuk lukis yang natural yah. Sebatas Cat Eye cukup. Sejauh ini Eye Liner yang cukup oke adalah merek Silky Girl. Aku suka banget teksturnya. Sayangnya, si packaging aga ribet. Moga moga mereka improve ya dari segi packaging.
    • Cream Blush On is a must. Karena bentuknya creamy, hasil akhirnya blending banget ke kulit, hasilnya jadi seperti natural. Merona saja. Merek yang aku suka adalah Maybelline dan THE FACE .
    • EYELASH : Sejauh ini, jujur saja, Eyelash Extension itu memang ok banget untuk performing. Sayang saja, sudah beberapa kali jadi korban alergi lemnya dan si bulu asli ikut rontok. Jadinya malah botak deh. Jadi solusiku pakai Waterproof Mascara aja. Aku pakai Maybelline The Falsies Volume dan Magnum Barbie . Try both, and im really happy with the result.
    • Non Transferrable Lipstick is a must, why why why. Kalau kita berkeringat, pastinya ga mau belepotan kan kemana mana. Produk yang sekarang lagi aku pakai dan senengin banget adalah si MOOD MATCHER by FRAN WILSON. Setelah sebelumnya pakai Kailijumei, aku agak agak concern dengan efek bibir keringnya nih. Mood Matcher by far oke banget dan tidak ada efek bibir pecah pecah, warnanya pun tahan lama banget. 12 jam. Harganya aja sih aga lumayan, for for me, kalau pakainya berbulan bulan, yang worth deh.91uwa-OgRGL
    • Lastly, jika menginginkan wajah terlihat lebih fresh lagi, bisa menggunakan loose powder tipis tipis. Saranku pakai yang warnanya putih seperti bedak bayi. Kalau harus, aku memakai CC Cream by Mineral Botanica saja, karena teksturnya ringan sekali, nyaris tidak medok ya warnanya dan tidak terlihat cakey seperti foundation atau two way cake powder.


After you’ve finish with the whole make up, please make sure to use deodorant (eh)…karena penting juga loh odor dari tubuh kita yang berkeringat ini kan, suka tidak terkontrol. Saranku pakai yang bahannya natural, hindari yang berbahan aluminium yang bisa menyumbat pori di ketiak serta menggangu hormon. Hindari juga yang mengandung paraben dan triclosan. Favoritku dan suami si masih Crystal cbd-3_product-shot_email


So thats all busy people!

I recommend you those products but i’m not saying that they all will suits your skin well. Coba aja dahulu ya, dan direview lagi. Sah sah saja kok menggunakan make up saat olahraga, hanya diperhatikan bahan yang digunakan dan pemakaiannya sewajarnya aja.


Happy Workout!


Understand Our Body before Our Diet

Having a body, means you are having a life inside you. Am I right? You feel your own body, how it works, how it survived a pain or pressures.

We all want to feel well. As a plus, we want to be fit, we want to look fit and look ok.

For me, a good-looking shape is a plus. But, the most important thing for me is how I feel about it.

Gaining weight was such a hard challenge for me. I had to add 2 more Kg’s prior to my first pregnancy, due to malnutrition. I workout 4hours a day, and I was not feeding my self well.

After birth, I was breastfeeding and extending it until Haka was 5, in a condition of a very active life. A very busy working schedule.

I was under weight, restless and not healthy at all. Because i often came home late, and having no desire on having dinner at all.

That was how hard myself was, trying to gain weights, maintain it, live it.

People often came to me, stop me and ask what I’ having for everyday meal. And even some was stocked when they caught me eating plates of white rice, normal Indonesian food, and not even worry about my weight or shape.

Most “compliment” I heard was, how lucky I am, having (well…, an almost) proportional weight.

Don’t get me wrong, most of those saying that to me, was actually in my class and they are in a nice shape as well. And…no…my body is not that easy to manage. I’ve gone through Colonoscopy during my 20s , because of these problem in my bowel movements. I had that Bulimic experience (not disease)…I had those days when my gut was just not right. So no. To me, I’m far for proportional.

When I took a personal training session, I found my body is , actually Gluten Intolerant. In which, I was actually been suffering from the effect itself for years, but never pay attention on it.

I had bread almost everyday, every morning, crackers, cake and all that stuff. Did not realize, the after effect in my body.

The effect was, My skin rash immediately, i had eczemas, it literally destroy my skin,  I feel bloated most of the time, and my face will get swollen and you will see it a.s.a.p.

One time I ate Granola, and in minutes, my face turned red, and rashes came out of it. I feel hot. And it happened in front of my friends. Get that! By mean, my temperature was rising. Turned out, it was because of the allergy to gluten in oats.

