Yves Rocher Nutri Repair Hair Series


Happy Weekend!!

Its gettin hot in BSD City, dan saya berandai berada di Bali saat ini, but NOT!

Today i’d like to share you another awesome review about Yves Rocher Products yang dikhususkan untuk rambut kering atau rusak.

Sebelumnya, ….kenapa saya tiba tiba menulis dalam Bahasa?

id like to have the freedom to share in in bahasa or english as it most comfortable for me. :):)

Id like to share this to lots of perempuan cantik Indonesia dan mama mama yang struggling dengan kerontokan rambut akibat hormon, lahiran, atau breast feed, atau mungkin kerja banyak di outdoor kena panas, yang kadang juga menempatkan kita di situasi yang sulit bertemu dengan SALON.

“My self personally, its rare for me to visit a salon or spa or having any kind of beauty treatment in regular basis. I was always away from home, and on the weekends.  mostly I’ll still work and if not, maybe back then i was just being lazy leaving the nest! yes.”

So without any further of due here is my review

  • Nutri-Repair Treatment Shampoo & Conditioner


Repairs and nourishes dry and/or curly hair.

Rediscover the natural beauty of very dry or curly hair with the Nutri-Repair Treatment Shampoo enriched with organically grown Jojoba kernel oil. It smoothes, nourishes and repairs the hair fiber.

Result: soft, supple and healthy looking hair.

– Silicone free – Paraben free – Colorant free.

   Im totally agree with their description. Yves Rocher by far is one of my favorite company that sell great products in which natural, silicone and paraben free. This shampoo was first given to me dalam bentuk tester. The sales girl gave two samples and i love it from the beginning. Karena rambut ku bisa dibilang kering kerontang, yand disebabkan karena pernah di bleach, di cat again and again. Dan tidak pernah dirawat di salon dengan hair spa. Once i try this, hasilnya langsung halus, plus tidak menimbulkan ketombe. Before this, i used the Nourish Shampoo, karena wangi aku beli, ternyata kulit kepala berontak dan segera ketombean. But this one, it works well with my hair.

I use this after The Oil and follow by the conditioner.

Now, -the not so good about it -for me would be the scent. I dont really like it compare to the Nourish and Hair Fall shampoo, but after while i can always use the Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar yang wangi berrynya tahan lama banget.:)

  • Hair Repair Oil

    Discover this genuine exceptional treatment! Enriched with restorative Babassu Oil and Macadamia Oil to nourish the scalp, this concentrate of rich oils offers strength* to the hair.

Result: the hair is ultra soft and shiny.

– Paraben free, colorant free, silicone free

Minyak ini, dipakai sebelum berkeramas. I  use this 15 to 30 minutes before i shampoo. It never leave my hair greasy and oily after, hence it gave me the -soft/smooth easy to manage -hair after. I notice the result after about 2 weeks, if i don’t use it before, my hair nowadays masih tidak sulit di atur dan kusut. Minyak ini hanya saya oleskan di ujung bawah rambut, untuk bagian atas dan scalp, saya masih pakai coconut oil. Mixing them both brings great result. 🙂

Overall, i love this products and for a while i might just stick with it.

The price in the other side, i considerate as reasonable.

The Shampoo and Conditioner each cost below IDR 150.000, The Oil cost IDR 199.000

i bought this using my Birthday Discount. Pretty Lucky yay!

If you want a sample to try on, do not hesitate to ask the sales girl. However you need to purchase another product first before they can give you free product sample.

Happy Shopping!



The Functional Mama – Fact

A blog dedicated for mothers, soon to be mothers, and amazing women in the world.


Im Britt. Base in Indonesia and a mother of Armando Haka who will be turning 7 this October.

In daily basis, I currently work at Gold’s Gym Indonesia. One of the biggest gym brand in the country. I actually graduated from Visual Design, but my passion for sports, fitness, led me to this job. 

