Hair Loss Help with Yves Rocher (2)

Hello again!

Iv’e been noticing that Hair Loss Therapy Post is the top post being read and viewed.

Here’s a second post on my second purchase. Fact : This was the last stock they had. Turned out, they only sell 10 stocks, and it sold out really fast

I have my hair permed earlier this month, and my problem is pretty serious this time.. Thou i experienced huge improvement on my first purchase, i seriously curious will this time it helps me stop my hair from falling due to the permed condition.

But i will do a another journal and review after this post.

I just want to share you, what you will get and how to use these ampule.

As i have mentioned before, the packaging mentioned that its better to repeat the theraphy two to three times a year. I my self, will try again for 1 month and see if it does make a better result.

One box you’ll receive 4 Small Ampules.

One Ampule is for ONE WEEK application. Apply it every two days. I prefer night time, and normally i’d wrap my hair until morning so my scalp could absorb it better. I Hope:)

You can just follow the White Stripes guide for one time application. Make sure you keep the plastik cap, and cover the lid after use.

What you will notice maybe, in a week, less hair falls. It happened on my first purchase. And i have more volume in it.

Another thing you might wanna do, in between two days is applying ALOE Vera Gel (make sure it The Purest), to your scalp or the problem area. I noticed a big different already using aloe vera gel every night.

Do you need to buy extra stock for this ampule? Yes. Because you need to repeat the therapy somehow, so why not. Since in Jakarta, it sold out most of the time.

Another suggestion to help you reducing hair falls is to always apply conditioner. Especially if you’re hair went thru many processed such as permed, smoothing, coloured or bleached.

I will leave you with the pictures of the product. Hope this helps.

If you are living In Jakarta, they having 30% Disc for this product. Only until the end of August 2018.


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