The New Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal

This post will mostly be in Bahasa:) You can use the translator for English Version About a week ago,  I got an invitation to the Launch Of The NEW YVES ROCHER skincare series “Hydra Vegetal”. Disana aku mengikuti acara Launch New Hydra Vegetal bersama rekan blogger dan media lainnya. Juga berbicara mengenari Pola Hidup danContinue reading “The New Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal”

What I think about NovAge Skin Protector

A few Months ago I decided top purchase NovAge DayShield SPF 50 UVA/PA++++ as a replacement for my Yves Rocher Sun Protection that has been with me for a while. Since the nearest, Yves Rocher store was officially closed last month, and they do not have any stock for this sun protection products at anyContinue reading “What I think about NovAge Skin Protector”

Novage True Perfection Review

Hi Readers! I hope all of you are well. I’ve been wanting to share a review on the skin care product that i currently use. And this one is from Oriflame. Please note that my blog is currently not endorsing or promoting any products, so all review are base on my own experience, honest, andContinue reading “Novage True Perfection Review”

Chemicals to Avoid in Skin Care

These days, I am more concern on using natural products for daily basis use that contains less amount of chemicals. Although for me, and I think for most of us, it is quite hard to find a very natural product that really works repairing and maintaining our skin. To my self personally, ever since IContinue reading “Chemicals to Avoid in Skin Care”

Kanker Kulit : Penyebab dan Pencegahannya

Selama ini, sering sekali kita melihat di Feed Instagram, beberapa online shop dan brand kosmetik gencar mempromosikan produk Sun Protection. Dan apalagi, iklim di Indonesia, kalau sudah terik, panasnya betul betul menusuk kulit. Saya sering sekali juga, mengingatkan teman teman dan pembaca untuk menggunakan Sun Protection. Terus terang, sedari muda, saya on and off bangetContinue reading “Kanker Kulit : Penyebab dan Pencegahannya”