And when it comes to Gym or Fitness Brand, the word trainer/coach/instructor might pop up. And yes, my main job is to teach a group fitness class. And i’ve been doing it for 11years. GX , GXM ,SGXM , Program Leader, Head Teacher…:) 

Yoga..Aerobic,LesMills Program, TRX and  much about it.

But not just that, I was actually in the Management Team and Development team as well. 

And I was blessed, being called and working for Les Mills Asia Pacific since 2009 to just recently step down as a Trainer and Presenter this August 2017. Working as a trainer, took me to places and experiences i’ve always dreamed about. But my son need me more now.

 And I did this so I can dedicate my day fully for my family and my work here in town. 

Ok, I think that should be enough eh..cause I think I should explain to you what do you expect in this blog?

Man, as a mom, working mom, fulltime mom, this job requires us to be FIT. I mean really FIT. 

But how? 

Lots of mothers out there , dealing with different kind of situations. And many, yet im sure all of us sometimes jugglin but manage to get out of it. And because as a mom, who does it all..this life requires us to be FUNCTIONAL!

Chef, driver, party planner, doctor, nurse, lady boss, assistant, plumber, garderner, . Teacher,…can you tell me more???? Many…

To be able to do all of those (multi-ultra)tasks…we mothers..need to be

FIT. AGILE . And Functional.

I’d love to share how I squeeze workouts in between tasks, and how I still work on my plant based meals to help me cope with my immunity and deal with my food allergies.

You’ll find as well :

Integrated Workouts – that you can basically do anywhere anytime

Natural Health & Beauty Products Review

Make up Tips

Recipes!! Uhhh thou I admit i’m not good at writing it but i’ll try my best!

…and some beneficial articles which related to motherhood/parenting/woman empowerment.

I appreciate your visit and read for this blog. Positive feedbacks and comments are very welcome. Good Vibes and empowering lines only!




Hair Loss Therapy by YVES Rocher Review

After long period i struggled with my hair. The Universe or i must say the earth, conspired with YVES ROCHER company , and came to the rescue.

Today I’d like to share you a (seriously) magical moment with this ampoules. First of everything. Here’s some What…Who?Why?When?Where?…and How..include HOW MUCH:)

What is it?

YVES Rocher Hair Loss 1 month Therapy

Descriptions on the packaging:

contain White Lupin, recognised for its anti hair loss and SWERTIA that encourages hair regeneration, by stimulating the micro – circulation of the scalp. Oh WOW!


For us who struggle with massive hair loss that leave us heart-broken 😦 and stressful which we don’t want that. I mean, come on, why is it so hard to have one amazing good-looking hair?


I’ve always have to cut my hair short since 8 years ago. It is simply because my husband felt, it will always fell off if I let it grow. Cause honestly, i did not treat it well. i mean…i really did not have the time and energy to go to the salon or even pay good attention to it. 😦 That is terrible enough

So before we hit the When and where…

I first saw this product in their Instagram Page. I was so curious about it, yet the price is pretty much expensive.

Its IDR 399.000,- or equal as USD 37.00

FYI, I’ve been using YVES ROCHER’s product for about two years now. I’ve used their variation of shampoos which is all free from silicone and paraben. And they smell really good. I also use their Face and Body Products as well Perfumes which I’ll review in another post.

ok, so back to this 1 month therapy.

I’ve searched this product at their stores and turned out they went sold out really fast. That is the reason, why its hard for us to find it in their display. The SPG told me, once they re stock this product, they will only put 5-6 boxes in one stores. So you need to make sure you have Yves Rocher membership, and ask them to update you when it has arrived at stores. So yes, once they arrived in stores, they texted me! Yay

When ?

When to use this..is right after you clean your hair completely.

Now, it is important for you to read and remind your self that this product is not recommended to use monthly. Its something you use two to three times a year. I am not sure why most Hair serum have this instructions, but lets just follow it. If you know the scientific reasons behind it, please let me know on the comment box.

So one box for 1 month. In a year you might just need to buy two to three boxes.

