Recommended Mask during the Pandemic

Halo!! It’s good to be back after 11 months? And Long Story short, I was busy surviving the year with …..Works, Small business, basically doing anything I could, to make ends meet.

We all here. On earth, the same time, same Oxygen. In 2020. Where the Covid – 19 basically took a huge toll of our normal life. Teaching us Lessons to grow better in time, in life.

Well, anyway. As the Title said, i’m here to recommend and share you what i thought the best mask to wear that can help your daily life better and safe of course!

I know and heard some people, refusing to wear mask just because they find it uncomfortable. It cause acnes, or hard for them to breathe especially during exercise. To me my first problem was some of the med masks materials caused me rhinitis. And it triggered my sinus infection that can last for days apparently.

So These Masks Are my Go to!

  1. SoomLAB Nano Fiber Mask
Photo Credits: SOOMLAB-

Why I love this SoomLab Mask?

I must say that Korea made good stuffs. The first time I Got this was from a client. She told me this mask is reusable and washable. Fact : The ergonomic shape is so comfortable. Shape like a simple triangle mask, its light and cooling. Made of Nano Fiber materials, and reusable up to 10x.

How to clean it actually simply by spraying max 75% Ethanol on the Inside and Out part of the mask.

More Details

2. Air Queen Nano Mask

Reusable up to 10x and its FDA Approve. This Nano Fiber mask is my go to for everyday life. I work comfortably with this, and the good thing is, even after 10x of cleaning with Ethyl Alcohol, the material wont tear or break. What i love also about this, it wont cause MaskNe or Acne from wearing Mask.

Air Queen Nano

Both Air Queen Nano and SoomLab were made in Korea. Theyre available to ship worldwide.

3. Under Armour Mask

The thing about this fabric mask design is, it allows you to breathe , and sweat on it. The mask hold up well during teaching or exercising, and thats really awesome. As a person who is so frugal, im pretty lucky i received this as a gift. But even if i have to buy it , i would.

Source : Under Armour

Anything else?

Well to me personally, since i have to use mask during work and it can take up to 8hours , investing in a good quality mask is worth it. My history of allergy can cause me more harm if i choose random poor material masks.

Not only looking for one that has ergonomic design, but to make sure it wont harm your skin as well is really important.

Tips from me is that Try and stock while you can. Its 2021 and there’s no sign the Pandemic will be over anytime soon in Indonesia. So bear in mind, staying safe by using the correct mask is highly important for our safety.

Till then!stay Safe