8 Years of Motherhood

Here I present you, the award from myself to myself as a mother.

So cheesy am I right?

But i seriously think, this year, I should also reward myself for trying and trying. For another study, another hustle. Another work.

You too! If you are a mom, this award goes to you too. The annual excellent award. To reward your hard works, your tears, your sweats, and all that jazz.

All we want is just the very best for our children, sometimes we forgot ourself. That is why I posted earlier, how important it is to take care of yourself first.

I was almost or maybe I was really sick i could not stand. And when i went to the clinic, my son looked so worry. He hates seeing me sick, cause he knows, he will be by himself doing all of the things.

But you know what, thats ok right? Its ok to not cook for a day, to just rest or sleep throu the day to fully rest your body and mind. Because if Mom is sick, Most probably the boat is sink-ing (pun intended)😂

So yeah, 25 October 2018 marks the 8 years of MY Motherhood. and more years to come with….I have no idea. All i care now is I sleep well, I eat well, I work well, and…Shop well to take care my self well!

Motherhood came without manual, day offs, or salary. But to that, I should thank my son for making me smarter and better everyday at something. And I can honestly speak, I love every second being a mother to my son. I wont trade it with anything else. Dont get me wrong, i’d love to have another one.

So my speech for this award would be

I thank my husband for making me a mother (ddooooh😂) and My son for choosing me as your mom.

Have you reward yourself enough Dear Fellow Moms?

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