5 ways to like Monday!

I think for most people, Monday is NOT their favourite day. I’ve looked at my timeline and most of the postings was about Monday Booster, Quotes of Monday, and Oh..It’s Monday again!

But Guess what? It’s my favourite day.

How exactly to like Monday?

Well, first….I woke up early. As i woke, i will walk outside. 5:30am . Breathe the morning fresh air with my son. Back home, Having my breakfast and chill. Then 7am , i’m off to the gym. While my Son will stay at home until 09:30am, and my husband will pick him up at home after his class, drop my son at school.

(I must say, i could take Haka to school. But since i always do it every day, i give Monday a rest and let my husband do it.)

I would do short Cardio at the gym before my Class, and after class, i took some short shower, and then…i’ll just stroll around the area. Having Coffee on my own, window shopping (just that), or do some necessary stuffs like banking and leftover paperwork.

Monday is also the perfect day for me to set my goals. For my SkinCare business with Oriflame, planning the workout for my bootcamp ladies. And also my classes. So yeah, lots to do, but in a slower phase. Cause i don’t like if my works chase me. I need to chill for a while.

For some of you who might have to spend your day at the office, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been there. Still it did;nt stop me to love Monday. I normally would finish my paperwork before 12. I Set my goal to finish it before lunch. So after lunch, i would leave the office ( called GYM) and go home to see my son before my evening class.

So Here are a few things you might want to start doing, to love your MONDAY

  1. WAKE UP EARLY : Even after a long weekend holiday, or after a long trip. Try this. Waking up later than 6am, gives me such a hard time, Bad mood. But if i woke up early, i’d be able do many things other than work.
  2. Workout after you wake up. Or Jog. Or maybe just walk around the neighbourhood to smell the fresh air. If you live in apartments, sit outside in your balcony or go visit the park. 15 minutes HIIT workout is one great way to boost your mood!
  3. Have your breakfast early. Read some books or Magazine. I tried to avoid watching the NEWS on TV or read it on the Newspaper. Cause somehow, world news can be frustrating to watch as we started the day. Listen to good slow music will also helps you to chill and relax before you begin your activities.
  4. Play and take your kids outside . Or if you don’t have any yet, talk to your neighbour. Well, you need to make connections somehow.
  5. Once you are able to fully awake your body and mind, PRAY. Do Morning Pray. I can’t lie, this one is the most powerful one. Ask God to blessed your day, show you HIS way with your work and life. Clear your mind and heart, and to face everything with peace and calm,PicsArt_03-26-01.43.22





Morning Routines For Busy Moms

Mothers are busy people. I believe so.

Personally, i would wake up very early, to get my day on path. I plan my days, and i plan the family meal. So most of the time, i’ll be busy with those thing before work.

But somehow, we had that thought of doing our own thing right? Not as a mom, but as a woman. As a person. I mean, we all know what will happen next after the house crew wake up. The work begin. I mean, the busy work.

Here’s a few ideas i’ve done when i set my alarm an hour early

It could be 4:30am or 5:00am

  1. Watch TV or Netflix and have my coffee ;
  2. Switch coffee to make my own breakfast
  3. Do a 15minutes workout : HIIT – Strength Training. Just to warm up my day
  4. Bake or cook
  5. Chill and walk around the neighbourhood
  6. Following up my Online Beauty Business and setting myself a target
  7. Clean up
  8. Do the laundry when i don’t have my house assistant
  9. Write my Blog or set my blog post plans
  10. CHILL

Isn’t it nice to have our own sanity before anything ?

Hope you able to try it.



Understand Our Body before Our Diet

Having a body, means you are having a life inside you. Am I right? You feel your own body, how it works, how it survived a pain or pressures.

We all want to feel well. As a plus, we want to be fit, we want to look fit and look ok.

For me, a good-looking shape is a plus. But, the most important thing for me is how I feel about it.

Gaining weight was such a hard challenge for me. I had to add 2 more Kg’s prior to my first pregnancy, due to malnutrition. I workout 4hours a day, and I was not feeding my self well.

After birth, I was breastfeeding and extending it until Haka was 5, in a condition of a very active life. A very busy working schedule.

I was under weight, restless and not healthy at all. Because i often came home late, and having no desire on having dinner at all.

That was how hard myself was, trying to gain weights, maintain it, live it.

People often came to me, stop me and ask what I’ having for everyday meal. And even some was stocked when they caught me eating plates of white rice, normal Indonesian food, and not even worry about my weight or shape.

Most “compliment” I heard was, how lucky I am, having (well…, an almost) proportional weight.

Don’t get me wrong, most of those saying that to me, was actually in my class and they are in a nice shape as well. And…no…my body is not that easy to manage. I’ve gone through Colonoscopy during my 20s , because of these problem in my bowel movements. I had that Bulimic experience (not disease)…I had those days when my gut was just not right. So no. To me, I’m far for proportional.

When I took a personal training session, I found my body is , actually Gluten Intolerant. In which, I was actually been suffering from the effect itself for years, but never pay attention on it.

I had bread almost everyday, every morning, crackers, cake and all that stuff. Did not realize, the after effect in my body.

