Recommended Mask during the Pandemic

Halo!! It’s good to be back after 11 months? And Long Story short, I was busy surviving the year with …..Works, Small business, basically doing anything I could, to make ends meet.

We all here. On earth, the same time, same Oxygen. In 2020. Where the Covid – 19 basically took a huge toll of our normal life. Teaching us Lessons to grow better in time, in life.

Well, anyway. As the Title said, i’m here to recommend and share you what i thought the best mask to wear that can help your daily life better and safe of course!

I know and heard some people, refusing to wear mask just because they find it uncomfortable. It cause acnes, or hard for them to breathe especially during exercise. To me my first problem was some of the med masks materials caused me rhinitis. And it triggered my sinus infection that can last for days apparently.

So These Masks Are my Go to!

  1. SoomLAB Nano Fiber Mask
Photo Credits: SOOMLAB-

Why I love this SoomLab Mask?

I must say that Korea made good stuffs. The first time I Got this was from a client. She told me this mask is reusable and washable. Fact : The ergonomic shape is so comfortable. Shape like a simple triangle mask, its light and cooling. Made of Nano Fiber materials, and reusable up to 10x.

How to clean it actually simply by spraying max 75% Ethanol on the Inside and Out part of the mask.

More Details

2. Air Queen Nano Mask

Reusable up to 10x and its FDA Approve. This Nano Fiber mask is my go to for everyday life. I work comfortably with this, and the good thing is, even after 10x of cleaning with Ethyl Alcohol, the material wont tear or break. What i love also about this, it wont cause MaskNe or Acne from wearing Mask.

Air Queen Nano

Both Air Queen Nano and SoomLab were made in Korea. Theyre available to ship worldwide.

3. Under Armour Mask

The thing about this fabric mask design is, it allows you to breathe , and sweat on it. The mask hold up well during teaching or exercising, and thats really awesome. As a person who is so frugal, im pretty lucky i received this as a gift. But even if i have to buy it , i would.

Source : Under Armour

Anything else?

Well to me personally, since i have to use mask during work and it can take up to 8hours , investing in a good quality mask is worth it. My history of allergy can cause me more harm if i choose random poor material masks.

Not only looking for one that has ergonomic design, but to make sure it wont harm your skin as well is really important.

Tips from me is that Try and stock while you can. Its 2021 and there’s no sign the Pandemic will be over anytime soon in Indonesia. So bear in mind, staying safe by using the correct mask is highly important for our safety.

Till then!stay Safe

Change Your Behaviour, To Change Your Body

Behavioural Change.

That would be my answer to everyone who came to me, asked me how to lose weight, how to be in shape.

First, I won’t respond much if there are people ask me, how to have six pack. Because that should not be a guarantee of someone’s fitness level.

Being fit, with an ideal BMI and ideal shape is actually start with a self-discipline.  What do you want? For how long do you want to be in shape, in good health. How bad do you want to influence the other people around you?

Because being healthy and fit has a ripple effect. If someones succeed in losing their weight and shape their body, people will want their method. But in another case, if it doesn’t work, people will just not buying ANYTHING about diet or fitness. And that is sad.

My work is open to the public. Noticed by the public, by people. Those who came to my class would want results, those who trained with me, demand result. But my focus is one.

To change their mindset about FIT and change their behaviour in life.

You can’t always be fit, be in shape, why? We will face some obstacles such as, sickness, injured, family problems, work problems that lead us to stress. Why didi say that? Because that is just simply the truth about life that I won’t hide nor promise those who follow me, won’t face that.

So what exactly that behavioural changes?

Do you remember your New Years resolutions? Do you keep track on that? Have you experienced obstacles up until today, the 6th month of the year? Will you keep up? If something did not work, would you change your technique and method?

So you see, making a lasting change in behaviour is rarely a simple process and usually involves a substantial commitment of time, effort, and emotion.

Stage 1: Are you ready to change? 

Where you are right now? Measuring your body weights, your measurements, knowing your body fat percentage and take note on your goal is a one step to change already. Before you set goals like I’ve posted before in Understand Our Body before Our Diet, you need to study yourself, consult your current condition to the expert. Once you get your numbers, percentages, start setting your goal.  But it must be a realistic one.

