Merry Christmas!

How i love this time of every year. The vibes, the moments, the joy. oh man, who doesn’t??

But really, Merry Christmas everyone!

And as today, i’d just wanna drop a short sharing how i felt this Christmas.

Always Pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad,and a soul that never loses faith in God

In the country i’m living, we have many cultures and believes unite. Yet, we’re facing many trials, and misjudgment from those who doesn’t understand YET the meaning of Christmas. Please refer to the news about the issues happening in Jakarta.

Conflicts , disagreements, disbelief, are often become one of highlighted issue on the news.

Despite all the wrong ideas of celebrating this moment, at church yesterday, i decided to forgive. Let go. Nothing can go wrong when you fight hatreds with love.

I can’t or we..can’t make people like us by telling them to. Or tell them to agree with us. Or make them believe what we believe. But again, we can always walk the talk. Showing and sharing good vibes of what we believe to others who have the hardest hard. Rock solid brutal bad vibes, we can only face it with calm and peace.

I’m more than blessed, raised in a very colourful family. in Which most of them are moslems and yet we always get together celebrating Eid or Christmas:) Who’s work is that? GOD it is. God united us. With all His love. And that’s matter.

And i think the idea of Christmas is to be with the people you love, be in peace and be the peace. Forgive and let joy drown us into the sea of love.

Merry Christmas …Love be with you all




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