Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar

So good to have extra times to review some products tonight. And if you Ladies reading this, I highly recommend the products for your hair, as it suits any hair types and conditions

Here is another Yves Rocher Hair Product that iv been using for about almost two years now.

The Raspberry Rinsing  Vinegar.

It is the final hair rinse in your hair cleaning ritual. It works best to clarify your hair and removes products build up. It helps you with scalps problems, such as dandruff. It protects your hair colour. It gives you a nice healthy shiny hair and it smells so good even for hours. It is tho, has a bit of vinegar smell if you sweat the next day after you rinsed your hair with it. But the Berry Scent still win over everything. This helps me a lot. I used to buy many types of hair mist, because my husband said, well I felt it too, my scalp smell dull and oily. Since I use this, I no longer need hair mist or hair perfume. This works well on giving a nice scent on my hair.

How To Use 

After you wash your hair, even after a conditioner or hair mask treatment, you could finish by applying a bit of this through your scalp and hair. Give your head a light massage and rinse it off.

It Contains no additional perfume, no colourant, no paraben. And by far, I’ve always repurchased the refill bottle that came in a bigger size.

Will you give it a try? If you have, share with me your experience:) Leave a comment.


5 Personal Care Products by Oriflame You Can Use at Home with your family

Post in Bahasa Indonesia (Please Use The Translation)

Personally, aku merasa bahwa produk – produk dibawa ini kualitasnya bagus. Untuk penggunaan sehari hari bersama seluruh anggota keluarga, aku merasa bahan bahan yang terkandung di produk produk ini cukup ringan dan aman di kulit kami yang mostly sensitive.

Kenapa aku mau review? Kenapa aku bahas. Pastinya banyak juga mama mama diluar sana yang pengen punya rutinitas kecantikan tapi yang ringkes ga usah beda beda sama anak dan suami. Menghemat juga kan lagipula.

Produk Yang pertama adalah

Optifresh Toothpaste series

Saat ini yang sedang kami gunakan adalah yang Full Protection yah.

Aku pernah pakai semua seri pasta gigi keluaran Oriflame ini. Pertama kali aku coba, itu mulut rasanya ringan banget dan ga kering. Pernah tau kan, kalau pakai pasta gigi banyak busa, trus pedes banget ada yang bikin mulutnya jadi berasa kering dan asam. Nah ini ga sama sekali. Rasa mint nya pun tidak sekuat pasta gigi biasa. Sekarang anakku sudah tidak pakai yang Kids lagi, tapi sudah barengan sama orang tuanya. Karena memang dia rasa tidak terlalu pedas.

Produk yang kedua adalah Seri Essence & Co.

Kalau dilihat dari kemasannya, classy. glam banget. Aku suka banget yang wangi Jasmine. Karena wanginya nyaman sekali. Dan aku pakai jujur ya karena packagingnya yang classy. Reminds me of a 5 stars hotel bathroom. hehhehe.. Jadi aku beli dan letakkan di semua wastafel dirumah ku. Ini yang aku suka, all in one function.

Novage True Perfection

Ok, kalau yang ini aku sudah bahas di postingan sebelumnya ya. Kenapa aku pakai ini. Dan sebenarnya, produk ini bukan hanya untuk wanita, tapi juga untuk pria.

Aku sampai saat ini belum ada kepikiran mau mengganti skincare ke brand lain lagi, atau Oriflame jenis lain. Karena cocok banget pakai si True Perfection, pengen banget maintain terus dengan produk dari Novage Series ini.

Loving Care Series

Nah kalau ini, aku beli karena menurut Oriflame, bahan yang mereka pakai itu berdasarkan Almond Milk. Jadi lembut di kulit , terutama mereka yang punya kulit sensitive. Jujur aja, aku rada senewen pas beli ini. Ku takut alergi dan busikan lagi. Tapi ternyata sampai saat ini, keluhan itu ga terjadi. Nilai plus dari Loving Care series ini, karena bahan dasarnya Almond Milk plus Pumpkin Seed Oil.

aman digunakan untuk anak diusia 3 tahun ke atas ya. Wanginya lembut sekali, tidak menyengat. Very soft. Dan teksturnya juga lembut banget.

