The Secret to Have A Good Day, Good Life – AM Routine

How we start our day is really important and can impact our overall performance, be it at work or maybe while staying at home.

I’ve been manifesting since months ago that I am 100% sure it works and still works for me during this hard times. Apparently pandemic really strikes many mental health. Changes in personality, behaviour is everywhere.

I am a believer of affirmations. Back when i was young, my mom told me about this Book called the Secret and i know it’s been going on for years that many people also believe in the law of attraction. People who have manifested their best lives, will tell you that success didn’t just land overnight, they had to work for it. But really, by visualising what we want, we will go for it, and we can take the advantage of the most precious hour of the day to focus our minds, envision the success, and set our intentions.

I am not gonna go deep discussing the Law Of Attraction, cause we can figure out more about it from the book or the movie or even the you tube channels. I’m going to share you what are the things that work for me, that actually brought me all the reality today.

Wake up early is number 1. And right after, if not running, i’d go outside where i can see the sky and smell the nice clean morning air, and i’d talk to the sky with super brave and hopeful heart.

I welcome health

I welcome success

i welcome prosperity

I welcome wellness

I welcome joy

i welcome love and harmony

These are the words i keep on saying no matter what. Sometimes i think my neighbour would see me as a crazy depressed person who would walk around or run and talk to the universe with full confident that all of her words some home will turn into reality.

Guess what? It always works.

What’s behind these words anyway? Why there’s no I welcome hundred billions of dollars?

Here’s why:

I welcome Health :

We are still going through the pandemic.Trying to survive, remain healthy and negative of course to continue living and make a living! By being healthy, we at least able to work, to enjoy our life, to see our children grow, to stay home with the family.

I Welcome Success, I Welcome Prosperity

There are days, we are so low at work, like no clients show up. or nothing new, no selling for days, when current situation have taken the toll of our mind’s health…. this affirmation will work. I do not and never mention numbers of treasures. Cause i want to be successful to earn it and when I succeed, not only i wish for an external success, but also internal success. That is Prosperous to me. A meaningful success in life.

I Welcome Wellness and Joy

Life is now full with uncertainties. There are many people i know. living with constant anxiety and fear everyday, and somehow, it affects me and also many people. It affects physical and mental health. Wellness is a state of great health, to me wellness is free from illness and wellness is a dynamic process of growth, social -wellbeing, a well manage healthy life style. While JOY , is something we want from anywhere, everywhere, everyone. Joy is a good feeling, when you have Joy, you are able to build it each day and manage your happiness. Happiness is something great that comes from the collection a small pieces of joy that we have. And we want to share JOY to almost everyone too. Joy will come from my son, my clients, my neighbours, or a random funny cats, or movie, anything.

I Welcome Love and Harmony

If i’m single, probably people would think i wanted a boyfriend of a husband that is sooooooo lovingly love me like the Duke in Bridgerton (eeeeh)

instead, i want to be able to give and feel love to anyone, and to live in harmony despite our differences.

I never say it to grow my bank account, it wont work as easy as that. I keep doing it cause it makes me hopeful and confident especially during the hardest period of time.

Managing the stress is a journey, it’s not an overnight success. Morning manifesting is the least i can do with no cost, no crystals ( although i wanted it tho hehe) , no magic potion, no dark magic, nothing. Manifest to me is a form of loving and respecting life like its already formed to grow well.

Again, this is something personal that may work differently to one person. You can believe it, you can ditch it. I wont say that it always work everyday, but it helped me during tough days, during the lowest period this year. But i made the decision to not wasting my early morning for something else that focusing my mind to my goals and life. You can try this practise, starts easy as you get up. See how it can change your day and hopefully enhance your life:)

Published by Britt Sukrisno

A Mother of One Boy Passionate in Fitness and Helping people achieving their fitness goal. I'm a professional Fitness Practitioner since 2006, and I'm Based in Indonesia. My Qualifications in Fitness are: Group X Manager In Fitness First Indonesia 2007 - 2013 Group X Manager in Gold's Gym Indonesia 2013 - 2016 LesMills™ Certified Instructor for BodyBalance ™, BodyJam™, BodyVive™ now known as Tone ™, CXWorx™ and Youth Fitness for Ages 2 - 16years Program BORN TO MOVE™ Worked as Asia Trainer For LesMills Asia Pacific from 2009 - 2017, conduct and facilitate module training for LesMills BodyVive (Tone) and Born To Move Series I was a DVD Presenter for LesMills BodyVive™ release 34 - Filmed in Auckland City, New Zealand TRX® Group Certified Instructor for Group Training Registered Yoga Teacher 200hrs Strong By Zumba® Instructor Certified and Zumba Kids Certified And currently in an intensive training for Mat Pilates and Pilates Reformer by Pilates Academy International (P.A.I)

2 thoughts on “The Secret to Have A Good Day, Good Life – AM Routine

  1. Hi Mbak, thank you for sharing! I came across our blog while blogwalking around and it seems to be one of the answers I could try regarding the feelings I suffered recently. Nice blog too btw, salam kenal!

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