1 boxes = 4 ampoules and 1 ampoule = 1 week

You use this every two days in a week for a month.

What is an immediate result of using this?

Ok, im being very honest, I thought it will be just like any other hair serum that sells “promises” but this one really works overnight. The next morning i combed my hair. I saw less than 10 hair falls. Normally it will just fell off to the floor leaving my with another horrifying stressful moment that ill be bald:( But this morning it was not. On a contrary, it appeared thicker!

So overall, ill give a five-star for a night-time result shown by YVES ROCHER. What i love about it is it has no colorants and scents. Its 98% natural. It is worth the price, and hopefully it can help not only my hair but those who struggles with the same pain from hair loss.

Where to Buy?

(Klik the link underlined)

ANY YVES ROCHER Store Locator Store in ASIA.


Plant Based Lunch #1

Hi you! Hope you are well. It’s been a while since my last post. Lots of changes happening in life, and this September I decided to reset my meal due to my health and for the sake of my body weight and skin problems.

Few weeks ago I had gain 2.6kgs. To me, its both good and bad. Its good because since I gave birth, I was always underweight. And my weight will stay for years. To gain is really hard. And once I did, id lost it again, sometimes because of diarrhea – the effect of my food intolerance.

But yeah, again, I gained some kgs. And it hit my knee. Long story short I have OsteoArthritis in my left knee. The best way to prevent it from overwork is to maintain a healthy weight

So yeah. I reset. It’s been a week since I increase my veggies and fruits intake. Im not a vegan nor vegetarian. Just not a big fan of meat and stuffs. Me and family will still enjoy our amazing delicious traditional foods that mostly made of meats! But again..to me…its not a must to have it.

Let me share you what I had alone today.

Im using lots of leftovers.

Small Bowl

Veggie Pasta Stir Fry Spinach

  • Spinach -leftovers
  • Veggie pasta
  • Himalayan salt
  • One tomato – slice it to chunks
  • Onion
  • Garlic powder
  • Himalayan salt
  • Mushroom of your choice

How To cook:

Place mushrooms and tomatoes in pan. Add one glass of water, or more -its up to you. But I love some thickness came from this tomato. So less water for me.

While boiling it, gently mashed the tomato until it blend with the water makes some nice sort of tomatoe paste.

Then add the Himalayan salt, another herbs you like. Add the onion, cover it . Once its boiled, add your veggie pasta.

Once the pasta is cooked, add the spinach. Let it be there no more than one minute. Or youll ruin the.nutrition.in the spinach. 

Sunday Meal #1

Hi everyone,

I hope you had a well spent Weekend with your loved ones. Cause a well spent Sunday, is one of positive energy booster for the upcoming week.

Today id like to share you, our family Meal, that I normally buy. But for the past few months, my husband wanting a home cook, not only to save some cost, but also its home made.

On weekdays, I cook all the time. And for the meal plan, we just go along. Using what is available in fridge. But it has to have Veggies and Protein – meat or meatless.

So this Sunday, we used some leftovers, cause we dont want to waste it. And thankfully,( because  the last time I did the grocery was Friday) the veggies are still in good condition as in fresh.

And since, its the end of the week. Its wisely to clear the fridge in a good way rite? Before renewing and re-stock it.
Soooo….what are these meals?

The bottom is

Stir Fry Long bean – balado style

This one is for Husband


Tomato pasta soup with Beef 

– boss baby meal

Now, the Sarasa is one spices given by a friend of mine. If you love spicy food, this one is worth to sprinkled! But seriously, its dang spicy!!

So guys,

Im not an expert on writing recipe, so I’ll try to joy down and write it my best.

But most of everything what I was trying to share is that, eating healthy should not cost us that much. And our family are basically easy to manage these days and we take clean eating to our own way. Althou we fry…we bake ..we stew, I try as much as I could, to avoid MSG, processed meats, table salts and white sugar.

And we include many…many…many natural herbs and spices, as well veggies.