New Comers – GYM!

“Just signed up to a GYM near office!Now….what to do?”

“Oh Man, my mom signed me up to this Mega Gym and I don’t know what to do. Will I be doing Yoga the whole time? ”

Hello! New You!

If those things above related to you, don’t worry!

First thing, you should be able to do some research of the fitness facility before you signed up. Look for their Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training and Fitness Program they offer.

Once you did, as you enter the check-in counter, you might want to ask for a Group Fitness Class Schedules. They normally have it on their website. And after, ask a personal Trainer to introduce you the training machines. This service should be free of charge, and these days, they will give free sessions for new membership.

If you decide to focus on Group Fitness Classes, you might want to see the Group Fitness Manager to help you. But suppose, the current teaching GF instructors, they are very helpful in class.

So, I’m just gonna focus on Group Fitness for a while.

In GYM, mega GYM, Boutique GYM, we have many kinds of Fitness Programs. The most common brand you will hear or might hear already…are Les Mills and ZUMBA. As well for many types of Yoga class.

Les Mills

Les Mills is a company that providing licensed format classes in Mega GYM. They are known for their signature BODYCOMBAT™ BodyPump™,  RPM™ and BodyBalance™ programs

Those 4 main programs normally available in Mega GYMs to the small boutique Gym or clubs.

They also created, Dance based workout like BodyJam™ and SHBAM™ and also High-Intensity Interval Training – Grit, Sprint

Functional and Resistance workout like BodyVive 3.1 / LesMills Tone, and CXWORX


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Which one should you go for then?

Well, all Les Mills Classes are a multilevel workout that for the intensity, you will eventually build it through time. Its never too late to start a Les Mills Class. Unless you are pregnant, or recovering from injuries or having a specific health issue, these classes should be ok for you to start at any time. You can absolutely choose either one for the first time you join a gym. If you never did any of exercise at all, I suggest you try at least 4 tracks. Yes, Les Mills classes have TRACKLISTS and each program run differently. But it will always run in order. So go to a class, tell the instructor that you’re new. After the 4th track, listen to your body. If you feeling ok, then you might continue until the class is done. If you feeling weird or not comfortable, you can stop after track 4 and try again the next time.




Photo Credit : Zumba®

Zumba®is FUN, it’s a cardio based class that work your whole body as you dance to it. Most part of the class is dancing. Yes, but they also have lots of fitness – functional movement integrated to the choreography. Zumba®rules will be having lots of fun and sweat it out. It has an easy choreography to follow, format, and interactive instructors. If you are a man, you should try it.  We don’t label any workouts to gender-related, but this class is not only for MOMS. If you’re doing it for the first time, you’ll find it amusing as you following the instructor, but that’s normal. All you need to do is stay, enjoy, laugh, and finish it.

MIND and BODY Classes


YOGA, TAICHI, BODYBALANCE®, PILATES….and many more options for you to choose.

This is where we do it. In the Mind and Body Studio. That normally designed to bring up the inner ZEN. Does that sounds right??

There is nothing wrong on trying Yoga the day you start your Fitness Xperience. Yoga is good for your mind and body. No, you don’t have to be very flexible to do it, or able to stand in your hands or head. It all begins from the very basic.

As a first timer, you could try Basic Yoga, Gentle Yoga, or Hatha Yoga. Those classes are very suitable for new to exercise. You want to stand slightly behind other regular members, this will help you following the movements. Now, most important in Yoga will be the respect to your body, the class, and the teacher. If you are struggling, try to be calm and listen to your self. The hardest thing will be, being aware of what we are doing and not looking to others. Remember, we are just starting. So its ok, if we haven’t reached our toes in the forward bend or split perfectly! It takes some time to master each movement.

Pilates is focusing more on core, postures, and alignments. It is completely safe if you are new.


BodyBalance™ is part of Les Mills program. We move to a choreographed movements and following the music. As a first timer, it is ok to stay until the 4th track. The one thing I love about this is the music and how its actually really general makes it easy to follow at any time. In one class you will start with Tai Chi warm up, which based on traditional Tai Chi movements and sometimes a little bit of dancing. Its a slow movement with breathing to get you warmed up. And then follow by Sun Salutations and in the middle of the class, you’ll get to work on your CORE and settle down before you leave with relaxation. Perfect ha? Yes….:)

“Remember, it doesn’t matter how deep into a posture you go – what does matter is who you are when you get there.” ~ Max Storm




Photo Credit : LesMills


Lots of it. And they ALL are amazing Indoor Cycling Programs. A little bit of what we do in Cycling Room is CYCLING. LOL. It’s Safe. However, with the intensity they have, you will still need to consult with the instructor. On How to set up the bike, the resistants, and even and SOS actions whenever you re out of breath.

The class is normally 45- 50Minutes. With Sprint, it takes 30mins. And SPRINT is a HIIT program from Les Mills.


There are still many types of Group Exercise/ Fitness a GYM could offer.

Name….Pound™, TRX®, Anti Gravity Yoga, BARRE, Fitballs, ABS

all you need to do is give it a try. And once you feel like comfortable doing it, continue up to 3 times a week.

Now, What if you don’t feel like doing any classes. All you want is just a personal workout with weight machines or functionals.

Again, it is best to consult and get familiar with all the types of equipment and services in the gym. Use the benefit of free PT Sessions. Not only to get an effective result, but also for your own safety. Now These two are important. You don’t want to waste your money by doing something uncertain or unsafe.

Personal Training might cost you an extra fee to pay, but with commitments and lots of self-discipline, you will get the result.

However, if you decide to do your own workout, have a goal. Set your goal for the day. I will share you why somehow, instead of losing weights, you ended up gaining weight.

Have a great day at the GYM. Hope this helps






Published by Britt Sukrisno

A Mother of One Boy Passionate in Fitness and Helping people achieving their fitness goal. I'm a professional Fitness Practitioner since 2006, and I'm Based in Indonesia. My Qualifications in Fitness are: Group X Manager In Fitness First Indonesia 2007 - 2013 Group X Manager in Gold's Gym Indonesia 2013 - 2016 LesMills™ Certified Instructor for BodyBalance ™, BodyJam™, BodyVive™ now known as Tone ™, CXWorx™ and Youth Fitness for Ages 2 - 16years Program BORN TO MOVE™ Worked as Asia Trainer For LesMills Asia Pacific from 2009 - 2017, conduct and facilitate module training for LesMills BodyVive (Tone) and Born To Move Series I was a DVD Presenter for LesMills BodyVive™ release 34 - Filmed in Auckland City, New Zealand TRX® Group Certified Instructor for Group Training Registered Yoga Teacher 200hrs Strong By Zumba® Instructor Certified and Zumba Kids Certified And currently in an intensive training for Mat Pilates and Pilates Reformer by Pilates Academy International (P.A.I)

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