How She Does It All?

Pasca Lebaran! Gubrak gubrak jenng jeng jeng..ahey! Hi, Senang banget hari ini aku bisa balik nulis lagi. After 8 months?? Ceritanya I’ve been focusing my self a lot learning And Studying Pilates. And Long story short, yes I Have left my work as Group X Instructor. And….anyway, this June, aku menjadi Pekerja Paruh Waktu yangContinue reading “How She Does It All?”

8 Years of Motherhood

Here I present you, the award from myself to myself as a mother. So cheesy am I right? But i seriously think, this year, I should also reward myself for trying and trying. For another study, another hustle. Another work. You too! If you are a mom, this award goes to you too. The annualContinue reading “8 Years of Motherhood”

What I think about NovAge Skin Protector

A few Months ago I decided top purchase NovAge DayShield SPF 50 UVA/PA++++ as a replacement for my Yves Rocher Sun Protection that has been with me for a while. Since the nearest, Yves Rocher store was officially closed last month, and they do not have any stock for this sun protection products at anyContinue reading “What I think about NovAge Skin Protector”

Exploring Thousand Island in Two Days

[post in Bahasa] Hi Semua, Kali ini aku mau share sedikit mengenai Weekend Trip ke Kepulauan Seribu Jakarta. Apa sih yang special sampai aku perlu banget bahas di Blog aku? It’s special because i brought my 8 years old son along. Exploring the island, the sea. Lalu juga, akan aku share mengenai cara cara danContinue reading “Exploring Thousand Island in Two Days”

10 Reasons Why You Need To Workout

We all got our own reasons and living our own excuses. And that’s alright. My vision is to help mothers who willing to make some change in their life. To train to get stronger and better in their everyday life. To meet some challenge that will build up their confidence and self-esteem. I have metContinue reading “10 Reasons Why You Need To Workout”

Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar

So good to have extra times to review some products tonight. And if you Ladies reading this, I highly recommend the products for your hair, as it suits any hair types and conditions Here is another Yves Rocher Hair Product that iv been using for about almost two years now. The Raspberry Rinsing  Vinegar. ItContinue reading “Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar”

5 Personal Care Products by Oriflame You Can Use at Home with your family

Post in Bahasa Indonesia (Please Use The Translation) Personally, aku merasa bahwa produk – produk dibawa ini kualitasnya bagus. Untuk penggunaan sehari hari bersama seluruh anggota keluarga, aku merasa bahan bahan yang terkandung di produk produk ini cukup ringan dan aman di kulit kami yang mostly sensitive. Kenapa aku mau review? Kenapa aku bahas. PastinyaContinue reading “5 Personal Care Products by Oriflame You Can Use at Home with your family”

Vegan Body Facts You Probably Know Already

Most people i met have the impression that vegans and plant-based eaters are too thin, weak, frail or look sickly. This is far from true. Vegans are much more likely to be fitter and trimmer than non vegans, that’s probably where the idea of skinny sickly came from. But vegan athletes abound and excel inContinue reading “Vegan Body Facts You Probably Know Already”

Dhairya Bag : 5 stars Product and Service

I’m a proud Indonesian, or more.. Javanese. I had this amazing experience buying a local product from Jogjakarta, Indonesia. A big fan of handbags, thats me. But my bags should be functional. It should be able to accompany me in the gym, and work, meetings:) I know i’ve tried to keep my frugal living. ButContinue reading “Dhairya Bag : 5 stars Product and Service”