Example, if currently, your BodyFat percentage is 20-23%, don’t target or set it to 5% as it will make you an underweight – unhealthy person. A 15% for the next 3-6 months is a realistic one.

The next thing is, before you take the change, start focus ON YOURSELF. No other people. I Mean, don’t compare yourself to those Athletes, Fitness Models or Celebs you follow on Instagram. Not even a friend who might be doing the change for them self. It a reminder that you need to always remember. Yourself. Because seriously, when the obstacles come, the least you want to to is giving up after comparing your result to someone else’s.

Stage 2: Start Planning and Take Action

Either you book online personal training sessions, or you sign up a gym membership, buying a fitness app, you need to be set a plan for at least a month. Short term plan is better than long-term plan – sometimes. Why? In the middle of your fitness journey, you will adapt, and change, and you will want to keep changing. You don’t want to be flat and stagnant. Be open for any type of exercises, workout. Review your method and diets. But before all of that, planning for a short term is good. Now, it doesn’t mean you have to change your PT every month, no, stay committed. But open to ideas and some adjustments.

Take action.

Example, early this year, I set my self, to run 3 times a week. I Set my Google Calendar, and it constantly reminds me every day. When I did not feel like running, like it or not I will still have to run 3 times a week. So that means, I might have to change my schedule. I want to run, so the first thing I did was, SET MY SCHEDULE. And follow it. Its the integrity that I’m willing to commit to.

Recommended Fitness Apps for FRee

  1. Nike Training Club
  2. My Fitness Pal
  3. Headspace
  4. Freelectics Bodyweights

I still use NTC for most of my workout. You can track and record your workout in it. I actually a bit shame if I found my self-absent from it .IMG_6542

Step 3: Commit!

Commitment is way more important than extra supplements or dozens of superfoods you take to create a healthy change.

With Commitment, you will manage your self to explore new things, dare to train hard, dare to try more than just one specific workout. You will hungry for knowledge, more training and easy meal prep without breaking your bank. The key is to have the habit change to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

You will change your TV time late night with an early bedtime. Your window shopping time to jog around the neighbourhood. Your sugar with molasses or stevia. Your hamburger to a pure lean meat or veggie burger with natural salt. Your morning coffee to a quick 20 minute HIIT workout. 

The bottom line, being FIT and in shape is more than just the eye. It’s about your mind and self-discipline. Its way more about long-term adaptations. You need to change the behaviour and set your mind for a change. It will take you 1 month to begin these 3 steps. To commit for a month is an awesome job already. Imagine months and year living a healthy life.


5 ways to like Monday!

I think for most people, Monday is NOT their favourite day. I’ve looked at my timeline and most of the postings was about Monday Booster, Quotes of Monday, and Oh..It’s Monday again!

But Guess what? It’s my favourite day.

How exactly to like Monday?

Well, first….I woke up early. As i woke, i will walk outside. 5:30am . Breathe the morning fresh air with my son. Back home, Having my breakfast and chill. Then 7am , i’m off to the gym. While my Son will stay at home until 09:30am, and my husband will pick him up at home after his class, drop my son at school.

(I must say, i could take Haka to school. But since i always do it every day, i give Monday a rest and let my husband do it.)

I would do short Cardio at the gym before my Class, and after class, i took some short shower, and then…i’ll just stroll around the area. Having Coffee on my own, window shopping (just that), or do some necessary stuffs like banking and leftover paperwork.

Monday is also the perfect day for me to set my goals. For my SkinCare business with Oriflame, planning the workout for my bootcamp ladies. And also my classes. So yeah, lots to do, but in a slower phase. Cause i don’t like if my works chase me. I need to chill for a while.

For some of you who might have to spend your day at the office, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been there. Still it did;nt stop me to love Monday. I normally would finish my paperwork before 12. I Set my goal to finish it before lunch. So after lunch, i would leave the office ( called GYM) and go home to see my son before my evening class.

