Vegan Body Facts You Probably Know Already

Most people i met have the impression that vegans and plant-based eaters are too thin, weak, frail or look sickly.

This is far from true. Vegans are much more likely to be fitter and trimmer than non vegans, that’s probably where the idea of skinny sickly came from. But vegan athletes abound and excel in the sports world. Some of our greatest athletes have followed a completely plant-based diet. Have you check Serena Williams?

Vegan does do a body good and your physique wont suffer from the new way of eating. It will almost certainly improve.

Vegan Diets provide nutritional benefits in abundance. If you could do some research, you’d know that the amount of protein in Red Beans are most likely the same as red mead but Red beans contain 0 cholesterol and more or healthy vitamins and iron.

This translates into a body that is a lean, mean, vegan machine. Vegan diets are lower in Fat than other Kinds of vegetarian and animal based diets. Plant foods are rich in fibers and often lower in calories, which assist in weight loss. The evidence exists that, due to their low-fat and high carbohydrate diet, vegans have higher metabolic rates than people who consume animal based foods.

A higher Metabolic rate means

you’re burning calories faster, which is good for weigh loss.

A Tea, and This for Lunch is only for IDR 11000 or maybe around 8cents

So I’d like to share you my real testimony from not eating animal products, i can say 95% Animal Free.

i feel better. my skin is never been this healthier, I’ve been sick free for almost 6 months. When i normally being sick While having my PMS. That will include a chronic Sinusitis and Cramps.

This which i believe, because plant based diet is full of fiber that help flush out toxins, keep foods digesting properly.

I could run faster, i could rest better and my digestion, oh well what can i say, way way better.

This i write, without any judgement to non vegans. It’s just something i want people to understand that veganism does a body good. And its very worth to keep on doing.


Source and References :
1. Vegan Itu Mudah
2. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Living by Beverly Lynn Bennet and Ray Sammartano

Plant Based or Vegan?

Kalau akhir- akhir ini dengar berbagai topik diet, pasti pernah kebaca atau dengar perihal Vegan – Vegetarian – Plant Based.

Tidak jarang juga, banyak yang menyangka aku ini vegan. Tapi ada juga yang menyangka demikian, menyebutnya vegetarian. Tapi sebenarnya, kenapa sih ko penting banget dibahas ni di BLOG aku?

Sempat beberapa kali aku menyebut soal Plant Based Diet, sebut saja seperti itu meskipun aku sedang tidak menganut diet apapun. Sementara, ada beberapa temanku yang memang sudah menyatakan dirinya seorang VEGAN, which is to me memang lumrah banget sih. Hanya mungkin belum lumrah di masyarakat ya.

Apa bedanya Plant Based dengan Vegan dan Vegetarian?


Untuk orang yang menjalani Plant Based Wholefood, disini kita hanya focus mengkonsumsi pangan yang berasal dari tumbuh tumbuhan. Ya sayur, ya kacang kacangan, juga buah buahan. Semua yang ditanam. Konsumsinya pun diupayakan minim proses. Tapi ga harus mentah. Jadi maksudnya perbanyakan kukusan, rebusan, lalapan juga termasuk plant based loh:) Nah bedanya dengan VEGAN, di Plant Based, tidak berlaku untuk penggunaan minyak goreng, tepung-tepungan dan gula proses sampai table salt ya.

Produk hewani seperti susu sapi, daging – dagingan, keju olahan¬† dan telur, tidak termasuk dalam konsumsi plant based ini. Nah, untuk beberapa produk makanan berlabel VEGAN- VEGETARIAN, itupun tidak termasuk dalam meal seorang PLANT BASED ya. Dalam arti, OREO kan VEGAN (yes, OREO is VEGAN)….tapi Plant Based People juga menghindari ini, karena tidak tergolong non-processed food.

Diluar pangan, PLANT BASED diet tidak sepenuhnya menghindari pemakaian produk hewan untuk skin care, baju, ataupun aksesoris aksesoris. Hanya terfokus pada apa yang dikonsumsi, bentuknya adalah murni NABATI.



Veganism adalah suatu kepercayaan seseorang yang sangat mencintai dan menghargai kehidupan hewan hewan. Veganism, adalah gaya hidup yang tidak hanya dijalani dari segi pangan, tapi juga bahan bahan yang dipakai sehari hari. Vegan menghindari semua jenis produk apapun yang diuji ke hewan, mengandung ekstrak hewani (madu, kaldu, gelatin, cream wajah etc) sampai ke kemasan dan pakaian. Sutera, woll, mantel bulu , semua termasuk hal yang tidak disentuh oleh seorang VEGAN.

Untuk segi pangan, VEGAN masih bisa mengkonsumsi produk olahan atau kemasan yang berlabel VEGAN. Bukan VEGETARIAN ya. VEGAN.



Sebenarnya, VEGAN itu adalah bentuk Vegetarian yang EKSTRIM. Vegetarian banyak macamnya lagi termasuk VEGAN. Vegetarian juga tidak mengkonsumsi daging, namun ada beberapa kelompok Vegetarian, yang non daging tapi masih mengkonsumsi Telur dan Susu. Ada juga yang tidak mengkonsumsi daging merah namun mengkonsumsi Ikan.

