Zero Budget Healthy Activities for Family

Happy New Year 2018!

What an incredible journey i had back on 2017 that just ended two days ago.

Started this blog and finally, had the courage to step off from my comfort zone. Focusing on balancing life ,work and family.

Two weeks holiday for the kid. And i had the privilege enjoying half day working. Most classes were closed due to this peak season, where most of the moms rre having the same situation like mine.

Stuck with the kids at home.

So few days ago, i went to a Gadget Store, to replace my old phone. And while processing the payment and setting up the phone, the sales person and i had a short chat about educating Haka. He told me that, there was his buyer. Overwhelmed by their son’s request of the latest Samsung FE Note. In which it cost around $700 ? Now, that’s not a surprise for me tho. Cause i know, i was one of a parent who handed their kid a phone. But this time, i stick to LEGO and Books more even if its mean, i have to deal with the nagging from Haka. The sales person was surprised when he heard Haka said no to my offer on getting a new (and cheap..definitely) phone, instead he ask for a PS Vita games.

It was actually a hard time for me and Robin when we have to cut off screen time from Haka. However, i’ve trained him since first grade. He had one hour of TV and IPAD. And then changed the screen time from IPAD/PHONE only on weekends.

But when we set that rules, i did not come with a back up plan. What is the diversion?

So Haka was left with such a boring day. Yes, he still play outside, but at home, after Lego, he basically did nothing. And left confused and cranky. Thankfully it last only for a day.

So, I planned out many activities and finally bought few board games for him. UNO, Snake and Ladder, bought him the Inline Skate, another Books, another LEGO. But you know what, thou it will cost us a bit, it works. I took him to play games in the mall. Whatever it is as long its not a “sitting and staring” for hours. I want him to move. And that means, i will move as well. But…all of this cost us a few right?

Another time we went swimming or just walking around the block. Playing inline skate at this open space parks that cost us nothing. Since we don’t have our own pool, it cost us $3.5 per visit. But still, its worth it compare to a billion dollar phone (i’m exaggerate this doh)

Talking about BUDGET
here’s a few ZERO BUDGET Activities you can do with your family
  1. A WALK In THE PARK : In BSD CITY, you can to THE BREEZE MALL and stroll around. Watching the swan, or the dogs parade every Sunday.
  2. Inline Skating for free at Q-BIQ Mall, Avani Houses Area
  3. Riding Bicycle around the neighbourhood.
  4. Playing cards or board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, UNO etc
  5. Making lots of DYI Craft at home and build the sense of art with your children
  6. Baking or cook with things you already have on fridge.
  7. Studying another language and practise together. I really love doing this with Haka. We Learn some funny spanish words and practise together.
  8. Read books together. Read your own, and ask your child to read theirs. Children will mimic our behaviour. They will eventually follow you.
  9. Declutter your ROOMS together. And donate the things you no longer need or use. This will also giving your children the education of giving and caring.
  10. Do some cleaning at home with your children , create the game, who could clean the most and reward them later.

There are still so many other activities that you can look for with your child. So why don’t start planning and get your child off screen. Playing outdoors not only fun and healthy for the physic, but it also good for you child mental health. As well ours as the adult.

I’m making OUTDOORs activities as my routine every week. And focusing on making my son more active physically and mentally. What is your idea? Share us!




Published by Britt Sukrisno

A Mother of One Boy Passionate in Fitness and Helping people achieving their fitness goal. I'm a professional Fitness Practitioner since 2006, and I'm Based in Indonesia. My Qualifications in Fitness are: Group X Manager In Fitness First Indonesia 2007 - 2013 Group X Manager in Gold's Gym Indonesia 2013 - 2016 LesMills™ Certified Instructor for BodyBalance ™, BodyJam™, BodyVive™ now known as Tone ™, CXWorx™ and Youth Fitness for Ages 2 - 16years Program BORN TO MOVE™ Worked as Asia Trainer For LesMills Asia Pacific from 2009 - 2017, conduct and facilitate module training for LesMills BodyVive (Tone) and Born To Move Series I was a DVD Presenter for LesMills BodyVive™ release 34 - Filmed in Auckland City, New Zealand TRX® Group Certified Instructor for Group Training Registered Yoga Teacher 200hrs Strong By Zumba® Instructor Certified and Zumba Kids Certified And currently in an intensive training for Mat Pilates and Pilates Reformer by Pilates Academy International (P.A.I)

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