The effect was, My skin rash immediately, i had eczemas, it literally destroy my skin,  I feel bloated most of the time, and my face will get swollen and you will see it a.s.a.p.

One time I ate Granola, and in minutes, my face turned red, and rashes came out of it. I feel hot. And it happened in front of my friends. Get that! By mean, my temperature was rising. Turned out, it was because of the allergy to gluten in oats.

I thought Oats was healthy for me!

And with research, I found that there’s Gluten in some Oats. Eerr……

Are Oats Gluten Free? 

Above articles by Dr. Axe

So then, there was I.

A very confused, and frustrated human being.. Knowing that all of this time my diet or what so ever we call it, was actually harming my self. Regularly eating oats, granola, soy’s, red meat, whey proteins, and all that guys, Was not actually making myself better. ‘

I cant extend my favor to that food and feed my hunger over those. So I started my research. I test my self. And consult my health to the right person. I read books; I took online training and quizzes.

After while, here I am, sitting and back to my plant-based diet. In which have helped me re-shape and clearing my skin.

But I wont call it a diet. It’s a living. Diet is temporary; meanwhile, I want to feel good at all time. Until I’m old. Man, I do want to look good on my 50s. Hey!

So what exactly my point here?

When it comes to our own health, we need to stop comparing ourselves, our body, to anyone else. Human were born with different genes. For yourself sake! Please stop comparing yourself with others.

  • Understand that some people might need more carbs during their day, or another person needs more protein. And like me, I’m highly allergy to gluten. But Gluten-free diet is not always the healthiest offer. Its kind of pointless, when you live a gluten free life, but instead of changing those glutens with real food, you buy processed packed food with “gluten-free” labels on it. Not even counting or noticing the sugar in it. That’s wrong. This year to top of, I’m reducing meat or might have it fully off my meal. As well , with sugar.
  • Our Activities in a day, tell how much food for our energy source. And people activities are different. So it is important for us, to understand this first before cutting many things out of our meal.
  • Research and see the right nutritionist to assist you. Do allergy test. To find out what your body can actually accept, when you feel you’ve been having issues on your weight/ health.
  • If you thinking about losing weights or get in shape. I can only answer this with one sentence. Exercise Regularly. By mean, regularly. There’s nothing harm about exercising for your body. Really. Nothing. It helps you improve your metabolism, that will effect you system. Cardiovascular system; digestion, breathing, brain and coordination. Many things inside your body.

Exercise increase endorphin , Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine. For example, the feeling that follows a run or workout is often described as “euphoric.” That feeling, known as a “runner’s high,” can be accompanied by a positive and energising outlook on life. – by WebMD.com

Now this is something I truly experience post running.



Exercise regularly will not only boost your metabolism, but I will give you the right shape, a better quality mental and life. Follow by the right nutrition.


Is that mean, I have to say goodbye to my favorite Dunkin Donuts Sugar Ice with Strawberry Filling for good? NO! I still have em, probably once in few months. But still, my gut will soon react badly to them. As well with Cappucinno. Oh man!

But Whatever it is….you know your own body. You have to be ready with the consequences from what you’ve been eating. You have to accept the fact that some “processed food” gives nothing but a satisfactory feel to your health. That’s not wrong, but its not right if it goes beyond the limit.

  • Eat everything in moderate. Exercise and maintain it well. Get support and help from the right people. Enjoy live. Your life. Not others. OCD, KETO, MACROS, PALEO , Plant Based, Vegan…what ever you are eating, you are the one who can feel it and later see the result


Bear in mine, we have different types of body,genes, and your diets might not be mine. And mine, may not ok with your body.

But to live healthy, we need to commit to exercise and nourish ourself with the right nutrition that our body need.

Off to Sunday with my Family. I think I’ll find some Taco for the night! Yuuurrr







Zero Budget Healthy Activities for Family

Happy New Year 2018!

What an incredible journey i had back on 2017 that just ended two days ago.

Started this blog and finally, had the courage to step off from my comfort zone. Focusing on balancing life ,work and family.

Two weeks holiday for the kid. And i had the privilege enjoying half day working. Most classes were closed due to this peak season, where most of the moms rre having the same situation like mine.

Stuck with the kids at home.

So few days ago, i went to a Gadget Store, to replace my old phone. And while processing the payment and setting up the phone, the sales person and i had a short chat about educating Haka. He told me that, there was his buyer. Overwhelmed by their son’s request of the latest Samsung FE Note. In which it cost around $700 ? Now, that’s not a surprise for me tho. Cause i know, i was one of a parent who handed their kid a phone. But this time, i stick to LEGO and Books more even if its mean, i have to deal with the nagging from Haka. The sales person was surprised when he heard Haka said no to my offer on getting a new (and cheap..definitely) phone, instead he ask for a PS Vita games.

It was actually a hard time for me and Robin when we have to cut off screen time from Haka. However, i’ve trained him since first grade. He had one hour of TV and IPAD. And then changed the screen time from IPAD/PHONE only on weekends.

But when we set that rules, i did not come with a back up plan. What is the diversion?

So Haka was left with such a boring day. Yes, he still play outside, but at home, after Lego, he basically did nothing. And left confused and cranky. Thankfully it last only for a day.