I thought Oats was healthy for me!

And with research, I found that there’s Gluten in some Oats. Eerr……

Are Oats Gluten Free? 

Above articles by Dr. Axe

So then, there was I.

A very confused, and frustrated human being.. Knowing that all of this time my diet or what so ever we call it, was actually harming my self. Regularly eating oats, granola, soy’s, red meat, whey proteins, and all that guys, Was not actually making myself better. ‘

I cant extend my favor to that food and feed my hunger over those. So I started my research. I test my self. And consult my health to the right person. I read books; I took online training and quizzes.

After while, here I am, sitting and back to my plant-based diet. In which have helped me re-shape and clearing my skin.

But I wont call it a diet. It’s a living. Diet is temporary; meanwhile, I want to feel good at all time. Until I’m old. Man, I do want to look good on my 50s. Hey!

So what exactly my point here?

When it comes to our own health, we need to stop comparing ourselves, our body, to anyone else. Human were born with different genes. For yourself sake! Please stop comparing yourself with others.

  • Understand that some people might need more carbs during their day, or another person needs more protein. And like me, I’m highly allergy to gluten. But Gluten-free diet is not always the healthiest offer. Its kind of pointless, when you live a gluten free life, but instead of changing those glutens with real food, you buy processed packed food with “gluten-free” labels on it. Not even counting or noticing the sugar in it. That’s wrong. This year to top of, I’m reducing meat or might have it fully off my meal. As well , with sugar.
  • Our Activities in a day, tell how much food for our energy source. And people activities are different. So it is important for us, to understand this first before cutting many things out of our meal.
  • Research and see the right nutritionist to assist you. Do allergy test. To find out what your body can actually accept, when you feel you’ve been having issues on your weight/ health.
  • If you thinking about losing weights or get in shape. I can only answer this with one sentence. Exercise Regularly. By mean, regularly. There’s nothing harm about exercising for your body. Really. Nothing. It helps you improve your metabolism, that will effect you system. Cardiovascular system; digestion, breathing, brain and coordination. Many things inside your body.

Exercise increase endorphin , Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. For example, the feeling that follows a run or workout is often described as “euphoric.” That feeling, known as a “runner’s high,” can be accompanied by a positive and energising outlook on life. – by WebMD.com

Now this is something I truly experience post running.



Exercise regularly will not only boost your metabolism, but I will give you the right shape, a better quality mental and life. Follow by the right nutrition.


Is that mean, I have to say goodbye to my favorite Dunkin Donuts Sugar Ice with Strawberry Filling for good? NO! I still have em, probably once in few months. But still, my gut will soon react badly to them. As well with Cappucinno. Oh man!

But Whatever it is….you know your own body. You have to be ready with the consequences from what you’ve been eating. You have to accept the fact that some “processed food” gives nothing but a satisfactory feel to your health. That’s not wrong, but its not right if it goes beyond the limit.

  • Eat everything in moderate. Exercise and maintain it well. Get support and help from the right people. Enjoy live. Your life. Not others. OCD, KETO, MACROS, PALEO , Plant Based, Vegan…what ever you are eating, you are the one who can feel it and later see the result


Bear in mine, we have different types of body,genes, and your diets might not be mine. And mine, may not ok with your body.

But to live healthy, we need to commit to exercise and nourish ourself with the right nutrition that our body need.

Off to Sunday with my Family. I think I’ll find some Taco for the night! Yuuurrr







How I reduce Meat and why

It’s purely a will for me right after we hit the first of January 2018. I had enough meat. And all that. I mean, i really had enough.

What was actually happened? Am i turning my self into a vegan club? Where did i get enough protein from? Will i get enough energy for my body?

The answer is : i’m still figuring out and by far, i’m good with less of it.

It started at December 2017. 31st December. We were having our family dinner. Grills, bake, fry, and even on Christmas, we had baked bacons, red meats, porks, and all that MEAT! And soon right after, i think i have had too much of meat already i no longer can take it.

Meanwhile, i was actually not a big fan of it. I love veggies, and veggies. Not much of fruits even. But even with that condition, i still can’t claim my self a vegan. Nor a vegetarian.

I gained 2 pounds. I was like. WTH?! And i felt terrible. Not because of the weight that i have gained, but more into what i’ve been feeling after having those meat inside my stomach.

So then i decided immediately on January 1st. I’m done with meat, and will try to reduce it. Instead, i eat more of vegetables, either raw or cooked. So i did.

My plan was easy, i will eat any vegetables i see, i have, Raw or cooked. Since i love salad,  bought two boxes and divide it for 4 portion of meals. I use a very small ammount of light dressing. Which is Thai Dressing, I count the sugar in it, and i’m fine with tasteless salad.