So Here are a few things you might want to start doing, to love your MONDAY

  1. WAKE UP EARLY : Even after a long weekend holiday, or after a long trip. Try this. Waking up later than 6am, gives me such a hard time, Bad mood. But if i woke up early, i’d be able do many things other than work.
  2. Workout after you wake up. Or Jog. Or maybe just walk around the neighbourhood to smell the fresh air. If you live in apartments, sit outside in your balcony or go visit the park. 15 minutes HIIT workout is one great way to boost your mood!
  3. Have your breakfast early. Read some books or Magazine. I tried to avoid watching the NEWS on TV or read it on the Newspaper. Cause somehow, world news can be frustrating to watch as we started the day. Listen to good slow music will also helps you to chill and relax before you begin your activities.
  4. Play and take your kids outside . Or if you don’t have any yet, talk to your neighbour. Well, you need to make connections somehow.
  5. Once you are able to fully awake your body and mind, PRAY. Do Morning Pray. I can’t lie, this one is the most powerful one. Ask God to blessed your day, show you HIS way with your work and life. Clear your mind and heart, and to face everything with peace and calm,PicsArt_03-26-01.43.22





Plant Based or Vegan?

Kalau akhir- akhir ini dengar berbagai topik diet, pasti pernah kebaca atau dengar perihal Vegan – Vegetarian – Plant Based.

Tidak jarang juga, banyak yang menyangka aku ini VeGAn ,padahal Bukan. Tapi ada juga yang menyangka demikian, menyebutnya vegetarian. Tapi sebenarnya, kenapa sih ko penting banget dibahas ni di BLOG aku?

Sempat beberapa kali aku menyebut soal Plant Based Diet, sebut saja seperti itu meskipun aku sedang tidak menganut diet apapun. Sementara, ada beberapa temanku yang memang sudah menyatakan dirinya seorang VEGAN, which is to me memang lumrah banget sih. Hanya mungkin belum lumrah di masyarakat ya.

Apa bedanya Plant Based dengan Vegan dan Vegetarian?


Untuk orang yang menjalani Plant -Based Wholefood, disini kita hanya focus mengkonsumsi pangan yang berasal dari tumbuh tumbuhan.

Ya sayur, ya kacang kacangan, juga buah buahan. Semua yang ditanam, bukan diternak atau beranak pinak hehe.

Konsumsinya pun diupayakan minim proses. Tapi ga harus mentah. Jadi maksudnya perbanyakan kukusan, rebusan, lalapan juga termasuk plant based loh:) Nah bedanya dengan VEGAN, di Plant Based, tidak berlaku untuk penggunaan minyak goreng, tepung-tepungan dan gula proses sampai table salt ya (I used Sea Salt/Himalayan Salt)

Produk hewani seperti susu sapi, daging – dagingan, keju olahan dan telur, tidak termasuk dalam konsumsi plant based ini.

Nah, untuk beberapa produk makanan berlabel VEGAN- VEGETARIAN, itupun tidak selalu termasuk dalam meal seorang PLANT BASED ya.

Dalam arti, misalkan ada OREO kan VEGAN (yes, OREO is VEGAN)….tapi Plant Based People juga tidak memprioritaskan makanan sepertu ini, karena tergolong processed food.

Diluar pangan, PLANT BASED diet tidak sepenuhnya menghindari pemakaian produk hewan untuk skin care, baju, ataupun aksesoris aksesoris. Hanya terfokus pada apa yang dikonsumsi, bentuknya adalah murni NABATI.


Veganism adalah suatu kepercayaan seseorang yang sangat mencintai dan menghargai kehidupan hewan hewan. Veganism, adalah gaya hidup yang tidak hanya dijalani dari segi pangan, tapi juga bahan bahan yang dipakai sehari hari. Vegan menghindari semua jenis produk apapun yang diuji ke hewan, mengandung ekstrak hewani (madu, kaldu, gelatin, cream wajah etc) sampai ke kemasan dan pakaian. Sutera, woll, mantel bulu , semua termasuk hal yang tidak disentuh oleh seorang VEGAN.

Untuk segi pangan, VEGAN masih bisa mengkonsumsi produk olahan atau kemasan yang berlabel VEGAN. Bukan VEGETARIAN ya. VEGAN.