So, I planned out many activities and finally bought few board games for him. UNO, Snake and Ladder, bought him the Inline Skate, another Books, another LEGO. But you know what, thou it will cost us a bit, it works. I took him to play games in the mall. Whatever it is as long its not a “sitting and staring” for hours. I want him to move. And that means, i will move as well. But…all of this cost us a few right?

Another time we went swimming or just walking around the block. Playing inline skate at this open space parks that cost us nothing. Since we don’t have our own pool, it cost us $3.5 per visit. But still, its worth it compare to a billion dollar phone (i’m exaggerate this doh)

Talking about BUDGET
here’s a few ZERO BUDGET Activities you can do with your family
  1. A WALK In THE PARK : In BSD CITY, you can to THE BREEZE MALL and stroll around. Watching the swan, or the dogs parade every Sunday.
  2. Inline Skating for free at Q-BIQ Mall, Avani Houses Area
  3. Riding Bicycle around the neighbourhood.
  4. Playing cards or board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, UNO etc
  5. Making lots of DYI Craft at home and build the sense of art with your children
  6. Baking or cook with things you already have on fridge.
  7. Studying another language and practise together. I really love doing this with Haka. We Learn some funny spanish words and practise together.
  8. Read books together. Read your own, and ask your child to read theirs. Children will mimic our behaviour. They will eventually follow you.
  9. Declutter your ROOMS together. And donate the things you no longer need or use. This will also giving your children the education of giving and caring.
  10. Do some cleaning at home with your children , create the game, who could clean the most and reward them later.

There are still so many other activities that you can look for with your child. So why don’t start planning and get your child off screen. Playing outdoors not only fun and healthy for the physic, but it also good for you child mental health. As well ours as the adult.

I’m making OUTDOORs activities as my routine every week. And focusing on making my son more active physically and mentally. What is your idea? Share us!




Frugal Living Indonesian Style

So its no longer a secret, kalau tahun ini saya lalui berusaha sekali dengan mengikuti pola Frugal Living. Aduh, apalagi itu Frugal Living?

Frugal living itu gaya hidup hemat. Ssssiaatt seet sat seeett, sebelum berpikir “Duh, kemana aja…?” ” Yaelah, duit ngapain diirit irit?”

“Bukan gaji lo selangit? (yang ini ni paling gue demen doanya)…

Lalu, buat apa sih pake gaya hidup hemat segala? Emang kekurangan banget?

Kalau mau aku jawab sih, sebenarnya apapun itu, kalau kita tidak bisa merasa cukup dan me-rem semua. Ya pasti akan kurang lah. Tulisan ini saya buat juga bukan soal menghakimi orang lain atau dedek dedek tersayang. Tapi sungguh, ada beberapa hal yang saya sadari di tahun ini, yang dimana saya banyak pelajari dari suami saya.

Suami saya bukan pelit, dia hemat. Ngirit banget. Lalu ga banyak cincong. Simple banget. I mean, for brands…he will never look at it. Not even.

Tapi, semenjak dua tahun belakangan ini, jujur, alhamdulillah rejeki dari pekerjaan ada, dan mencukupi banget untuk rumah tangga. Nah, tetapi ..ada tetapinya ni, pertengahan tahun ini, saya memutuskan untuk meninggalkan beberapa jabatan yang saya pegang, untuk focus urus Haka. Bisa dibaca di postingan saya kenapanya ya Working Mom Tale, Dealing with the Guilt , 

Dan semenjak itu, jumlah penghuni rumah nambah nih. Tadinya kita hanya punya satu ART saja, tapi sekarang berhubung saya kepingin banget mbanya Haka balik, maka saya dan suami ijinkan bawa anaknya yang masih kecil. Dalam hati..;takut, takut ga mencukupi. Tapi, saya juga pengen berkarya dan bekerja. Dan fungsi ada ART itu yang terutama adalah membantu mengawasi Haka disaat saya kerja.

Semenjak itu, otomatis ya, salary sedikit berkurang, namun Puji Tuhan lagi,cicilan mobil saya lunas. Yes, dua mobil memang jujur kalau tidak pinter pinter di maintain, bisa boncos. Tapi saya dan suami sepakat untuk masing masing saja bayarnya. Hanya untuk Rumah dan Haka yang kami saling bantu membantu.

Hidup hemat saya pastinya meliputi semua aspek keseharian. Dan ini pun harus juga dijalani Haka dan ART. Saya percaya bahwa mendidik Haka seperti ini, nantinya akan membuat dia mengerti makna memiliki penghasilan bukan untuk foya foya. Dan hidup sebaiknya cukup.

Lalu bagaimana saya jalanin dan seperti apa sih menghemat itu? Siasatnya gimana? Apakah anak anak dan keluarga lantas harus kelaparan?

  1. Pangan

Untuk kebutuhan makan, saat ini meski ada ART, saya memutuskan untuk catering siang hari dan masak malam hari. Catering perhari untuk 4 orang harganya Rp 37.000,00 itu untuk satu kali makan. Kenapa saya ambil paket 4 kepala tapi isi rumah 5 kepala? Karena porsinya lumayan besar dan isi menunya 3. Jadi lebih sering kelebihan daripada kurang. Malam pun biasanya saya hanya masak satu menu untuk suami saya.