I workout regularly like wise, but i added more and more intensity. Crazy right?

The hardest thing still be the dairy intake from my coffee and protein shake. However, the amount is really small, and my body will soon react to the lactose if i drank too much of it.

So what was the main reason i reduce the meat intake?

  1. My body, my system, reacted so bad right after i eat whatever meat except fish.
  2. My skin looks horrible and i produce lots of sebum and blackheads.
  3. I had too many lipoma under my skin, and i don’t want to add another to it.
  4. My gut feels awful
  5. I have to lose some weight
  6. I cant chew, imagining i’m eating a dead body. And this is serious.

How i survive without it?

  • i prepare and eat many and many vegetables
  • i replace meat with tofu and mushrooms.
  • i crave for veggies every time, every meal time.
  • i eat every 2hours. Less rice/carbs.
  • I eat plant protein from peas, cashews, beans.
  • i drink more waters. I control my hunger.
  • I just survive it.


It’s been 20days since i started. I feel really light, my gut system feels better. Bowel movement is even better. I’m shrinking, and happy.

I don’t feel weak, hence i feel i have more energy through the whole day.

I have lost 1 pound. But few sizes down. And i think thats good.

Now if you are looking forward to lose some and gain more energy without eating meat. I suggest you to reduce frequently. Try not to force yourself to completely cut them off your everyday meal. Try to do at least two days off meat out of 7days in a week.

Cutting meat is not only benefits your health, but also your financials. Now i am not a vegan, but if you seriously wanting a better health quality, or just wanna lose some pounds, start researching the right life style – diet for your life that is not pack with mostly meat. Instead, those raw, unprocessed food made of vegetables or plant based food, are mostly nutritious and put many benefits to your health. So why not?

2018 Goals beside wanting the Kardashian’s body (hey…i’m being Honest!) …i just want to sustain a healthy body and mind.

Here is a reference of great book i’ve read and study during my transition to plant based.

  1. Vegan Itu Mudah – Indonesian Version
  2. Dr. Oz You The Owner Manual
  3. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Living
Picture Source : Pexels



Zero Budget Healthy Activities for Family

Happy New Year 2018!

What an incredible journey i had back on 2017 that just ended two days ago.

Started this blog and finally, had the courage to step off from my comfort zone. Focusing on balancing life ,work and family.

Two weeks holiday for the kid. And i had the privilege enjoying half day working. Most classes were closed due to this peak season, where most of the moms rre having the same situation like mine.

Stuck with the kids at home.

So few days ago, i went to a Gadget Store, to replace my old phone. And while processing the payment and setting up the phone, the sales person and i had a short chat about educating Haka. He told me that, there was his buyer. Overwhelmed by their son’s request of the latest Samsung FE Note. In which it cost around $700 ? Now, that’s not a surprise for me tho. Cause i know, i was one of a parent who handed their kid a phone. But this time, i stick to LEGO and Books more even if its mean, i have to deal with the nagging from Haka. The sales person was surprised when he heard Haka said no to my offer on getting a new (and cheap..definitely) phone, instead he ask for a PS Vita games.

It was actually a hard time for me and Robin when we have to cut off screen time from Haka. However, i’ve trained him since first grade. He had one hour of TV and IPAD. And then changed the screen time from IPAD/PHONE only on weekends.

But when we set that rules, i did not come with a back up plan. What is the diversion?

So Haka was left with such a boring day. Yes, he still play outside, but at home, after Lego, he basically did nothing. And left confused and cranky. Thankfully it last only for a day.

So, I planned out many activities and finally bought few board games for him. UNO, Snake and Ladder, bought him the Inline Skate, another Books, another LEGO. But you know what, thou it will cost us a bit, it works. I took him to play games in the mall. Whatever it is as long its not a “sitting and staring” for hours. I want him to move. And that means, i will move as well. But…all of this cost us a few right?

Another time we went swimming or just walking around the block. Playing inline skate at this open space parks that cost us nothing. Since we don’t have our own pool, it cost us $3.5 per visit. But still, its worth it compare to a billion dollar phone (i’m exaggerate this doh)

Talking about BUDGET
here’s a few ZERO BUDGET Activities you can do with your family
  1. A WALK In THE PARK : In BSD CITY, you can to THE BREEZE MALL and stroll around. Watching the swan, or the dogs parade every Sunday.
  2. Inline Skating for free at Q-BIQ Mall, Avani Houses Area
  3. Riding Bicycle around the neighbourhood.
  4. Playing cards or board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, UNO etc
  5. Making lots of DYI Craft at home and build the sense of art with your children
  6. Baking or cook with things you already have on fridge.
  7. Studying another language and practise together. I really love doing this with Haka. We Learn some funny spanish words and practise together.
  8. Read books together. Read your own, and ask your child to read theirs. Children will mimic our behaviour. They will eventually follow you.
  9. Declutter your ROOMS together. And donate the things you no longer need or use. This will also giving your children the education of giving and caring.
  10. Do some cleaning at home with your children , create the game, who could clean the most and reward them later.

