Beauty Class by Yves Rocher Review

Hi Lovely Friends….

Today i would like to share a review about a beauty class that I attended last Sunday. It was hosted by Yves Rocher at Aeon Mall BSD CITY.

When i got invited by Whatsapp MSG, i had no idea about what kind of workshop would it be. And because it was scheduled along with the uncertain work gathering, i wasn’t sure whether to come or not.

And at last, i came.

So it was started pretty late. Bummer. I’m not a big fan of that for sure. But since I Had a good time so lets just forget about that part.

As we arrived, we were welcomed by this beautiful table setting for 6. img20171029141255512411282.jpg

At this table as you can see, YVES ROCHER has prepared the kit we need.

  • Clean Brushes
  • Types of foundations
  • Loose Powders
  • Eyeshadows & Blush Palettes
  • Concealers
  • Lipsticks in many kinds and types
  • Wipes and Sponges
  • Cleansers and Toners

So yes, it was a Beauty Class.

They gave us a step by step basic training on how to apply our make up daily.

It all started by having our skin tested by the SPGs. And turned out, my skin is turning into dry-oily combination. But somehow, i do realised it. Because it’s pretty dry on my cheek and neck area. But not in my T zone. But most skin type are oily in the TZONE area.


When we did our Make Up Lesson, what I learned was,  how to layers the products on our face. 

Which was : Cleaning with cleanser ~ Toner ~Lightest Fondi or Concealer ~ and so on….to the next

On how to properly dap your eyeshadows and stuff was not really clear but it was enough for a beginner. See, I always struggling with eyeshadows and liners. I honestly suck at it. So i was expecting some more on the details.


I am not going to list the step by step make up tutorial, but i will post one using different brand in my YouTube Channel.

So what is the benefits of this workshop actually?

First, it cost only Rp. 100.000,00 which is around $9.00 , and with that, Yves Rocher gave us A voucher worth Rp. 100.000,00 with no minimum purchase. So i bought this nice colour of lip liner and functional Scrub.

Secondly, at least now I know, how to apply those foundations, concealers and how to blend it with powder. I mean, i love the actual result overall thou I must say, It still looks like an AMATEUR kind of make up.

 It last long, cause after this workshop, i went straight to church with my make up on.  Well again, this was a very natural look for daily make up right?



What i wished they’d do would be

  • Start On Time
  • Giving more specific tutorials and details on how to draw our face
  • Providing us with some highlights of the class in advance

Other than that, I’ll be hunting for more beauty workshop that won’t cost me a dime. Ha!




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