When Jakarta Went BlackOut August 4th 2019

The Time I wrote this…its still dark in my area.

Live in BSD City, about 48minutes from South Jakarta, its Sunday August 4th 2019.

Well..yeah…its a massive black out.

Most of everyone i know are complaining through their FB, IG and the whatsapp.

Meanwhile, as usual, I did not fully realized that it has started 8 hours ago. Euhhh..

Meanwhile, back at Home, I actually enjoying this moment.

I need this more than anyone😂. A Peace, a quiet moment.

My thought was just…well, we have forced the earth and nature and the Power source for soooo many times and probably overuse them.

We have wasted resources from earth, and not ever considering, that “they” have their own capacity. And maybe, maybe today…they need to take some time off.

Or maybe, People in Jakarta and My area are in need of some quiet time. To reflect. That..it will not always party here. And that we have not value our “real life”. We value more the digital life, the social life existency over quality…just maybe.

The Positive take outs

•Less Spend

•Save energy

•Mind Body Reflects

• Save MONEY HONEY as everything are close out early.

So what am i doing now? Finally, i sit and write down throu my Phone. Enjoy the quietness, I have time to reflect and just enjoying this time with a glass full of Ice water. 😁

What I did? I Put Haka to sleep earlier, soothe him and sang Lullabies.

What will i do next? Probably ordering more Emergency Fan, cause im living with Two MALES that totally can not live without Air Con😁.

Remember to be gratefull in every situation. Darkness helps us to see and find peace within along with the silence.



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