A Day in Novotel Resort Bogor

It was actually the second time we went there, only the first time we attempted to stay there, our book was canceled without any notification from the agent. That sucks ha?

This time, after we learned from the unpleasant experience, i make sure our reservation is being paid, confirmed by the hotel before we arrive.


Once we arrived there, there were some long queue at the check in counter. And i was like…O..O…not again. It was two days before Ied Fitri, but since we’ve confirmed our room, i’m pretty sure we can just go straight and check in without waiting. I mean, that’s how a 4 – 5 stars hotel been doing right?

Luckily, a staff pull us to the Instant Check In counter and got us our room! So voila! We checked in!

The room we stayed in was a Standard Room with A King Size bed. The room size is pretty big for a standard type. It so spacious and fully furnish with wooden furnitures and flooring.

Novotel Bogor promotes the Eco Friendly environment for their design. The building it self has an ethnic design, open air, yet so clean and refreshing. It is an old building, but did not look scary at all. You know what i mean.

The staffs are great. They greet the guests all the time, they ask for feedbacks. Overall, i have no complain for the service.

The Food somehow was not that nice, it is just ok. Thou i wont complain about the taste, because i have a very plain tongue, but i can say, its just ok.

As a mom, why i chose this hotel is just simply because i’m an outdoor freak. I’ve been staying in city hotels and still not a big fan even if its a 5 stars one. This kind of hotel – resort ,is a place to go if you have a very active kid like mine.

Novotel has many outdoor activity space, such as playgrounds, basketball court, Volley Court, Child Indoor Play Ground. They offer Bicycle rent , and i saw a horse riding sign as well thou i did not see any horse.

Will i come back for the third time? Yes definitely.¬† Oh, anyway, don’t forget to use your Accor member! If you are not a member yet, make sure to apply before you make your reservation. Visit this¬†Accor

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The First Floor Entrance from Lobby (above)


The Trash Box (above)

DSC01221-01 (1)

The yard!Our Favourite place to play (above)