Untuk dirumah, yang dipakai adalah BodyWash dan 2in1 Shampoonya. Karena wanginya itu ringan sekali, dan sebenarnya lebih condong ke almond milk nya, jadi penggunaannya ga dominan ke wanita atau anak anak ya. Karena biasanya kan produk produk kecantikan wanita atau anak wanginya dominan ke bunga atau buah buahan.

Ya jadi diatas itu beberapa Review Pendek dari Oriflame. Semua produk ini sama seperti produk lain yang sudah aku review sebelumnya. Aku pakai, ada effect yang baik, so to me its worth the price 🙂 Disisi lain, karena semuanya fungsional, bisa digunakan siapa saja dirumah. Aku ga perlu beli bermacam macam produk kemana mana. Menghemat waktu juga deh. Hope it helps ya!

Vegan Body Facts You Probably Know Already

Most people i met have the impression that vegans and plant-based eaters are too thin, weak, frail or look sickly.

This is far from true. Vegans are much more likely to be fitter and trimmer than non vegans, that’s probably where the idea of skinny sickly came from. But vegan athletes abound and excel in the sports world. Some of our greatest athletes have followed a completely plant-based diet. Have you check Serena Williams?

Vegan does do a body good and your physique wont suffer from the new way of eating. It will almost certainly improve.

Vegan Diets provide nutritional benefits in abundance. If you could do some research, you’d know that the amount of protein in Red Beans are most likely the same as red mead but Red beans contain 0 cholesterol and more or healthy vitamins and iron.

This translates into a body that is a lean, mean, vegan machine. Vegan diets are lower in Fat than other Kinds of vegetarian and animal based diets. Plant foods are rich in fibers and often lower in calories, which assist in weight loss. The evidence exists that, due to their low-fat and high carbohydrate diet, vegans have higher metabolic rates than people who consume animal based foods.

A higher Metabolic rate means

you’re burning calories faster, which is good for weigh loss.

A Tea, and This for Lunch is only for IDR 11000 or maybe around 8cents

So I’d like to share you my real testimony from not eating animal products, i can say 95% Animal Free.

i feel better. my skin is never been this healthier, I’ve been sick free for almost 6 months. When i normally being sick While having my PMS. That will include a chronic Sinusitis and Cramps.

This which i believe, because plant based diet is full of fiber that help flush out toxins, keep foods digesting properly.

I could run faster, i could rest better and my digestion, oh well what can i say, way way better.

This i write, without any judgement to non vegans. It’s just something i want people to understand that veganism does a body good. And its very worth to keep on doing.


Source and References :
1. Vegan Itu Mudah
2. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Vegan Living by Beverly Lynn Bennet and Ray Sammartano

Dhairya Bag : 5 stars Product and Service

I’m a proud Indonesian, or more.. Javanese.

I had this amazing experience buying a local product from Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

A big fan of handbags, thats me. But my bags should be functional. It should be able to accompany me in the gym, and work, meetings:) I know i’ve tried to keep my frugal living. But this Dhairya bag, is a must have.

I have been viewing their products and considering on buying it. Just a thought of consideration with budget and the question ” do i really need to have one?”

What makes them worth to have?

their simple design. That’s for sure. The fabric they use is a high quality water resistant canvas. They came in 4 types : Fergie, Jennifer, Wanda and Scarlet. I was actually wanting to have the scarlet type, until i saw them posting a model using Fergie and i think that will suit my everyday style. In which casual. And the size is pretty compact. Not to big, not to mini.

But one thing you need to be assured of, is, they sold out really fast. So stay update by following their instagram post. I knew mine was restocked because their admin replied me on my comment on Ig.