Jadi saya anggarkan Rp. 50.000,- saja perhari. Itu sudah meliputi daging, sayur dan bumbu. Please jangan sinis ko murah banget . Belanja dipasar uang 50.000 bisa bawa berplastik plastik sayur, bumbu dan teman temannya. 
Tips :

  1. Perbanyak sayur selain daging. Selain lebih menyehatkan, sayur itu murah. Seminggu uang yang saya habiskan untuk sayur hanya 100rb. Itu belanja di Pasar Sinpasa Gading Serpong. Pun kesana meski jauh tapi tidak kena ongkos. Kenapa? Karena ke Pasar pas ada jadwal ngajar. Jadi sekalian. 
  2. Belanja banyak, pas lagi ada promo. Rajin rajin cari promo. Di AEON Mall setiap minggu pagi selalu sale. Harganya ga kalah dari pasar. Beli yang banyak, lalu di bekukan. Termasuk daging ya. 
  3. Beli buah yang lokal atau yang memang musim. FYI, masih banyak yang salah duga membeli buah import yang mahal mahal dengan harapan dietnya sehat. Tapi itu justru salah, diet/pola makan baik tidak perlu buah mahal. Buah mahal seperti Red Dragon , Peach, Berries dsb. Buah seperti pepaya, semangka, jeruk, itu kaya manfaat. Dan mampu mencukupi kebutuhan gizi kita kok:)

2. Transport

Hmmm… untuk ini, saya sempet hampir give up sih dengan berkehendak menjual mobil saya. Karena menurut saya dua mobil itu pemborosan. Ini juga ada kaitannya dengan tarif parkir mall tempat kita ngajar yang sekarang naik di Tangerang.

Untuk ini, siasat saya adalah SABAR MENUNGGU dan selalu punya rencana. Sehari hari sudah terbiasa semua di jadwalkan. Makanya jujur, saya bukan type yang suka nongkrong, arisan atau dadakan kongkow. Selain karena pekerjaan, saya dan suami turun tangan sendiri antar jemput Haka sekolah dan les. Jadi soal waktu kita betul betul harus perhitungan. Menghindari telat mengantar, dan telat menjemput.

Jadi sekarang, selepas antar Haka sekolah, bila saya sudah selesai mengajar, saya lebih baik menunggu sambil melakukan pekerjaan lain . Sekolah Haka dekat dengan SMS, tempat saya mengajar, sehingga Tidak bolak balik rumah dan sekolah. Kalaupun tidak ada kelas, saya manfaatkan untuk belanja bulanan ke pasar dan self practise di GYM. Hanya sesekali temu kangen sama teman, itun squeezing time in between.

Bensin + Parkir + Tol

Untuk Bensin, sudah ada takarannya dan waktu mengisi. Selalu di awal minggu. Dan kalau berencana ke Jakarta, saya prefer naik Kereta atau bus. 

So I really place budget for my car everyweek. Sebisa mungkin ga keliling ga jelas, every trip is being counted.

 3. Eating Out – Entertainment ETC

MALL…..Sudah cukup di weekdays. Due to our job yang kebanyakan lokasinya di Mall, and Haka’s KUMON. Jadi at most weekend, saya dan suami sudah cukup gerah sama mall. And i personally not a big fan of the crowds. To me, its stressful. So we love spending time at home. Even tho we want to dine out, it will be only few times a month. Dan daripada dining out, saya lebih prefer masak yang tidak biasa. Masak yang rumit buat suami. Seperti ayam cabe hijau, atau beli makan ke pasar / resto padang yang jadi favorite dia. Or pizza! For Haka. So then we just spend our day at home, away from the crowd and traffic.

For entertainment, i invest on NetFLIX. I mean…who wouldn’t? Bulanannya kurang dari 200rb dan bisa install untuk 4 devices. So yeah! And my husband will be busy with PS3 anyway. 

Tips lagi kalau mau belanja atau hanya window shopping di mall. We should eat at home first. Kenyang di rumah itu wajib, dan bawa botol air putih. Yes! Its always like that and i save us lots.


Subscribe Netflix, Matiin Paket TV Cable yang ga pernah ditonton juga, Banyakin pinjem buku biar ga bosen dirumah, cari hobby baru biar bisa sibuk bermanfaat, beli buku resep gih biar ga jajan melulu.

4. Beauty and Health

We invest ke asuransi cukup besar. Jadi sisanya, kita berusaha menjaga kesehatan dengan makan sehat dan tidak jajan. Kita tidak banyak konsumsi supplemen. Saya dan suami beli protein sebulan sekali dan itu sudah di budget. Dan sisanya, kita rajin olahraga, rajin meeting sama matahari, dan makan sehat.

Untuk saya yang perempuan, i invest on ORIFLAME big time. Saya beli semua dari Oriflame, selain karena saya member, i can also make money out of it. And with, saya ga pernah perlu treatment di salon, atau klinik kecantikan lagi. I seriously NOT. By far, the products iv’e been using at home works well. And i treat my self only with full body massage twice a month. Cost me only Rp. 100.000,- for 2 hours full body massage at home.