There are still so many other activities that you can look for with your child. So why don’t start planning and get your child off screen. Playing outdoors not only fun and healthy for the physic, but it also good for you child mental health. As well ours as the adult.

I’m making OUTDOORs activities as my routine every week. And focusing on making my son more active physically and mentally. What is your idea? Share us!




Why we Run Healthy Habits in our Family and Why You Should Try too?

By now, you must have heard about people are starting to get busy with fitness, diets, superfoods!

I have my feed full of friends doing their workout or start side seeing a job in fitness. Well, it is not a new thing. Being fit should have been our first concern. Many of us have been living the sedentary lifestyle, not to blame the growth of culinary industry and malls full of cake shops here in Jakarta, or must i include…SUBURB. I saw these posts about super foods , vegan, plant based, gluten free. Kids activities, Gym, lots of things.

Meanwhile, in reality, I often see children were busy eating sweets and processed food. More often, junk food.

I highly understand and have no judgment to anyone out there who are still consuming those kind of food. And i honestly still eating it, maybe once a month or two months? For example, McDonalds. But yes, its once of every decades.

My husband is very supportive on my plant based meal and how i prep meals for the family. I prioritise veggies over meat, use spices and i don’t mind buying from the Chinese food restaurant. Yes, Chinese food are pack of veggies, fresh cooked, and taste great. My husband also restrict sausages, fries, nuggets consumption at home or for Haka’s lunch. And i highly respect that.

And Example of an easy lunch to prepare. See my late post about this.

On how we manage our workout and staying fit is as important as our meal intake.

I workout 3 times a week minimum, and that’s outside of my regular teaching schedules which is 12 hours a week of YOGA. I run, and do lots of bodyweight functional workout. And i divide those activities and slip in to my breaks. As much as i can, i will move. 15 minutes is the minimum time.


While my husband , he workouts everyday and leave Saturday or Sunday to rest. But he will never skip it anywhere. Even during our holiday or trip, he would request me to find hotels that has gym in it. Swimming is not a workout for him. So yeah, GYM.

Now what about HAKA?

I have nothing to say, it is hard to keep him still. He runs, around the block, yep! The BLOCK. He play outside a lot, he do yoga with me. And its an everyday thing for him.

So what is exactly the point of this post?

As parents, and a professional, We need to stay fit, not because of our profession as fitness instructor. Well yeah of course that too. But as a parent to Haka, We both want to be a good role model to our family, our son. I do want to grow old looking good. Feeling good. Cause in a day, the things that i must complete, are basically tiring and requires fitness. Even when i was pregnant, i stay active. I chose to. I want to be able running around and play with my son. I have to be fit to be able to take care of my family, which i hope i can continue for a very long time. We want Haka to be able to maintain his healthy routine and grow up as an active and fit adult.

Me and Robin, came from a different health background but most of it…is fatal. My Late Father, died from heart attack. He Was 42. Yet, he was actually a runner, he did lots of marathon. Long run and Traditional Advance Yoga.

My father in law has his own history of diabetes, and that could land to our son. Both of it. Both Genes. So why risk it all by consuming bad food and live a sedentary life?

The best thing i could say about staying fit is just how it feels. How my skin looks, how my body feels, how i smell, and it really helps me with my bowel system and digestion.

There are so many reason for us as parents to stay fit and me as a mom, to run a healthy habits at home

  1. We are setting up a habit that our child can follow, to lead them into a healthier future
  2. Having a healthy lifestyle is actually saving lots of money. Frugal healthy living is so possible with many preparations, research and budgeting. Read this story
  3. Its an easy way to prevent sickness or even healing sickness. Try bone broth of veggie broth before any antibiotics or those immune booster.
  4. It is better to maintain, than healing or repair. Train your fitness now and everyday, so you don’t ever have to jump into a sudden high cost depressing diets.
  5. You will all be feeling better, happier, and your mood will eventually change into a better one.


I’m sure you all have may more reasons to stay fit and having it with your family. Find one and discuss it with you loved ones. Prepare your future and start doing it asap. Its just less than two weeks to 2018.


Good Luck!