That was Tuesday, i ordered via Line Messenger, they responded really fast and detail. I made the payment, and informed them at the same time. They told me that it might take 2-3 days to ship. It was Thursday. I said i’m ok with it.

After payment, i received a text message that probably work as the e-receipt. I thought. Wow. It’s so professional.

On Saturday Noon, I received the bag at home. Another satisfying experience right?

I ranked this Product 5 stars indeed. I still wear the bag everyday, it is just light, compact and since its black, i can use them anytime. anywhere and match my outfits in many ways.


Above is the link to their Instagram Profile. This bag is worth to have if you are a mobile person like me.

Suitable For Holiday

Match your outfits in many ways

Your Attitude is Your Resume

Sounds familiar? Maybe there will be some disagreements about this post, but to me personally, this is how I feel at work.

This topic is one of the most shared in the WhatsApp groups. I have no idea why. There’s this saying – let’s teach our children to have more manners when postings in social media cause it will somehow affect their future. When they’re trying to apply for scholarships, applying for jobs, the company will do not only a background check and also social check.

Oh here’s the thing. Social Media, is a huge worldwide community that contains everyone’s personal, professional life. Unexceptional. People use it in many ways. To share their happy life, sad life, depressions, to sell them self, to provoke, go ahead and mention more. And its no longer a secret that the people we connect and befriend with on Facebook, Twitter, are mostly the people we see every day in real life. And with that, we can actually tell and recognize their actual life, attitude, characters. Without the need to stalk their accounts, if we want too.

So what the fuss about company, scholarships etc? Do they really do some check?

Yes, they will. But to me, what’s more important is, a person’s attitude. Their performance, their characters at work.

Their achievements do matter, but seriously, who would want to hire a person who gives a bad attitude at work and not making or giving any benefit to the company. But how about a person who has a bad attitude but has the highest performance and achievements base on their resume? It is totally up to the company. What is their value? What is their mission? But at my workplace, we discuss, we look to their attitude, their characters. How they deal with people at work, with members, their integrity. Not just a superstar person or a good looking best-selling face. And yeah, they could be either an INSTAGRAM sweetest man or woman or maybe they’re just a person who loves to share their bad times, bad mouth. Hold it! The most famous business -entrepreneurs, influencers, also did that “trashy” post. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t work professionally. An image is important, it does, but characters and attitude matters.

So if you ask me, as a person who also dealt with recruits and auditions, I never check they’re social media to tell me whether or not I should hire them or let them sign in. I’d go for their attitudes, their performance. Since I’m not a God, who am I to judge a person from their social media posts?

But I do know thou, that for some viewers, what we share is who we are. And I’m not in a place to disagree with that. I just won’t let my decisions based on what I see on Social Media:) And people change, we all can change. But characters will stick with us in many situations. And that is something to study from someone at work.


Change Your Behaviour, To Change Your Body

Behavioural Change.

That would be my answer to everyone who came to me, asked me how to lose weight, how to be in shape.

First, I won’t respond much if there are people ask me, how to have six pack. Because that should not be a guarantee of someone’s fitness level.

Being fit, with an ideal BMI and ideal shape is actually start with a self-discipline.  What do you want? For how long do you want to be in shape, in good health. How bad do you want to influence the other people around you?

Because being healthy and fit has a ripple effect. If someones succeed in losing their weight and shape their body, people will want their method. But in another case, if it doesn’t work, people will just not buying ANYTHING about diet or fitness. And that is sad.

My work is open to the public. Noticed by the public, by people. Those who came to my class would want results, those who trained with me, demand result. But my focus is one.

To change their mindset about FIT and change their behaviour in life.

You can’t always be fit, be in shape, why? We will face some obstacles such as, sickness, injured, family problems, work problems that lead us to stress. Why didi say that? Because that is just simply the truth about life that I won’t hide nor promise those who follow me, won’t face that.

