Functional Mama in Reality

Years after I started this Blog, my purpose has not changed yet. And that is to remind my self, and hopefully all the woman especially mothers, that we are capable of anything. The Pandemic lead me to another journey in motherhood. Functional, Hybrid, Adaptive. Both as a mother and as a wife. Did i everContinue reading “Functional Mama in Reality”

Balanced Life – More Strength or Leisure?

How often we hear from other people, Hey! You need to balance your life! And whenever we hear it.. a vacation, shopping spree or date nights pops up! Well, to me, a balanced Life means i can work, and i can also do things that are actually considered productive, and just simply rest or havingContinue reading “Balanced Life – More Strength or Leisure?”

COVID 19 in 2021 – Day 8 Isolation

I wasn’t sure on how to write this thing down in details. But I really want you to know that, getting exposed by this so popular Virus is something frightening, mentally challenging, but a blessing in disguise? Hang on, What? Maybe I am Crazy Thursday 28th of January 2021 I felt nothing, nothing but –Continue reading “COVID 19 in 2021 – Day 8 Isolation”

When Jakarta Went BlackOut August 4th 2019

The Time I wrote this…its still dark in my area. Live in BSD City, about 48minutes from South Jakarta, its Sunday August 4th 2019. Well..yeah…its a massive black out. Most of everyone i know are complaining through their FB, IG and the whatsapp. Meanwhile, as usual, I did not fully realized that it has startedContinue reading “When Jakarta Went BlackOut August 4th 2019”

How She Does It All?

Pasca Lebaran! Gubrak gubrak jenng jeng jeng..ahey! Hi, Senang banget hari ini aku bisa balik nulis lagi. After 8 months?? Ceritanya I’ve been focusing my self a lot learning And Studying Pilates. And Long story short, yes I Have left my work as Group X Instructor. And….anyway, this June, aku menjadi Pekerja Paruh Waktu yangContinue reading “How She Does It All?”

90’s HITS to Boost Y(our) Mood

For those were born in the 80’s , i bet you understand this. Sometimes in those down low moments, i often reminisced great things on my 90’s. I was young, growing up listening to Debbie Gibson, Tommy Page (oh!), and Jason Donovan…not forgetting KYLIE MINOQUE! I honestly speaking, this listening these tunes really boost myContinue reading “90’s HITS to Boost Y(our) Mood”

Stage Mom – Full Time Working Mom Fact

  A fact that I never shared to public. I am a performer. I am a dancer, a teacher. And I was working for Les Mills Asia Pacific as Trainer and Presenter for 8 years. Who was presenting and lecturing in front of many people. National and through ASIA. I started dancing at the ageContinue reading “Stage Mom – Full Time Working Mom Fact”