Bailing out from COVID19 – Officially

It is day 12 since I did the 1st PCR that was Positive. Still at home, still with mask, but declared Negative from Real time Feb 7th 2021.

Disclaimer: I am no Medic expert, however all of this statements are based on my own experience. I have been monitored by my family who are REAL DOCTOR. And none of my actions were based on my initiative and was being consulted first with them who are Doctor.

On Sunday Feb 7th, i decided to do another PCR test (although according to the WHO and Indonesia’s Ministry Of Health ~ please read my previous post) , a person who shows no symptoms, can end their Isolation after 10 days and plus another 3 days after showing no symptom (if they were symptomatic). But since i worked one on one with clients or those maybe needing the clear approval from LAB, i just did. And it came out Negative.

But this doesnt mean i can easily pick up my son, and take him home. For this, i decided to take another day in ISO , before welcoming him back home. Which on day 13.

If you ever wondering how fast the recovery, there was no magic potion or cure.

But i Totally believe in the power or WATER, Hygiene, Vegetables and Fruits. All the Whole Plant Based FOOD. Supplements were meant to support but not our main source of intake or meal replacements. Nutritions came from real food, and supplements can complete the deficits.

During ISO, keeping your mental health in peace, and build them to be better is also important. Because, the mind controls everything. The brain, should be able to recognise any unusual symptoms . You need to be able to recognise your breathing, your bladders, your digestion, your appetite. They need to sync and work properly. And that is why, i disabled the social media for few days.

Books, Educative websites, Musics, Work (take it easy on it), were really helpful. All of it distracted me from the virus, and helps me through the day. Phone is off after 9pm, and Books are open. Sleeping was a real challenge. Melatonin did not worked that well. But it helps a bit.

Covid19 is a serious thing. We should not hate it, we should not underestimated it. But we should fight it. Fight for life. I’m well and happy to came out healthy and alive. I would want to experience it. The only bright side i notice is:

  1. I can really take some time to rest
  2. I understand my body better, and know when to stop
  3. I can see clear, and feel…the right people in life.
  4. I value the existence of my husband at home, and letting my son grow and live apart for days actually good for him as well. Although i miss him badly.
  5. I applied Faith for the first time ever. That GOD did not left and left all my concerns and worry to Him. He took care of it.

There is a way out after COVID. Meanwhile, maintaining your health and immune system is highly important.



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