So what exactly that behavioural changes?

Do you remember your New Years resolutions? Do you keep track on that? Have you experienced obstacles up until today, the 6th month of the year? Will you keep up? If something did not work, would you change your technique and method?

So you see, making a lasting change in behaviour is rarely a simple process and usually involves a substantial commitment of time, effort, and emotion.

Stage 1: Are you ready to change? 

Where you are right now? Measuring your body weights, your measurements, knowing your body fat percentage and take note on your goal is a one step to change already. Before you set goals like I’ve posted before in Understand Our Body before Our Diet, you need to study yourself, consult your current condition to the expert. Once you get your numbers, percentages, start setting your goal.  But it must be a realistic one.

Example, if currently, your BodyFat percentage is 20-23%, don’t target or set it to 5% as it will make you an underweight – unhealthy person. A 15% for the next 3-6 months is a realistic one.

The next thing is, before you take the change, start focus ON YOURSELF. No other people. I Mean, don’t compare yourself to those Athletes, Fitness Models or Celebs you follow on Instagram. Not even a friend who might be doing the change for them self. It a reminder that you need to always remember. Yourself. Because seriously, when the obstacles come, the least you want to to is giving up after comparing your result to someone else’s.

Stage 2: Start Planning and Take Action

Either you book online personal training sessions, or you sign up a gym membership, buying a fitness app, you need to be set a plan for at least a month. Short term plan is better than long-term plan – sometimes. Why? In the middle of your fitness journey, you will adapt, and change, and you will want to keep changing. You don’t want to be flat and stagnant. Be open for any type of exercises, workout. Review your method and diets. But before all of that, planning for a short term is good. Now, it doesn’t mean you have to change your PT every month, no, stay committed. But open to ideas and some adjustments.

Take action.

Example, early this year, I set my self, to run 3 times a week. I Set my Google Calendar, and it constantly reminds me every day. When I did not feel like running, like it or not I will still have to run 3 times a week. So that means, I might have to change my schedule. I want to run, so the first thing I did was, SET MY SCHEDULE. And follow it. Its the integrity that I’m willing to commit to.

Recommended Fitness Apps for FRee

  1. Nike Training Club
  2. My Fitness Pal
  3. Headspace
  4. Freelectics Bodyweights

I still use NTC for most of my workout. You can track and record your workout in it. I actually a bit shame if I found my self-absent from it .IMG_6542

Step 3: Commit!

Commitment is way more important than extra supplements or dozens of superfoods you take to create a healthy change.

With Commitment, you will manage your self to explore new things, dare to train hard, dare to try more than just one specific workout. You will hungry for knowledge, more training and easy meal prep without breaking your bank. The key is to have the habit change to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

You will change your TV time late night with an early bedtime. Your window shopping time to jog around the neighbourhood. Your sugar with molasses or stevia. Your hamburger to a pure lean meat or veggie burger with natural salt. Your morning coffee to a quick 20 minute HIIT workout. 

The bottom line, being FIT and in shape is more than just the eye. It’s about your mind and self-discipline. Its way more about long-term adaptations. You need to change the behaviour and set your mind for a change. It will take you 1 month to begin these 3 steps. To commit for a month is an awesome job already. Imagine months and year living a healthy life.


A Day in Novotel Resort Bogor

It was actually the second time we went there, only the first time we attempted to stay there, our book was canceled without any notification from the agent. That sucks ha?

This time, after we learned from the unpleasant experience, i make sure our reservation is being paid, confirmed by the hotel before we arrive.


Once we arrived there, there were some long queue at the check in counter. And i was like…O..O…not again. It was two days before Ied Fitri, but since we’ve confirmed our room, i’m pretty sure we can just go straight and check in without waiting. I mean, that’s how a 4 – 5 stars hotel been doing right?