Sebenarnya, VEGAN itu adalah bentuk Vegetarian yang EKSTRIM. Vegetarian banyak macamnya lagi termasuk VEGAN. Vegetarian juga tidak mengkonsumsi daging, namun ada beberapa kelompok Vegetarian, yang non daging tapi masih mengkonsumsi Telur dan Susu. Ada juga yang tidak mengkonsumsi daging merah namun mengkonsumsi Ikan.

  • Lacto Ovo Vegetarian : Vegetarian yang menghindari semua bentuk daging hewan, tapi mengkonsumsi produk olahan susu dan telur.
  • Lacto Vegetarians : Vegetarian yang menghindari daging dan telur, tapi masih mengkonsumsi produk olahan susu.
  • Ovo Vegetarian : Menghindari semua bentuk daging dan susu tapi mengkonsumsi TELUR
  • VEGAN : Tidak sama sekali mengkonsumsi produk hewani maupun menggunakan produk yang mengandung ekstrak hewani.

Bagi orang yang tidak mengkonsumsi daging tapi masih mengkonsumsi produk dari laut, yakni ikan, seafood dan sebagainya disebut sebagai Pescatarians.

Apa yang aku coba jalani di Bulan January lalu adalah Plant Based, dimana saya berusaha mengurangi konsumsi olahan dan menghindari daging. Intensinya bukan untuk diet, tapi mereset system tubuh saya juga. Karena aku termasuk orang yang memiliki banyak alergi. Sulit tidak menjalani? Sulit, karena suami dan anak masih mengkonsumsi produk hewani. Lemas ga karena ga makan daging? TIDAK. Sama sekali tidak. Karena konsumsi sayur aku banyak banget per-porsinya. Dan itu sangat membantu metabolisme banget. Pencernaan lebih lancar lagi, badan enteng tapi tidak lemas. Tidur aku lebih baik. Kalau ditanya orang apakah aku Vegan atau adakah menuju Vegan, aku ga kepikiran. Yang utama sekarang adalah membangun kebiasaanku untuk focus ke pure food yang berasal dari tumbuhan. Aku pun juga kadang ga sanggup nelen kalau ingat darimana asal daging itu.

Aku menulis ini, semoga pembaca bisa menelaah kembali gaya hidup sekitar. Bisa membedakan, bisa mendukung., dan siapa tau, bisa ikut menjalani dan menjadi sosok yang lebih bugar lagi ya.

Lots of love


Understand Our Body before Our Diet

Having a body, means you are having a life inside you. Am I right? You feel your own body, how it works, how it survived a pain or pressures.

We all want to feel well. As a plus, we want to be fit, we want to look fit and look ok.

For me, a good-looking shape is a plus. But, the most important thing for me is how I feel about it.

Gaining weight was such a hard challenge for me. I had to add 2 more Kg’s prior to my first pregnancy, due to malnutrition. I workout 4hours a day, and I was not feeding my self well.

After birth, I was breastfeeding and extending it until Haka was 5, in a condition of a very active life. A very busy working schedule.

I was under weight, restless and not healthy at all. Because i often came home late, and having no desire on having dinner at all.

That was how hard myself was, trying to gain weights, maintain it, live it.

People often came to me, stop me and ask what I’ having for everyday meal. And even some was stocked when they caught me eating plates of white rice, normal Indonesian food, and not even worry about my weight or shape.

Most “compliment” I heard was, how lucky I am, having (well…, an almost) proportional weight.

Don’t get me wrong, most of those saying that to me, was actually in my class and they are in a nice shape as well. And…no…my body is not that easy to manage. I’ve gone through Colonoscopy during my 20s , because of these problem in my bowel movements. I had that Bulimic experience (not disease)…I had those days when my gut was just not right. So no. To me, I’m far for proportional.

When I took a personal training session, I found my body is , actually Gluten Intolerant. In which, I was actually been suffering from the effect itself for years, but never pay attention on it.

I had bread almost everyday, every morning, crackers, cake and all that stuff. Did not realize, the after effect in my body.

The effect was, My skin rash immediately, i had eczemas, it literally destroy my skin,  I feel bloated most of the time, and my face will get swollen and you will see it a.s.a.p.

One time I ate Granola, and in minutes, my face turned red, and rashes came out of it. I feel hot. And it happened in front of my friends. Get that! By mean, my temperature was rising. Turned out, it was because of the allergy to gluten in oats.

