Hair Loss Help with Yves Rocher (2)

Hello again!

Iv’e been noticing that Hair Loss Therapy Post is the top post being read and viewed.

Here’s a second post on my second purchase. Fact : This was the last stock they had. Turned out, they only sell 10 stocks, and it sold out really fast

I have my hair permed earlier this month, and my problem is pretty serious this time.. Thou i experienced huge improvement on my first purchase, i seriously curious will this time it helps me stop my hair from falling due to the permed condition.

But i will do a another journal and review after this post.

I just want to share you, what you will get and how to use these ampule.

As i have mentioned before, the packaging mentioned that its better to repeat the theraphy two to three times a year. I my self, will try again for 1 month and see if it does make a better result.

One box you’ll receive 4 Small Ampules.

One Ampule is for ONE WEEK application. Apply it every two days. I prefer night time, and normally i’d wrap my hair until morning so my scalp could absorb it better. I Hope:)

You can just follow the White Stripes guide for one time application. Make sure you keep the plastik cap, and cover the lid after use.

What you will notice maybe, in a week, less hair falls. It happened on my first purchase. And i have more volume in it.

Another thing you might wanna do, in between two days is applying ALOE Vera Gel (make sure it The Purest), to your scalp or the problem area. I noticed a big different already using aloe vera gel every night.

Do you need to buy extra stock for this ampule? Yes. Because you need to repeat the therapy somehow, so why not. Since in Jakarta, it sold out most of the time.

Another suggestion to help you reducing hair falls is to always apply conditioner. Especially if you’re hair went thru many processed such as permed, smoothing, coloured or bleached.

I will leave you with the pictures of the product. Hope this helps.

If you are living In Jakarta, they having 30% Disc for this product. Only until the end of August 2018.


Hair Loss Therapy by YVES Rocher Review

After long period i struggled with my hair. The Universe or i must say the earth, conspired with YVES ROCHER company , and came to the rescue.

Today I’d like to share you a (seriously) magical moment with this ampoules. First of everything. Here’s some What…Who?Why?When?Where?…and How..include HOW MUCH:)

What is it?

YVES Rocher Hair Loss 1 month Therapy

Descriptions on the packaging:

contain White Lupin, recognised for its anti hair loss and SWERTIA that encourages hair regeneration, by stimulating the micro – circulation of the scalp. Oh WOW!


For us who struggle with massive hair loss that leave us heart-broken 😦 and stressful which we don’t want that. I mean, come on, why is it so hard to have one amazing good-looking hair?


I’ve always have to cut my hair short since 8 years ago. It is simply because my husband felt, it will always fell off if I let it grow. Cause honestly, i did not treat it well. i mean…i really did not have the time and energy to go to the salon or even pay good attention to it. 😦 That is terrible enough

So before we hit the When and where…

I first saw this product in their Instagram Page. I was so curious about it, yet the price is pretty much expensive.

Its IDR 399.000,- or equal as USD 37.00

FYI, I’ve been using YVES ROCHER’s product for about two years now. I’ve used their variation of shampoos which is all free from silicone and paraben. And they smell really good. I also use their Face and Body Products as well Perfumes which I’ll review in another post.

ok, so back to this 1 month therapy.

I’ve searched this product at their stores and turned out they went sold out really fast. That is the reason, why its hard for us to find it in their display. The SPG told me, once they re stock this product, they will only put 5-6 boxes in one stores. So you need to make sure you have Yves Rocher membership, and ask them to update you when it has arrived at stores. So yes, once they arrived in stores, they texted me! Yay

When ?

When to use right after you clean your hair completely.

Now, it is important for you to read and remind your self that this product is not recommended to use monthly. Its something you use two to three times a year. I am not sure why most Hair serum have this instructions, but lets just follow it. If you know the scientific reasons behind it, please let me know on the comment box.

So one box for 1 month. In a year you might just need to buy two to three boxes.

1 boxes = 4 ampoules and 1 ampoule = 1 week

You use this every two days in a week for a month.

What is an immediate result of using this?

Ok, im being very honest, I thought it will be just like any other hair serum that sells “promises” but this one really works overnight. The next morning i combed my hair. I saw less than 10 hair falls. Normally it will just fell off to the floor leaving my with another horrifying stressful moment that ill be bald:( But this morning it was not. On a contrary, it appeared thicker!

So overall, ill give a five-star for a night-time result shown by YVES ROCHER. What i love about it is it has no colorants and scents. Its 98% natural. It is worth the price, and hopefully it can help not only my hair but those who struggles with the same pain from hair loss.

Where to Buy?

(Klik the link underlined)

ANY YVES ROCHER Store Locator Store in ASIA.