I have stopped using LASH EXTENSION due to allergy reaction caused by the glue, so its another cost saving for me. It save me Rp. 700.000,- per month! 

I used coconut oil for many purposes, body, massage, cooking, cleaning…baca postingan saya mengenai manfaat minyak kelapa ya

i bought my beauty products at Oriflame dengan harga promo, jadi ya akhirnya juga saya untung sendiri. 🙂

Dan untuk kebugaran gimana?

Banyak yang berkata, kan enak, lo kerja di GYM. Eits, saya ga selalu punya waktu di GYM. Jadi seperti di post post yang lalu, saya sempat jabarkan bahwa saya selalu ambil kesempatan untuk latihan sendiri dirumah, tanpa perlu alat fitness yang mahal. Please contact me personally if you need advice on this.

5. Social Life

Trust me. We have. It just never been published or rarely. But, we dont have it regularly. We had fun, in our own way. But never cost us millions. Yes we ate at fancy high class hotel resto, but it will never be once a month routine. We have fun in many ways, many frugal ways. Learn to plan your schedule and say no untuk pertemuan yang sebenarnya ga perlu perlu amat. Melepas rindu ga perlu setiap hari, curhat pun bisa pake skype atau Whatsapp call loh

6. Kebutuhan RUMAH

Listrik mahal, air mahal..wah suami saya paling sering ngigetin soal air. Kalau saya jatahnya LISTRIK. Semua mahal bu, mas, dek. Kecuali gratis.

Tipsnya ni

  • daya listrik yang dipakai secukupnya saja. Saya pakai PLN Prabayar. Sebulan jatah saya tentukan maximum Rp.500.000,- tapi saya tidak langsung isi semua. Saya bagi perminggu, Kenapaa? Karena mind set ni, kalau lihat angka banyak, kita cenderung boros. Mikir, ah masih banyak pulsanya. Terutama buat kita yang pakai ART. Emang ga bermaksud buruk, tapi jujur memang mereka boros karena mereka tidak membayar listrik. Jadi saya tekankan untuk mereka, tidak main handphone dan mencharge handphone hanya sekali sehari. Itu juga berlaku buat saya. Saya charge Handphone di tempat kerja, atau kalau sedang menunggu dimana saja yang ada colokan gratis. Powerbank pun saya isi. Sebel ga sama gue yang tricky? Well iy works for me. 
  • Masak nasi sekaligus banyak dan matikan setelah nasi matang. Nyalakan lagi ketika hendak makan. Yah, nyala mati boros dong? Kenyataanya tidak. Malah kalau mau lebih irit lagi, gunakan dandang. Selain lebih enak nasinya, lebih irit listriknya. Yang ini belajar dari mama mertua. No galau rice cooker rusak.
  • Matikan semua colokan wifi router, TV dan elektronik lain ketika rumah kosong dan ketika mau tidur. Kenapa? Karena meskipun TV mati , aliran listrik tetap mengalir kalau tidak dicabut. Jadi coba di unplug sering sering kalau sudah mau tidur.
  • Invest di COCONUT OIL, BAKING SODA , AlCOHOL untuk membersihkan rumah, furniture, dishwash etc. Ini semua bahan natural yang tidak mahal dan bisa dipergunakan untuk apapun loh. Tinggal pinter mixnya, googling DIY Recipe nya ya.


7. Clothing

Thanks To REEBOK INTERNATIONAL. We were sponsored every year. Thou my contract is finished, i still have stocks to wear. And other than our sports apparel, we don’t care about brands. I bought many rejected branded items from online stores. Dan kualitasnya bagus. I mean….hari gini, siapa sih yang peduli merek baju kita ya?

Tips : Kalau mau beli baju, perbanyak plain tops in basic colours. So its easy for us to mix and match. Begitu juga dengan dress and shoes.

Being frugal means economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful: What your office needs is a frugal manager who can save you money without resorting to painful cutbacks. Synonyms: thrifty, chary, provident, careful, prudent, penny-wise, scrimping; miserly, Scotch, penny-pinching.

Masih banyak lagi sebenarnya aspek yang belum saya sharing. Tapi mungkin sebaiknya dipilah pelan pelan ya supaya ga “sumuk”postingan saya ini.

Pada intinya sih, dari semua yang saya share di atas. Tidak ada masalah dengan menghabiskan uang apalagi kalau kita bekerja keras untuk itu. Tulisan ini dibuat supaya mungkin membantu yang butuh tips untuk hidup hemat tanpa tekanan batin ya.

Pintar pintar mengkontrol diri, lebih memprioritaskan apa yang kita butuh untuk hidup sekarang dan kedepan, dibanding kebutuhan sosial. Tentu saya juga reward dirisaya, sesekali beli sesuatu yang mungkin diluar budget atau diluar kepentingan shari hari keluarga. But, i must save for it. Dan kadang, sebelum bertindak saya berpikir lagi . Seberapa perlu saya mengeluarkan uang untuk hal tersebut?