I thought Oats was healthy for me!

And with research, I found that there’s Gluten in some Oats. Eerr……

Are Oats Gluten Free? 

Above articles by Dr. Axe

So then, there was I.

A very confused, and frustrated human being.. Knowing that all of this time my diet or what so ever we call it, was actually harming my self. Regularly eating oats, granola, soy’s, red meat, whey proteins, and all that guys, Was not actually making myself better. ‘

I cant extend my favor to that food and feed my hunger over those. So I started my research. I test my self. And consult my health to the right person. I read books; I took online training and quizzes.

After while, here I am, sitting and back to my plant-based diet. In which have helped me re-shape and clearing my skin.

But I wont call it a diet. It’s a living. Diet is temporary; meanwhile, I want to feel good at all time. Until I’m old. Man, I do want to look good on my 50s. Hey!

So what exactly my point here?

When it comes to our own health, we need to stop comparing ourselves, our body, to anyone else. Human were born with different genes. For yourself sake! Please stop comparing yourself with others.

  • Understand that some people might need more carbs during their day, or another person needs more protein. And like me, I’m highly allergy to gluten. But Gluten-free diet is not always the healthiest offer. Its kind of pointless, when you live a gluten free life, but instead of changing those glutens with real food, you buy processed packed food with “gluten-free” labels on it. Not even counting or noticing the sugar in it. That’s wrong. This year to top of, I’m reducing meat or might have it fully off my meal. As well , with sugar.
  • Our Activities in a day, tell how much food for our energy source. And people activities are different. So it is important for us, to understand this first before cutting many things out of our meal.
  • Research and see the right nutritionist to assist you. Do allergy test. To find out what your body can actually accept, when you feel you’ve been having issues on your weight/ health.
  • If you thinking about losing weights or get in shape. I can only answer this with one sentence. Exercise Regularly. By mean, regularly. There’s nothing harm about exercising for your body. Really. Nothing. It helps you improve your metabolism, that will effect you system. Cardiovascular system; digestion, breathing, brain and coordination. Many things inside your body.

Exercise increase endorphin , Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. For example, the feeling that follows a run or workout is often described as “euphoric.” That feeling, known as a “runner’s high,” can be accompanied by a positive and energising outlook on life. – by

Now this is something I truly experience post running.



Exercise regularly will not only boost your metabolism, but I will give you the right shape, a better quality mental and life. Follow by the right nutrition.


Is that mean, I have to say goodbye to my favorite Dunkin Donuts Sugar Ice with Strawberry Filling for good? NO! I still have em, probably once in few months. But still, my gut will soon react badly to them. As well with Cappucinno. Oh man!

But Whatever it is….you know your own body. You have to be ready with the consequences from what you’ve been eating. You have to accept the fact that some “processed food” gives nothing but a satisfactory feel to your health. That’s not wrong, but its not right if it goes beyond the limit.

  • Eat everything in moderate. Exercise and maintain it well. Get support and help from the right people. Enjoy live. Your life. Not others. OCD, KETO, MACROS, PALEO , Plant Based, Vegan…what ever you are eating, you are the one who can feel it and later see the result


Bear in mine, we have different types of body,genes, and your diets might not be mine. And mine, may not ok with your body.

But to live healthy, we need to commit to exercise and nourish ourself with the right nutrition that our body need.

Off to Sunday with my Family. I think I’ll find some Taco for the night! Yuuurrr







How I reduce Meat and why

It’s purely a will for me right after we hit the first of January 2018. I had enough meat. And all that. I mean, i really had enough.

What was actually happened? Am i turning my self into a vegan club? Where did i get enough protein from? Will i get enough energy for my body?

The answer is : i’m still figuring out and by far, i’m good with less of it.

It started at December 2017. 31st December. We were having our family dinner. Grills, bake, fry, and even on Christmas, we had baked bacons, red meats, porks, and all that MEAT! And soon right after, i think i have had too much of meat already i no longer can take it.

Meanwhile, i was actually not a big fan of it. I love veggies, and veggies. Not much of fruits even. But even with that condition, i still can’t claim my self a vegan. Nor a vegetarian.

