Why we Run Healthy Habits in our Family and Why You Should Try too?

By now, you must have heard about people are starting to get busy with fitness, diets, superfoods! I have my feed full of friends doing their workout or start side seeing a job in fitness. Well, it is not a new thing. Being fit should have been our first concern. Many of us have beenContinue reading “Why we Run Healthy Habits in our Family and Why You Should Try too?”

Traveling Essential #2

HOLIDAY! Oh Well, it is December! Either we spend it at home or traveling with the family or friends, or maybe solo, here’s another tip you might need to bring along. I called all of this stuffs here, as the FUNCTIONAL PRODUCTS. I swear it it. WHY? You can use these 3 things for soContinue reading “Traveling Essential #2”

90’s HITS to Boost Y(our) Mood

For those were born in the 80’s , i bet you understand this. Sometimes in those down low moments, i often reminisced great things on my 90’s. I was young, growing up listening to Debbie Gibson, Tommy Page (oh!), and Jason Donovan…not forgetting KYLIE MINOQUE! I honestly speaking, this listening these tunes really boost myContinue reading “90’s HITS to Boost Y(our) Mood”

Working Mom Tale, Dealing with the Guilt

Its Saturday and i’m gladly spending times at home again, unless the boys wanting to go out. Its been like that since i could not remember. But let me just share you a bit of why i said i’m glad. I use to work, 15 hours a day. It was before i got married toContinue reading “Working Mom Tale, Dealing with the Guilt”


So we have come to December. End of year…again. And it’s been one HIIT moment of 2017. Many things have change, happened, revolve. Evolve! Work, Life, Family, Marriage,…LIFE! We learned so much and gain so much information from the media each day. And to some of us, or me, sometimes we let the things weContinue reading “SOCIAL MEDIA BREAK #1”

Traveling Essentials #1

Sebagai seorang ibu dan istri, tugas saya mungkin mirip sama menteri negara. Memastikan setiap bagian internal rumah tangga teratur dan terjaga. Hehehe…plus aman sentosa jauh dari kuman. Dalam hal ini, kebersihan pun menjadi tanggung jawab saya dong, juga kesehatan anak. Saya sering sekali bepergian, sendiri atau bersamaan keluarga.. Dan kalau road trip, ataupun keluar kotaContinue reading “Traveling Essentials #1”

OOFOS Recovery Sandals Review

WOW! Its been too long since my last post. If only i could share you what’s been going in the everyday life. It would be nice, but too much! Just a thought about sharing what’s new in the hood of my feet companions. OOFOS! When they first contacted me about this sandal, i was veryContinue reading “OOFOS Recovery Sandals Review”

Chemicals to Avoid in Skin Care

These days, I am more concern on using natural products for daily basis use that contains less amount of chemicals. Although for me, and I think for most of us, it is quite hard to find a very natural product that really works repairing and maintaining our skin. To my self personally, ever since IContinue reading “Chemicals to Avoid in Skin Care”

Beauty Class by Yves Rocher Review

Hi Lovely Friends…. Today i would like to share a review about a beauty class that I attended last Sunday. It was hosted by Yves Rocher at Aeon Mall BSD CITY. When i got invited by Whatsapp MSG, i had no idea about what kind of workshop would it be. And because it was scheduledContinue reading “Beauty Class by Yves Rocher Review”