Luckily, a staff pull us to the Instant Check In counter and got us our room! So voila! We checked in!

The room we stayed in was a Standard Room with A King Size bed. The room size is pretty big for a standard type. It so spacious and fully furnish with wooden furnitures and flooring.

Novotel Bogor promotes the Eco Friendly environment for their design. The building it self has an ethnic design, open air, yet so clean and refreshing. It is an old building, but did not look scary at all. You know what i mean.

The staffs are great. They greet the guests all the time, they ask for feedbacks. Overall, i have no complain for the service.

The Food somehow was not that nice, it is just ok. Thou i wont complain about the taste, because i have a very plain tongue, but i can say, its just ok.

As a mom, why i chose this hotel is just simply because i’m an outdoor freak. I’ve been staying in city hotels and still not a big fan even if its a 5 stars one. This kind of hotel – resort ,is a place to go if you have a very active kid like mine.

Novotel has many outdoor activity space, such as playgrounds, basketball court, Volley Court, Child Indoor Play Ground. They offer Bicycle rent , and i saw a horse riding sign as well thou i did not see any horse.

Will i come back for the third time? Yes definitely.  Oh, anyway, don’t forget to use your Accor member! If you are not a member yet, make sure to apply before you make your reservation. Visit this Accor

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The First Floor Entrance from Lobby (above)


The Trash Box (above)

DSC01221-01 (1)

The yard!Our Favourite place to play (above)


Novage True Perfection Review

Hi Readers! I hope all of you are well.

I’ve been wanting to share a review on the skin care product that i currently use. And this one is from Oriflame. Please note that my blog is currently not endorsing or promoting any products, so all review are base on my own experience, honest, and real.

January 2018, tiba tiba kulit aku mengalami kekeringan yang cukup parah. Untuk warna, masih bersih tapi kusam ya, ga segar. Hanya bersih saja, tidak glowing. Dalam arti, bersih. Kalau disentuh, ada rasa busik nya. Kasar. Dan pori pori sekitas pipi dan hidungku kelihatan besar sekali.

Banyak faktor penyebabnya, salah satunya mungkin memang karena aku dehidrasi. Saat itu aku memang sedang kebanyakan kelas HOT YOGA, dan makan ku kurang banyak sayurnya.


Nah, kondisi kering ini sangat tidak nyaman ya bagi aku. Bukan soal terlihat jelek atau gimana, tapi aku sendiri risih, nyentuh muka tapi kok busik. Jadi risih kan.

Suatu hari, aku sedang iseng buka buka YouTube dengan Keyword Oriflame. Dan keluarlah satu review soal product ini. Yang Vloggernya juga seorang Pakar Bisnis Oriflame. Menurut penjelasannya, Novage True Perfection ini memang bagus untuk kulit usia lanjut ( i’m ageing gracefully lets just say that) , dan cenderung kering. Karena tag linenya Menghidrasi Kulit. Singkat kata, selepas menonton reviewnya, aku googling lagi deh review product ini dengan before afternya. Banyak yang berkata kalau mereka mengalami efek purging yang parah , banyak juga yang berkata dan memperlihatkan kulit glowing nya selepas penggunaan NTP ini selama 1 -3 bulan.

Jujur, banyakan positive review dan bukti afternya sih.

Akhirnya secara nekad banget, aku purchased deh one whole set . Harganya memang diatas 1 juta rupiah ya. Namun sudah satu set lengkap. Memang sebaiknya, kalau kita memakai skin care, pakai dengan lengkap mau dari brand apapun. Karena biasanya, setiap Merek memiliki kandungan bahan unik yang akan bekerja lebih maksimal bila dikombinasikan. Dan bukan malah bekerja dengan saling melawan dalam bahan. Nah efek “campur-campur” tersebut yang biasanya malah menyebabkan purging, jerawat atau malah kulitnya jadi rusak:( Meskipun hasil di setiap orang berbeda.