I gained 2 pounds. I was like. WTH?! And i felt terrible. Not because of the weight that i have gained, but more into what i’ve been feeling after having those meat inside my stomach.

So then i decided immediately on January 1st. I’m done with meat, and will try to reduce it. Instead, i eat more of vegetables, either raw or cooked. So i did.

My plan was easy, i will eat any vegetables i see, i have, Raw or cooked. Since i love salad,  bought two boxes and divide it for 4 portion of meals. I use a very small ammount of light dressing. Which is Thai Dressing, I count the sugar in it, and i’m fine with tasteless salad.

I workout regularly like wise, but i added more and more intensity. Crazy right?

The hardest thing still be the dairy intake from my coffee and protein shake. However, the amount is really small, and my body will soon react to the lactose if i drank too much of it.

So what was the main reason i reduce the meat intake?

  1. My body, my system, reacted so bad right after i eat whatever meat except fish.
  2. My skin looks horrible and i produce lots of sebum and blackheads.
  3. I had too many lipoma under my skin, and i don’t want to add another to it.
  4. My gut feels awful
  5. I have to lose some weight
  6. I cant chew, imagining i’m eating a dead body. And this is serious.

How i survive without it?

  • i prepare and eat many and many vegetables
  • i replace meat with tofu and mushrooms.
  • i crave for veggies every time, every meal time.
  • i eat every 2hours. Less rice/carbs.
  • I eat plant protein from peas, cashews, beans.
  • i drink more waters. I control my hunger.
  • I just survive it.


It’s been 20days since i started. I feel really light, my gut system feels better. Bowel movement is even better. I’m shrinking, and happy.

I don’t feel weak, hence i feel i have more energy through the whole day.

I have lost 1 pound. But few sizes down. And i think thats good.

Now if you are looking forward to lose some and gain more energy without eating meat. I suggest you to reduce frequently. Try not to force yourself to completely cut them off your everyday meal. Try to do at least two days off meat out of 7days in a week.

Cutting meat is not only benefits your health, but also your financials. Now i am not a vegan, but if you seriously wanting a better health quality, or just wanna lose some pounds, start researching the right life style – diet for your life that is not pack with mostly meat. Instead, those raw, unprocessed food made of vegetables or plant based food, are mostly nutritious and put many benefits to your health. So why not?

2018 Goals beside wanting the Kardashian’s body (hey…i’m being Honest!) …i just want to sustain a healthy body and mind.

Here is a reference of great book i’ve read and study during my transition to plant based.

  1. Vegan Itu Mudah – Indonesian Version
  2. Dr. Oz You The Owner Manual
  3. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Living
Picture Source : Pexels



OOFOS Recovery Sandals Review

WOW! Its been too long since my last post.

If only i could share you what’s been going in the everyday life. It would be nice, but too much!

Just a thought about sharing what’s new in the hood of my feet companions.


When they first contacted me about this sandal, i was very clueless about it. Recovery sandals? What is it about. And in a blink of my abstract mind, i imagine a sandals with lots of dots or something more like the reflexology sandals.

And when i finally get to meet this pair, my first impression was, oh…a fancy sandals. Remember when we first being introduced to Cr*cs, Fl*p Fl*p and stuff. Those sandals.

But then till the next couple of days, i actually tried them. I begin to understand why they call it a recovery sandals. You see, i can even run with them, without having any pain on my feet.

Here’s some facts i got from their website

Their foam, is not like another foam

Athletic shoe foams are designed to “rebound” and propel you forward. Revolutionary OOfoam does the opposite, absorbing 37% more shock with every step than traditional footwear foam

Your feet and joints take a pounding on hard surfaces. Slipping on OOFOS after a workout provides them with relief and a chance to recover.


I must add this, the natural curve they made, actually really relieves tension on my foot arc. 

Unlike flip-flops, the OOFOS patented footbed is designed with tremendous arch support to take the pressure off of ankles, knees and hips, as well as your lower back.


Much more of it that i suggest you to try. I highly recommend this brand, for those of you doing lots of workout, pregnancy or post partum. Cause it really helps releasing our feet from tensions.

Plus points of this sandals , they cam with awesome colours and models. And unlike a regular flops, i can comfortably wear this anywhere.

Visit their Instagram Page to get more of information about it