Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar

So good to have extra times to review some products tonight. And if you Ladies reading this, I highly recommend the products for your hair, as it suits any hair types and conditions

Here is another Yves Rocher Hair Product that iv been using for about almost two years now.

The Raspberry Rinsing  Vinegar.

It is the final hair rinse in your hair cleaning ritual. It works best to clarify your hair and removes products build up. It helps you with scalps problems, such as dandruff. It protects your hair colour. It gives you a nice healthy shiny hair and it smells so good even for hours. It is tho, has a bit of vinegar smell if you sweat the next day after you rinsed your hair with it. But the Berry Scent still win over everything. This helps me a lot. I used to buy many types of hair mist, because my husband said, well I felt it too, my scalp smell dull and oily. Since I use this, I no longer need hair mist or hair perfume. This works well on giving a nice scent on my hair.

How To Use 

After you wash your hair, even after a conditioner or hair mask treatment, you could finish by applying a bit of this through your scalp and hair. Give your head a light massage and rinse it off.

It Contains no additional perfume, no colourant, no paraben. And by far, I’ve always repurchased the refill bottle that came in a bigger size.

Will you give it a try? If you have, share with me your experience:) Leave a comment.


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