What to expect in your first Yoga Class


There will always be a beginning, before an end.

I have been personally assisting my clients who want to try or doing Yoga for the first time. The most common questions I received was, they were scared of their flexibility. And I honestly speaking, it came from both male and female. Not once, not twice, many times.

So then I come to this post about just how you can comfortably figuring what your body needs, what to prepare and what then?

Yoga is not about your walk with your hands, or you meditate in headstand. Though we might see how beautiful Yogis with their amazing poses on Instagram feeds, but trust me, it takes years and lots of practice to accomplish one simple move with the right technique and alignment.

Yoga is more about your awareness of your self. Your own strength . Developing your inner peace and confidence. It is not about any competition there will never be.

Yoga is a journey embracing inner peace to your whole body and mind.

Beginning Yoga is easy. Just be yourself. Come as you are. As a first-timer, you can look for an easy multilevel Yoga class. Look for classes like Gentle, Restorative, Hatha, Basic Yoga, Basic Vinyasa, many of it. Those classes that specifically move in basic poses.

The hardest part being in the class as a beginner would be- to drop our expectations and insecurities. We are so scared, it will be tough, and what will the people think about our self if were not able to follow the pose.

First thing, Yoga teacher should not give you a hard time or comment if you’re not there yet. Which I believe, they will not. However, you will find uniqueness in many classes from many teachers. Do me a favor… Chill:)

So ask yourself. What do you feel? Do you feel like your about to change the world as you start in the morning? Or instead, do you feel like you are having a slight hangover, having sleep issues. Another time you feel so stiff and just emotionally, mentally tired of the world? And with your body…do you feel like you are able to hold your body weights, stand and balance well. Or you just feel like releasing some tensions in your muscles?

The answers are yours to keep before you head to the class. Every Yoga class nowadays have their own objectives. Even for the beginner. And we will always be a beginner even to another type of Yoga Class, that we don’t normally do. Try to look what suits your condition that time. And after, you continue to the next list of this post.


Here I Jot down the list you need to prepare when you attend a Yoga Class the first time:

  • Prepare a proper clothing. The one that fit the body well. Avoid using a baggy pant or oversize top. Example as below.
  • Be on Time with your phone off and sit nicely on your mat.
  • Stand Behind, but try to face the stage/ the teacher. For the first time, you might find it overwhelming, when it comes to following the instructions especially when they use most of Sanskrit Terminologies. It will make it easier if you could stand behind someone who’s been doing it regularly.
  • Just stay calm and follow the class with respect. If you struggling with some poses, the teacher should be able to assist you, and let you take the option.

Don’t ask anything during the class. Oh Please don’t. Say something if the teacher asks you something which normally they will not. If you still don’t cling into a certain pose, consult with the teacher after class. Yoga is not a conversational class . And not everybody happy with it:) So learn to stay calm and safe the questions for later.

  • Have commitment. You might feel sore after, or fed up with the struggles on following the flow, we never know. But always try to come back at least 3 times in 7 days. Yoga is not meant to be done occasionally. If you understand your self-goal on doing it, you will understand how important it is to commit to your practice.

You see if one day you’ll see the challenging fancy pose, and you’re not there yet. Does not mean, you are not capable. The first time I did my Teacher training, I had no idea what SURYA NAMASKAR is. And I was not able to perform Chaturanga well.

But trust me, it took many years to do it right. And again, Yoga is not always about strength or being super flexible. Yoga is about how comfortable you are in that poses. Some people born and gifted with strength, but lack of flexibility. Some, totally the opposite. But through practice, we build both.

Don’t be afraid to try and ask.

But foremost, don’t be afraid to reveal your self.




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