Novage True Perfection ini semua mengandung ekstrak silk tree yang katanya mengandung anti depressant , selain itu anti inflammatory, anti ageing dan astrigent properties yang berfungsi untuk mengecilkan pori pori dan menghambat produksi minyak berlebih.

Satu Set Novage True Perfection ini terdiri dari

  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Eye Cream – roller
  4. Serum
  5. Day Cream
  6. Night Cream

“Aku tidak cantumin harga ya, kalian bisa check sendiri ke web resmi Oriflame ID bila tertarik. “

Sebelum aku menggunakan Product ini, diinstruksikan oleh para blooger blogger dan pakar kulitnya untuk Detox dulu at least 1 minggu. Namun aku hanya 3 hari dan tetap masih pakai sunscreen di siang hari . Dalam arti, aku stop penggunaan day cream dan night cream dari Yves Rocher. Namun untuk pencuci muka dan sunscreen, aku masih rutin pergunakan.

Hari pertama aku menggunakan Novage True Perfection adalah pagi hari, dan langsung saat dioleskan, mukaku langsung merah seperti gatal. Jujur, aku panik. Kenapa? Karena ini cukup mahal, aku takut kalau tidak cocok.

Untungnya, setelah kurang lebih 10menit, wajahku kembali normal, merah merahnya hilang begitu saja. Memang sempat ada rasa geli gatal disturb gitu, but its normal. Karena memang sedang diresapi dan berefek ke kulit.

Dalam SEMINGGU, muka aku sudah kelihatan lebih kenyal dan moist. YES! It is true and so true. People around me, seeing the same thing. Dan aku juga merasa lebih moist. Sampai bulan ini aku masih terusin pemakaian paket pertama Novage True Perfection, belum ada tanda tanda habis. Oh ya, Novage ini juga tidak menimbulkan ketergantungan ya. Aku pernah sengaja berhenti selama seminggu dan hanya pakai sabun dan suncreen saja. Kulit ku masih tidak purging atau berontak ke kondisi lain. Hanya ya memang aga kering saja. Pori Poriku definetely mengecil. Aku juga baru sadar. Dan! Komedo berkurangnya jauh sekali. Masih ada kok, tenang aja. Tapi entah gimana, sedikit sekali. Jerawat hampir tidak pernah nongol kecuali terkadang di masa masa PMS, itu aja. Itu pun, dalam seminggu bisa hilang lagi.

Minusnya dari Novage True Perfection hanya satu, Day Cream -nya tidak mengandung SPF. Namun itu bukan masalah besar sih, memang pemakaian sunscreen sebaiknya terpisah dari day cream.

Untuk kalian yang punya masalah, mungkin solusinya adalah mencari skin care set yang memang sesuai dengan kondisi kulit masing masing. Jangan deh ikut ikutan trend, kenapa? Karena ya kembali lagi, belum tentu berhasil di kulit kita. Gampang sih cari tahunya. Lakukan saja skin test di klinik atau booth kecantikan, lalu pelajari solusi bahan apa yang sesuai untuk mengatasi masalahnya. Skin Care yang bagus tidak perlu harga selangit.

Btw, meskipun aku tidak berniat mencantumkan nominal harga pasnya, aku hanya mau bilang, dibanding beli eceren berbagai macam brand, harga satu set Novage ini sebenarnya tergolong murah banget. Karena untuk Yves Rocher terdahulu saja, satu jar Creamnya bisa seharga Rp. 400an. Belum dengan Cleanser, Toner, Serumnya. Well, even tho i used variant products previously (my mistake), it did cost me more than 1jt bila ditotal untuk satu perangkat wajah rutin.

Again, this is review that might be useful for someone with skin problem:)

Hope this helps


Does Detox Diet Work?

People are often question the detox diet promotes by certain juice company.

They offer variety of juices , and they targeted people who wants to lose fast. But does it work? Since our body is naturally gifted with liver and sweats. Yes, we all know the function of our liver and why we sweat during workout. It’s all a detox process.