  • Lacto Ovo Vegetarian : Vegetarian yang menghindari semua bentuk daging hewan, tapi mengkonsumsi produk olahan susu dan telur.
  • Lacto Vegetarians : Vegetarian yang menghindari daging dan telur, tapi masih mengkonsumsi produk olahan susu.
  • Ovo Vegetarian : Menghindari semua bentuk daging dan susu tapi mengkonsumsi TELUR
  • VEGAN : Tidak sama sekali mengkonsumsi produk hewani maupun menggunakan produk yang mengandung ekstrak hewani.

Bagi orang yang tidak mengkonsumsi daging tapi masih mengkonsumsi produk dari laut, yakni ikan, seafood dan sebagainya disebut sebagai Pescatarians.


Apa yang aku coba jalani di Bulan January lalu adalah Plant Based, dimana saya berusaha mengurangi konsumsi olahan dan menghindari daging. Intensinya bukan untuk diet, tapi mereset system tubuh saya juga. Karena aku termasuk orang yang memiliki banyak alergi. Sulit tidak menjalani? Sulit, karena suami dan anak masih mengkonsumsi produk hewani. Lemas ga karena ga makan daging? TIDAK. Sama sekali tidak. Karena konsumsi sayur aku banyak banget per-porsinya. Dan itu sangat membantu metabolisme banget. Pencernaan lebih lancar lagi, badan enteng tapi tidak lemas. Tidur aku lebih baik. Kalau ditanya orang apakah aku Vegan atau adakah menuju Vegan, aku ga kepikiran. Yang utama sekarang adalah membangun kebiasaanku untuk focus ke pure food yang berasal dari tumbuhan. Aku pun juga kadang ga sanggup nelen kalau ingat darimana asal daging itu.

Aku menulis ini, semoga pembaca bisa menelaah kembali gaya hidup sekitar. Bisa membedakan, bisa mendukung., dan siapa tau, bisa ikut menjalani dan menjadi sosok yang lebih bugar lagi ya.

Lots of love



How I reduce Meat and why

It’s purely a will for me right after we hit the first of January 2018. I had enough meat. And all that. I mean, i really had enough.

What was actually happened? Am i turning my self into a vegan club? Where did i get enough protein from? Will i get enough energy for my body?

The answer is : i’m still figuring out and by far, i’m good with less of it.

It started at December 2017. 31st December. We were having our family dinner. Grills, bake, fry, and even on Christmas, we had baked bacons, red meats, porks, and all that MEAT! And soon right after, i think i have had too much of meat already i no longer can take it.

Meanwhile, i was actually not a big fan of it. I love veggies, and veggies. Not much of fruits even. But even with that condition, i still can’t claim my self a vegan. Nor a vegetarian.

I gained 2 pounds. I was like. WTH?! And i felt terrible. Not because of the weight that i have gained, but more into what i’ve been feeling after having those meat inside my stomach.

So then i decided immediately on January 1st. I’m done with meat, and will try to reduce it. Instead, i eat more of vegetables, either raw or cooked. So i did.

My plan was easy, i will eat any vegetables i see, i have, Raw or cooked. Since i love salad,¬† bought two boxes and divide it for 4 portion of meals. I use a very small ammount of light dressing. Which is Thai Dressing, I count the sugar in it, and i’m fine with tasteless salad.

I workout regularly like wise, but i added more and more intensity. Crazy right?

The hardest thing still be the dairy intake from my coffee and protein shake. However, the amount is really small, and my body will soon react to the lactose if i drank too much of it.

So what was the main reason i reduce the meat intake?

  1. My body, my system, reacted so bad right after i eat whatever meat except fish.
  2. My skin looks horrible and i produce lots of sebum and blackheads.
  3. I had too many lipoma under my skin, and i don’t want to add another to it.
  4. My gut feels awful
  5. I have to lose some weight
  6. I cant chew, imagining i’m eating a dead body. And this is serious.

How i survive without it?

  • i prepare and eat many and many vegetables
  • i replace meat with tofu and mushrooms.
  • i crave for veggies every time, every meal time.
  • i eat every 2hours. Less rice/carbs.
  • I eat plant protein from peas, cashews, beans.
  • i drink more waters. I control my hunger.
  • I just survive it.


It’s been 20days since i started. I feel really light, my gut system feels better. Bowel movement is even better. I’m shrinking, and happy.

I don’t feel weak, hence i feel i have more energy through the whole day.

I have lost 1 pound. But few sizes down. And i think thats good.

Now if you are looking forward to lose some and gain more energy without eating meat. I suggest you to reduce frequently. Try not to force yourself to completely cut them off your everyday meal. Try to do at least two days off meat out of 7days in a week.

Cutting meat is not only benefits your health, but also your financials. Now i am not a vegan, but if you seriously wanting a better health quality, or just wanna lose some pounds, start researching the right life style – diet for your life that is not pack with mostly meat. Instead, those raw, unprocessed food made of vegetables or plant based food, are mostly nutritious and put many benefits to your health. So why not?

2018 Goals beside wanting the Kardashian’s body (hey…i’m being Honest!) …i just want to sustain a healthy body and mind.

Here is a reference of great book i’ve read and study during my transition to plant based.

  1. Vegan Itu Mudah – Indonesian Version
  2. Dr. Oz You The Owner Manual
  3. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Living
Picture Source : Pexels