Saya akan share juga perihal tips frugal living spesifik untuk kebutuhan rumah dan perawatan diri. Ditunggu yaa,,,

Btw, coba gih diskusikan lagi dengan anggota keluarga, gimana caranya supaya bisa lebih hemat tahun depan. Coba tonton ini deh


Why we Run Healthy Habits in our Family and Why You Should Try too?

By now, you must have heard about people are starting to get busy with fitness, diets, superfoods!

I have my feed full of friends doing their workout or start side seeing a job in fitness. Well, it is not a new thing. Being fit should have been our first concern. Many of us have been living the sedentary lifestyle, not to blame the growth of culinary industry and malls full of cake shops here in Jakarta, or must i include…SUBURB. I saw these posts about super foods , vegan, plant based, gluten free. Kids activities, Gym, lots of things.

Meanwhile, in reality, I often see children were busy eating sweets and processed food. More often, junk food.

I highly understand and have no judgment to anyone out there who are still consuming those kind of food. And i honestly still eating it, maybe once a month or two months? For example, McDonalds. But yes, its once of every decades.

My husband is very supportive on my plant based meal and how i prep meals for the family. I prioritise veggies over meat, use spices and i don’t mind buying from the Chinese food restaurant. Yes, Chinese food are pack of veggies, fresh cooked, and taste great. My husband also restrict sausages, fries, nuggets consumption at home or for Haka’s lunch. And i highly respect that.

And Example of an easy lunch to prepare. See my late post about this.

On how we manage our workout and staying fit is as important as our meal intake.

I workout 3 times a week minimum, and that’s outside of my regular teaching schedules which is 12 hours a week of YOGA. I run, and do lots of bodyweight functional workout. And i divide those activities and slip in to my breaks. As much as i can, i will move. 15 minutes is the minimum time.


While my husband , he workouts everyday and leave Saturday or Sunday to rest. But he will never skip it anywhere. Even during our holiday or trip, he would request me to find hotels that has gym in it. Swimming is not a workout for him. So yeah, GYM.

Now what about HAKA?

I have nothing to say, it is hard to keep him still. He runs, around the block, yep! The BLOCK. He play outside a lot, he do yoga with me. And its an everyday thing for him.

So what is exactly the point of this post?

As parents, and a professional, We need to stay fit, not because of our profession as fitness instructor. Well yeah of course that too. But as a parent to Haka, We both want to be a good role model to our family, our son. I do want to grow old looking good. Feeling good. Cause in a day, the things that i must complete, are basically tiring and requires fitness. Even when i was pregnant, i stay active. I chose to. I want to be able running around and play with my son. I have to be fit to be able to take care of my family, which i hope i can continue for a very long time. We want Haka to be able to maintain his healthy routine and grow up as an active and fit adult.

Me and Robin, came from a different health background but most of it…is fatal. My Late Father, died from heart attack. He Was 42. Yet, he was actually a runner, he did lots of marathon. Long run and Traditional Advance Yoga.

My father in law has his own history of diabetes, and that could land to our son. Both of it. Both Genes. So why risk it all by consuming bad food and live a sedentary life?

The best thing i could say about staying fit is just how it feels. How my skin looks, how my body feels, how i smell, and it really helps me with my bowel system and digestion.

There are so many reason for us as parents to stay fit and me as a mom, to run a healthy habits at home

  1. We are setting up a habit that our child can follow, to lead them into a healthier future
  2. Having a healthy lifestyle is actually saving lots of money. Frugal healthy living is so possible with many preparations, research and budgeting. Read this story
  3. Its an easy way to prevent sickness or even healing sickness. Try bone broth of veggie broth before any antibiotics or those immune booster.
  4. It is better to maintain, than healing or repair. Train your fitness now and everyday, so you don’t ever have to jump into a sudden high cost depressing diets.
  5. You will all be feeling better, happier, and your mood will eventually change into a better one.


I’m sure you all have may more reasons to stay fit and having it with your family. Find one and discuss it with you loved ones. Prepare your future and start doing it asap. Its just less than two weeks to 2018.


Good Luck!


Traveling Essential #2


Oh Well, it is December! Either we spend it at home or traveling with the family or friends, or maybe solo, here’s another tip you might need to bring along.

I called all of this stuffs here, as the FUNCTIONAL PRODUCTS. I swear it it. WHY? You can use these 3 things for so many ways. Skin, Cook, Clean, Shampoo and lots more

so What are these exactly and why you should bring this along with you?


Castile soap, which originated in the Castile region of Spain, is an all-natural        vegetable       oil-based soap.

Pure castile soaps are genuine soaps – as opposed to the complex blend of detergents that we generally regard to be liquid soaps which often, in fact, don’t contain any soap whatsoever.

It’s natural, and suits to every needs. You can transform this liquid to many uses. Such as, dish wash soap, laundry detergent, Shampoo for human, baby even your pet, BodySoap, face soap, to vegetable wash, fruit wash.

Castile soap is biodegradable and really environmental safe.

Now, on how to use and mix the ingredients , please follow this guidelines you can visit at  Natural Living Ideas Website

I personally use this at home to wash fruits and veggies. I also made my own hand wash with a drip of essential oils. I Sometimes use it as shampoo and whole body wash when i travel. But to me, this soap is a must have at every home. I use Dr. Bronner casually, more often a local brand by The Soap Corner .

