Your Attitude is Your Resume

Sounds familiar? Maybe there will be some disagreements about this post, but to me personally, this is how I feel at work.

This topic is one of the most shared in the WhatsApp groups. I have no idea why. There’s this saying – let’s teach our children to have more manners when postings in social media cause it will somehow affect their future. When they’re trying to apply for scholarships, applying for jobs, the company will do not only a background check and also social check.

Oh here’s the thing. Social Media, is a huge worldwide community that contains everyone’s personal, professional life. Unexceptional. People use it in many ways. To share their happy life, sad life, depressions, to sell them self, to provoke, go ahead and mention more. And its no longer a secret that the people we connect and befriend with on Facebook, Twitter, are mostly the people we see every day in real life. And with that, we can actually tell and recognize their actual life, attitude, characters. Without the need to stalk their accounts, if we want too.

So what the fuss about company, scholarships etc? Do they really do some check?

Yes, they will. But to me, what’s more important is, a person’s attitude. Their performance, their characters at work.

Their achievements do matter, but seriously, who would want to hire a person who gives a bad attitude at work and not making or giving any benefit to the company. But how about a person who has a bad attitude but has the highest performance and achievements base on their resume? It is totally up to the company. What is their value? What is their mission? But at my workplace, we discuss, we look to their attitude, their characters. How they deal with people at work, with members, their integrity. Not just a superstar person or a good looking best-selling face. And yeah, they could be either an INSTAGRAM sweetest man or woman or maybe they’re just a person who loves to share their bad times, bad mouth. Hold it! The most famous business -entrepreneurs, influencers, also did that “trashy” post. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t work professionally. An image is important, it does, but characters and attitude matters.

So if you ask me, as a person who also dealt with recruits and auditions, I never check they’re social media to tell me whether or not I should hire them or let them sign in. I’d go for their attitudes, their performance. Since I’m not a God, who am I to judge a person from their social media posts?

But I do know thou, that for some viewers, what we share is who we are. And I’m not in a place to disagree with that. I just won’t let my decisions based on what I see on Social Media:) And people change, we all can change. But characters will stick with us in many situations. And that is something to study from someone at work.


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