Dhairya Bag : 5 stars Product and Service

I’m a proud Indonesian, or more.. Javanese.

I had this amazing experience buying a local product from Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

A big fan of handbags, thats me. But my bags should be functional. It should be able to accompany me in the gym, and work, meetings:) I know i’ve tried to keep my frugal living. But this Dhairya bag, is a must have.

I have been viewing their products and considering on buying it. Just a thought of consideration with budget and the question ” do i really need to have one?”

What makes them worth to have?

their simple design. That’s for sure. The fabric they use is a high quality water resistant canvas. They came in 4 types : Fergie, Jennifer, Wanda and Scarlet. I was actually wanting to have the scarlet type, until i saw them posting a model using Fergie and i think that will suit my everyday style. In which casual. And the size is pretty compact. Not to big, not to mini.

But one thing you need to be assured of, is, they sold out really fast. So stay update by following their instagram post. I knew mine was restocked because their admin replied me on my comment on Ig.

That was Tuesday, i ordered via Line Messenger, they responded really fast and detail. I made the payment, and informed them at the same time. They told me that it might take 2-3 days to ship. It was Thursday. I said i’m ok with it.

After payment, i received a text message that probably work as the e-receipt. I thought. Wow. It’s so professional.

On Saturday Noon, I received the bag at home. Another satisfying experience right?

I ranked this Product 5 stars indeed. I still wear the bag everyday, it is just light, compact and since its black, i can use them anytime. anywhere and match my outfits in many ways.


Above is the link to their Instagram Profile. This bag is worth to have if you are a mobile person like me.

Suitable For Holiday

Match your outfits in many ways

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