2. Baking Soda

Following the recipe to use castile soap, baking soda is another support ingredients. You can use it along with castile soap and make a great balance of head to toe cleanser. Also for an emergency face cleanser when you mix it with coconut oil and castile soap.

3. Coconut Oil

Refer to my post before about the function of coconut oil Manfaat dari Minyak Kelapa

I use coconut oil for face cream, hair mist, emergency sunscreen, mosquito repellent, emergency cough medicine and lots more.

These three things are my must have in my bag. Place it to small containers, and we are ready to go. I promise you they are worth to have along.

Hope you have fun trying it!




Working Mom Tale, Dealing with the Guilt

Its Saturday and i’m gladly spending times at home again, unless the boys wanting to go out. Its been like that since i could not remember. But let me just share you a bit of why i said i’m glad.

I use to work, 15 hours a day. It was before i got married to my husband, who works in the same company with me. 8 hours was the minimum i spent at the office.

 I was a manager at one big Fitness Company in Jakarta. If you read that numbers, you might think that the company gave me such pain. But the fact they did not. I was only needed to stay in charge for 6 hours. But because i moved to suburb in 2008, and had lots of early morning and after office hours class schedule, i packed my duty to reduce the transport. That included paperworks, self practise and mentorings.

After Haka was born in 2010, i tried to reduce the time in office. I also brought him because i was breastfeeding. And in another time, i worked as Trainer for Les Mills Asia Pacific. The Job required me to travel abroad mostly on weekends. Modules normally takes 3-4 days back then. So it was pretty tuff during the first years.

As the time passed by, i moved to Gold’s Gym Indonesia and still work for Les Mills . I had  that year when i did not have a break on weekend. And honestly it was all travel for work on weekends. My Husband also a trainer for the same company (man…aren’t we lucky?) so sometimes we take turn. But in some situation, we just couldn’t. So we have to leave Haka with my mom. Man that was tuff.

I flew a lot. Sometimes 4 times in 48 hours. For example, I could flew to Aussie only for training and rushed back home. And all of it only took less than 4 days. 6hours flight, jetlags, name it. You imagine how exhausted it was. But man, i do love my job.

Working is what i love. I started working at a very young age. Not because of the need in financial ( i was young, my mom took care of us really well), but because my mom educate us to work for what we want. She allowed me to work on my early years in uni. I  did business, i made bags. And i taught Aerobic classes. To me working is passion.

And when i found out i was pregnant with Haka, everyone on my side was so supportive. The company i worked with, the bosses, my husband. Public, not so much. They re not used to have pregnant woman do planks, jumps and stuffs. But it did not affected me anyway.

The hardest part of all milestones was when Haka entered Primary. He transitioned from a bilingual learning school to National School. He needed extra helps and guidance in everyday to help him adapt with his lesson. Transitioning to full Bahasa School is not easy as we use English in our everyday convo. His grades were below the expectation and he almost failed on first grade.

And i was that frustrated with balancing my job, life and Haka.

A friend of mine, who is busier than me, had more success story from me. She’s a mother of two. A mentor of mine, she told me to cut my guild. All the time. But how…i honestly think, i’m such a weak human. It is so hard for me not to think about the kid every time i left.

so then…..

I resigned from LMAP as per August 2017. Not because i hate the job or any other issue, but to fully commit with my daily job as instructor and a mother. As well a wife.

You see, my husband never complain. He loves and proud of his wife i can tell. But me, i was stuck with the guilts. I was always away, and when i’m home. I will always suffered from sickness, or overwork. The whole things was just overwhelming.

I was a bit jealous of SAHM. But at the same time, i envy the successful working mom out there who were able to balance – or at least try balancing their life.

I’m now working 11 hours a week. Fully focusing on teaching Group X classes and leading a team of wonderful , talented people. I cant say i’m not busy but i feel well. And thou sometimes it feels weird, having lota of free time to rest, but I do enjoy it. I do miss airports thou. Haha

focusing a lot building my own wellness business. Helping small business with endorsements. And just looking forward to build future with my family.

I really suggest, we as mother, To support each other. Stop mom shaming. I seriously thankful for lots of great women around me. Some of them live here but some are not in this country, but how we stay in touch and support each other all time is just right. We hang out by skype or facetime. And i think, thats just what we need right? Supportive Women around this world.




Traveling Essentials #1

Sebagai seorang ibu dan istri, tugas saya mungkin mirip sama menteri negara.

Memastikan setiap bagian internal rumah tangga teratur dan terjaga. Hehehe…plus aman sentosa jauh dari kuman.

Dalam hal ini, kebersihan pun menjadi tanggung jawab saya dong, juga kesehatan anak.

Saya sering sekali bepergian, sendiri atau bersamaan keluarga.. Dan kalau road trip, ataupun keluar kota hal wajib yang harus saya adalah sabun. Kenapa sih? Pastinya sabun itu untuk membersihkan bagian tubuh dan segalanya. Anak saya si Haka punya kebiasaan eksploring yang betul betul harus diperhatikan kebersihan tangannya. Segala apapun dia berani pegang, dan Haka itu cepet lapar, jadi selepas aktifitas, langsung cari snacking apapun. Duh, kalau tangannya sehabis main kan pasti kotor, lalu langsung melahap hap. Senewen ga sih??