It takes a lot longer for the liver to remould itself and recover from chronic injury,  and studies repeatedly fail to show a benefit oh a short term detox diets. Detox diet reboot your taste buds and cleanse your intestines, so you can actually return to food free of allergies and with a heightened appreciation of simple and beautiful real foods (not drugs or teas). Processed foods wreak havoc on the liver, which has no way to understand how to metabolise them  – except to treat them like toxins themselves.

It is good for short term, to confess it is help your system to reset it self from processed unhealthy foods. But for long term, you probably will experience mall-nutritions or even suffer from liver damage. 7 days is the average people would detox. Fasting is part of detox as well, and that on apply if….you consume whole foods during your fasting – break. Water intake is important during detox. It helps your to diminish those toxins out through your….poo time:)

It is normal to wanting to cleanse and reset your system. But you gotta do it right and balance. My suggestion is to consult with a doctor or nutritionist. And don’t focus on losing your weight in which you probably will. But focus on how it will affect and change your body better.





Source: Dr.Oz You: The Owner’s Manual

Fun Place to Visit #1

(POST IN BAHASA, translate menu is in the home page)

Kali ini, aku mau mulai mulai nambahin review tempat hang out atau snacking yang cukup ok di daerah BSD ya.

Pertama tama, perlu diketahui sekali, kalau aku, Haka suka banget sama ICE CREAM. Dan meskipun seharunya kita membatasi konsumsi produk susu sapi, tapi sungguh ya, namanya ICE CREAM, sulit ditahan. Dan apalagi saat ini, ada tempat jual ICE CREAM yang oke banget persis di depan perumahan ku.

Lalu kenapa aku memutuskan untuk mereview, karena harus banget ni cobain salah satu menu uniknya yang jujur baru aku temuin sekali ini loh. Rasa favorite aku itu sebenarnya si COOKIE Monster, dan Haka sudah pasti Strawberry. Naaah ada lagi ni yang unik, namanya

This is a small cafe, place in the Business Area right across of our Housing. They have variants of flavours and one of my favourite is the cookie monster and Mint. But one flavour that you might have to try when you visit this place is THE BREAKFAST AT THE TiffanyDSC00145


Breakfast at Tiffany ini, kalau aku bilang base rasanya adalah Milky Vanilla ya, tapi…..terdapat potongan daging dong di ice creamnya sendiri. Aneh ga? Aneh emang kalau belum dicoba, Ice Cream pakai daging. But it was not that bad thou. Try it, you probably gonna like it.

Sajian kopi mereka juga betul betul not bad ya. First, i’m a big fan of ICE Cappuccino. But, somehow, ga semua barista paham “ngeracik” kopi dan susu yang enak supaya ga jadi kayak susu sapi dikasih kopi. Salah salah, bukan melek, aku bisa ngabisin waktu di toilet saking ga tahan susu sapi kebanyakan. But this place, they mix it really well. Rasa kopinya lebih kerasa daripada si susu. Ain’t bad at all.

They serve PASTAs, but to me, the taste is just average, but its enough. Not bad loh:) I tried their Carbonara. It was such a big portion for me. No complain! Untuk harga yang ga terlalu mahal, porsinya sih ga mengecewakan ya. Sayangnya aku ga da photo si Spaghetti for now.

Speaking about their interior, i love it. Meskipun dalam kondisi ramai, it still got the cozy chill out ambience. Music was not too loud, the barista speaks in low volume ( this is important!)

They also provides FREE WATER to drink in a glass made bottle. Big Bottle of course. Ini penting banget abis ice cream yang suka bikin haus.  Ya kan?

So Overall, its a nice place to visit. To chill out. Untuk sembari kerja atau cuma meeting meeting kecil.


Mine and Haka : Mint Chocolate and Strawberry in Single Scoop

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