Nah, kali ini..sabun mini ini yang jadi andalan saya kemanapun saya pergi.

Ringkes banget, karena ukurannya itu loh.. mini, dan cukup satu tetes aja pakenya.

Saya taruh di tas Haka, supaya dia bisa selalu bersihkan tangannya dimanapun.

Lifebuoy memang terkenal sekali di masyarakat sebagai sabun antiseptik. Wanginya pun ga nyengat banget, dan tidak bikin kulit kering.

Yang juara menurut saya, packangingnya. Mini Tube. Ada juga ukuran yang lebih besar, but you know what,…kita bisa isi ulang yang mini ini juga. Jadi ga perlu bawa kemasan besar yang makan tempat:)

Harganya dibawah 15ribu Rupiah saja. Dan Karena ga selalu ada stocknya, ada baiknya beli beberapa tube untuk stock dirumah:)

Simple dan fungsional banget kan? Buat saya yang jelas berguna banget yang kayak gini-gini. Untuk si anak dan semua juga. Khawatir nya berkurang sedikit sih, tetep harus monitor dan mengingatkan untuk cuci tangan dulu. Tapi setidaknya…sedia Lifebuoy deh:)


Stage Mom – Full Time Working Mom Fact


A fact that I never shared to public.


I am a performer. I am a dancer, a teacher. And I was working for Les Mills Asia Pacific as Trainer and Presenter for 8 years. Who was presenting and lecturing in front of many people. National and through ASIA.

I started dancing at the age of 3. And yes, I was always performing. Traditional dance – Balinese to begin with until I was 5? And Fashion Shows, Talent Shows, Piano Concert, Ballet Performance for 11 years. Name it. I’ve spent my life on stage.

And today, I still work on many stages.

The stage is a big thing in my life. Not because of I’m a person who loves to be watched. That’s weird ha? But I just knew, that is where I belong. Being on stage always makes me nervous. Always. Everyday. Even to my regular classes.

Those who know me very close. Understand how I actually hate crowds. I hate crowds. For real. But when I was young, I had that moment where I just wanna let go and did not care about what people think. I sang in clubs. Night Clubs. So there was i…kinda lost it.

But you know, sometimes there is this lost opinions to this kind of job that I do. Stage Mom. They took it the wrong way. And start giving zero respect or honour the way we make a living.

34 Years. Today, I felt like everything slowly change. I still love being on stage, but its more about doing an artistic thing like a real dance show, or a real teaching session. And many people been asking me, why in the world, I no longer do Dance Classes that I always love doing. Or why won’t I pursue my Zumba?

Being on stage all the time, required a lot of preparation. And none of it should be done overnight, unless you received a last minute call in which i’m not a big fan of.

  • As an instructor – To teach a class, I will need to prepare a week before for one week ahead. I can’t just change the playlist or class theme on the spot. And sometimes, it is hard to say no to a request. But again, in my plan, i tried to mix and put the best workout.
  • As a Dancer – I refer this to my BodyJam™ or Sh’bam™ class. The beginning of my career, i practise everyday. For hours. I did not skip. But once i have Haka, everything changed. No it is not an excuse, i still did self practise, but this time it is hard to do everyday. And to me that is not enough. But the one thing stick to myself is that i know, i know that I love choreography. That I am able to absorb and review it asap. That is why, going back to BODYJAM™ is a natural thing to do. But these days, it was hard. Not that i could not, but it was hard to manage the time i have and with school activities. Priority needs to change.
  • As a Trainer and Presenter – Months and Weeks is a minimum period i prepare my module. I practise public speaking. I did research to relate the module content with whats happening in real life. I need to understand my preach and “practise” my preach. Practise by mean, doing what I taught.

Those things are important. You cant just do either one. And to me it was a lot.

I had that moment where I became so ignorance and just showed up with no plan. Or teaching without practise and make my class a stage rehearsal. Big NO.

And that was the reason I have to let go some of the role i have been handling this year.

I thank God i realise this earlier and had sometimes to think about. To review and reflect many things. And being with My child is what we all need for now. For him, for me and for my husband. I was not myself, and overwhelmed with many responsibilities that i have agreed before. I was not being consistent and somehow thing my self acting un-professional.


Photo : by Lulu Artistika for Gold’sGym Stronger Day January 2017

But to those of you mothers out there. Who works as a Lecturer, Teacher, Singer, Dancer, DJ or another great job to make a living. Work double, work overtime. I think you understand this. When the curtain call, we are out there. We have to do it, even if we did not have an overnight to prepare.

We do it to make a different in someone’s life. It could be our audiences, our viewers, our trainees, students. We are there to make a different in their life.

Rise up whenever you feel guilty for leaving your babies or kids. Stay grounded when you have Golds in you pocket. Remain calm when you face the hardest storm.

This writing dedicated to All Mothers who are working hard or even a Part Time – Working From Home Mother.

Empower other Woman. Reveal our truth, our self.